Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paris Pastry Signs

 Everyone talks about the famous French 'attention to detail'

 Paris pastry chefs are the artists in the kitchen and they 'sign' their creations like any other artist. Those little tags, often edible, usually chocolate carry their 'John Doe'. Gerard Mulot signs his works multiple time in white chocolate here

 La Maison du Chocolat use their brand icon (a Mexican metate to grind chocolate) quite discretely almost as an afterthought

 Cafe Pouchkine, on the other hand, goes all out with a gold airbrushed chocolate tag in Russian no less!
 Here Pouchkine goes over the top (OTT) with an edible chocolate ribbon to boot. Does this gateau come with a Russian dictionary?

 New Paris Hotel Oriental Mandarin makes their signature tag part and parcel of the pastry. How nice is says.'J'aime Paris' instead of a logo

 At Lenotre, you get a chocolate 'rubic' cube. WOW

 Sebastien Degardin combines a paper logo on top of chocolate - the best of both worlds I suppose

 Sadaharu Aoki always decks his treasures with white paper name tags. Pourquoi?

 Fauchon too follows the paper trail but uses different colors. I have many of these saved and tucked away for a rainy day or something

 Master Paris pastry chef, Pierre Herme always tags his pastries with a little round yellow paper signature. I would deduce he doesn't want any outside flavors to influence his masterworks. Nothing this man does is not thought out with great attention to detail.

 Your average neighborhood Paris patisserie

 Will rarely mark up their pastries with an icon or chocolate signature

This is not to suggest their tarte abricot fine is any the lesser for it. If only I could learn to eat the crust...


  1. OMG that is too much to take in :)
    I would die for some of that now, I especially like the La Maison du Chocolat's pic - that looks so delicious!

  2. Love seeing all the signature tags! Am thinking of developing one for Longears.... :-)
    Don't worry about the crust; I will gladly take it off your plate!

  3. anna-maria A.3:52 PM

    Not fair right after the holidays to show such temptations as this!!

  4. Drooling here
    PP&J will NOT do!

  5. I love the tags too! but I love words..writing and pretty pastries so it stands to reason..My friend really likes Angelique(sorry no accents easily availabke w/ the netbook I am using)..Pretty sure you have bee:)

  6. It's breakfast time here in Australia, and this all looks so delicious. Much tastier than my cereal and fruit!

  7. I'll gladly eat the crusts for you. No problemo.

  8. I love YOUR attention to detail - these signatures were a revelation to me! Pouchkine's edible chocolate ribbon would do me just fine.

  9. Nana,
    I looked for name tags on Angelina and didn't see any..Hmmm

    I will need 'crust-eaters' in March in Paris.

    Please sign the list to attend!

  10. You had me at "edible chocolate ribbon...."

  11. How charming and so very "Frenchie."
    I like the idea of having your very own "mark," kinda like an edible Chinese "chop."

  12. Oh my god, I have to go to this Jean-Paul Charbonnier shop. The tarts look delicious on your pics ! Thank you for this address !

  13. Sometimes, the crust is the best part! Mmmmmm

  14. I love this theme you put!! Signature brands for desserts. You're very perceptive :) And how was the pastry shop at the new Mandarin Oriental? The photos are luscious and tempting!!

  15. I went to Pouchkine during holidays, their mille-feuille are delicious. I have the same picture of lime cake, it's really sweeet!! :) We re hedonist


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