Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 Prices are always clearly posted in Paris/France merci dieu.
 I think it's the law. Particularly when it comes to bread/pain the government sets the prices/prix and they MUST be posted in the window/vitrine no less. Ha! Try and find this in the US anywhere. So many places don't post prices. It's a snob thing here...
 Even the fanciest places like patisserie Christian Constant post their prices loud and clear. It does make the decision process easier don't you think?
 Lunch blackboards/ardoises in the street are a great aide...
 If you see the word 'formule' in a lunchtime menu - that's the best thing to order. The best deal for what was bought fresh from the market that day. Everyone around you (if they're French) will be eating it. It makes sense and cents.
 At the creperie there are so many prices you could go nuts. As a rule when I'm abroad I think of 10 euros or pounds like $10. It's the standard everywhere and easier than checking dollars on your calculator. Forgetaboutit.
 I adore French signs...
 Some of them are quite artful and personal like at the market/marche...
 Here the flowers are nicer than the signs or porte-etiquettes.
 High-end Pain du Sucre tells you how much that verrine is going to hurt yr purse.
 The variety of price signs fascinates me endlessly..I could look and look
 Here the price sign is popped right in the middle of the tarte! Does it come with the tarte too?
I wouldn't mind being this woman in Montmartre for a day putting up price signs. Maybe then I'd get this obsession out of my system...


  1. It seems to me that breads and cakes and the like carry price tags here too, always. I remember a porte-etiquettes discussion here, Carol. I meant to take pictures in Vienna, alas, oh well, I will try to! ;-)

  2. I would LOVE to see Viennese price tags!!
    Just checking the train price tags again to Vienna...

  3. Carol, do you miss francs? or euros better. Must smell so wonderful when you are boulevarding past all those restaurants and bakeries!

  4. Euros are great!
    You can use them almost anywhere except Switzerland, UK etc..
    so easy

  5. I'm with you on the fascination... I could look at them all day. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like to see prices too:) I don't know why but sometimes I am embarrassed to ask how much is this?

    Why?I have no clue..I guess having been a realtor for almost 30 yrs..I like seeing the $ up front.

    Everything looks so charming in Paris.

  7. J'aime la joie de vivre du France pour manger!!


  8. Geri, NJ2:53 PM

    Love your little tips...they encourage me to dream of the day I can return and maybe "blend in" a little better!

  9. Wonder why " formule" has no article before it. How do I say "I'll have the formule s'il voussoirs plait"?

  10. Oh Carol, I am so happy to know I am not alone... I had photos of french price cards/tags/boards on my phone forever. I love them too! Thanks for another charming post. ~Jen

  11. Ermmm...Jeanette
    I would suggest you do NOT say s'il voussoirs plait

    voussoirs=One of the wedge-shaped stones forming the curved parts of an arch or vaulted ceiling

    'La formule' is fine
    or just point to the blackboard or what yr neighbor is eating dahlink!

  12. Oh it all looks so good .. how do you say, one of each please. :) Nice to know how to figure dollars for euros.

  13. I love the sketch! And the pastries :)
    The handwritten chalkboards add a nice touch.

  14. I agree, it really bothers me at a restaurant when the server relays the specials; however not the prices, so you have to ask or you may be unpleasantly surprised!


    Art by Karena

  15. Great post. I love Paris signs too.

  16. I love the way you include humour in your posts... the pictures are always such a treat and good to see they put on prices - good idea...

  17. I've been here over two years and I had no idea about the 'formule'. I guess I will just have to read your blog cover to cover because now I am a little ashamed of myself.


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