Thursday, March 08, 2012

Paris To-Dos

Bear is packed and ready to leave for Paris next Tuesday. I am not. It's easy to take the suitcase out of the closet. But it's SO HARD TO OPEN IT UP. Does this happen to you?
Why is that? Or do you start packing months in advance.
 The almighty making of To-Do lists when you're going away. Then moving at a snails pace when it comes to actually doing them. I did not get to the bank to buy Euros- on today's to-do list.
I did call the credit card companies to let them know what countries I'll be visiting. Usually I wait for the last day to do that.
I did get a pre-trip haircut on Friday.
Cross off another 'To-Do'
I love looking at maps before I go away. Right now I'm looking at my 2011 taxes instead. I thought I'd surprise my taxguy with early returns. Not easy when you're an expert procrastinator.
Harder than what to wear in Paris, is what books to bring? This year it's mainly the Kindle. yay.
As for clothes - I always take basic black. Then pick up the latest tendance/trendie thing at H&M once I get there. That's the funny thing about Paris. If something is trendie you can find it all price points everywhere like trenchcoats or ballerinas. The Fr are like Lemmings when it comes to trends.
I always take my lucky dice bracelet - it distracts the customs guys. Do you have a talisman you take on a trip?
They say the BEST part of travel is the anticipatory planning BEFORE you leave. Who knew? I would like to go to NEW PLACES this trip. Not the same old, same old...
I'm staying in the 11th so there will be new stuff to show.
Your suggestions are most welcome!
Another thing I'd like 'to-do' is start thinking about coming home. Re-entry is always such a shock.
Why do we rarely plan for 'The Return'?


  1. Hi Carol,
    I always pack in advance and live with my suitcase open for days - putting things in, taking things out, giving myself time to figure out what I really want to take. After packing, I usually look through and pull out a couple of things because it's easy to take too much. With all your trips - I thought you'd have a ready packed suitcase "to go" like pregnant women waiting to go to the birthing center!

    Maybe you have already checked out Vincennes where I took a group of artists to stay in Paris a couple of years ago. It's just east of the paripherique - exit "Bereault". We stayed at the "Hotel du Donjon." the chateau at Vincennes is majestic; le magasin de fleurs - "Chateau Fleurs" is just across the street from the cheateau and is one of those magnificent floral shops. When we were there, it was mother's day weekend - the shop was amazing. The owner loves New York and has huge bw photos of the Chrysler building and others on his walls. There is that darling toy store that has darling "peluches" among other things. It is also across the street from the chateau.
    Le Bonhomme de Bois - Vincennes

    Plan d'accès - Google MapPlan
    10 avenue de Paris
    94300 Vincennes

    We ate in a marvelous restaurant (not really "cher") recommended by the owner of the Chateau Fleur -(he actually called ahead to make reservations for us and told them to take good care of us - they did!) the restaurant is "Restaurant de Troy" also across the street from the chateau.

    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures this next trip! I always get my "Paris fix" each day, reading your blog.

    I'm getting my own blog up and running now. I'm not painting and posting everyday, but it's fun to have a place to journal and post photos as I do paint. Thanks for all your input on the blog site you gave me a couple of years ago. My son created my web site some time ago but never has time to update it. He just put a link to my blog on it so now I can post "at will!"

    Bon Voyage!
    Jerie Artz

    1. LOVE the Bear store suggestion!
      Wish I could be like a pregnant mum with the bag pre-packed. VERY GOOD IDEA!
      merci carolg

  2. Yet another post that I read through, holding my breath: one never knows where your mind travels! I always enjoy to come along, though. Love the way you illustrated your pre-leaving stories. I hope you do get a few things off your list today!
    Good luck,

  3. Such a charming to do expo. I plan minutely, but I don't do all the things on my list. More fun to be a flaneur with a fall-back plan.

  4. Lucky doer! Enjoy your trip.

  5. Hi...I really share your ideas and feeleings about getting ready to travel. And for some reason getting ready comes more difficult year after year...has it someting to do with the it can`t be that! :)

  6. Geri, NJ10:29 AM

    Send yourself a welcome home postcard (Do it day one and hopefully it will arrive on time)! Have a wonderful trip Carol!

    1. I LOVE this idea Geri!
      You have the BEST ideas girl!

  7. Bonjour PB~
    It's been so long since I've commented...
    excited that we will be getting new views of Paris. Love all your little "miniatures"~clever little set-ups.!
    Bon vacances~

  8. I always put my open suitcase on the guest room sofa weeks ahead....theoretically so I can just drop things in as I tink of them and forget the lists. But, like any addict, I still have to have my lists so I can sleep at night. Thank goodness I don' t have to pack for Bear as well...:-)

  9. You did it. I blame it all on you. Every time I see and read your posts my desire to visit Paris grows and grows. I have finally arrived at the stage where I am actually looking at my calendar to find a date - this year, in spring (spring is the best time don't you think?). After Easter and after all this egg painting. Paris it will be. Before I will go through your whole blog to get info and tips. Wish me luck that it will happen. I am trying hard. Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. but you live SO CLOSE Christa!!
      a hop and a skip on the train or plane et voila!
      vien vite!!

  10. Great opening shot of a smiling, all-packed, Bear!
    With all of that change in the bank, you should be more than all set :)
    So you wear a bracelet to distract customs? Hmmmm....

  11. Proscrastination! I can really relate to this Carol. My packing and preparations seem to have been going on forever and I'm so over it now!!! Please, please.....all I want to do is fly away to Paris......have a fab time in Paris....I know you will.

  12. Bon Voyage Madame Carol!.



  13. Have a wonderful time and eat a few patisseries for moi!

  14. Another fun and funky pre-departure post, Carol.
    I'm sure you'll weather the process just fine.
    Love the miniature metaphors. I had the feeling "Bird" was actually little you.
    Have a GREAT time.

  15. Have a wonderful time. Every year, I think -- this is the year -- but alas, not yet. Have fun for me, too!!

  16. You should be able to pack in your sleep by now. :) Never thought about the Re-entry, but it would be more of a let down after all the fun of running around in Paris.

  17. Packing will be a breeze with your basic black.... You know you will shop... I could spend days at the D'Orsay. Do they still have the darling cafe? Safe travels.

  18. What fun to see all those possible packables for Bear's suitcase.

    I agree with you, Carol, about just taking along a bit of black basics with the notion of picking up a few chic bits while on holiday.

    Earlier today, I was again over at the Met seeing the Stein show, and again enjoyed looking at the giant map of Paris, with all the musees and homes marked. Might you visit some of those streets with your camera in hand?

    Have a fabulous trip. xo

  19. Basic black, comfy shoes, you are all set. Bon voyage!

  20. I love that moment when I'm en route to the airport, so it's too late to worry any more about the tedious to-dos, and only excitement remains! Good luck with it all and I can't wait to see Paris again through your eyes, which is always a delightful education ...

  21. I pack at the last minute too. I'm a procrastinator also! Funny you should mention the return trip...sometimes I find it a bit depressing coming back after a good long vacation. Other times I'm excited and recharged. ENJOY your trip and safe travels. Looking forward to getting a new glimpse of Paris thru PB!

  22. I so loved your website. It's the best. I live in Brazil, and is so hard to find something like your page. You did a wonderul job.

  23. Jeri-Ann10:52 AM

    I saw how busy you & Bear are preparing for Paris! Just do be sure to come back- who would also offer us NYC too?
    I hope you have the most wonderful time!
    Look so forward to being there via PB!

  24. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Your blog is so cool!

  25. Bear has so many fun things! I want to be just like Bear.

  26. I like to leave the suitcase open a few days before and pack gradually. I also just got a new cosmetic bag (Muji has a lot of cool travel stuff) and am thinking of just having it permanently stocked with travel-sized toiletries. It would save me some time and stress I think. Have a fun trip!

  27. Bonjour, Carol, from Rose the Rat Terrier and me! We are so excited that you have a Paris trip coming up! Well, I am. Rose is under the weather...she dislocated her hip last week, and is all bandaged up. Poor chien!

    I always pack the night before, although I do bring my suitcases down from the closet earlier...Rose always gets miffed, though.

    Will you make it to Chatou for the ham and antique market! I believe it started this past Saturday, and it goes for a week. I went last year and enjoyed it tremendously. Just a quick train ride from the Les Halles metro.

    I have a trip planned in October: a week in Carcassonne, followed by three days in Paris. Safe travels, my friend!


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