Monday, January 09, 2012

Look Up!

 Your first few days or week in Paris you'll find your eyes are stuck at eye-level...
 Glued to the window taking it all in leche-vitrine...
 Sometimes entering the premises for a bite...
 It's hard to get your eyes above eye-level. One trick is to check reflections in car windows...
 Some shop windows/vitrines will force you to consider looking upwards...
 Paris postcards make you think about looking up...
 At the Eiffel Tower.
 You could buy a bag with all the Paris monuments as a reminder to look up...
 If your walking down rue Royal you can't avoid looking up at la Madeleine..
 Night time is the right time to look up at Paris' monuments like the Opera Garnier...
 Checking the time? Look up for lots of clocks. By my 2nd week in Paris, I'm looking up all the time at the magnificent architecture...
 It's nice to look down in the street too.
Flowers await you.
And Paris Dogs!
Do you remember to look UP in Paris?


  1. Thank you for allowing me to look straight ahead and see it all!

  2. Looking up while riding my bicycle, around Paris, is not recommended....

  3. good point Rick,
    I suppose the same goes for driving..
    I'm talking about on ze feet = walking, promenading, flanering etc. bien sur!

  4. Lucinda12:03 PM

    Paris shop windows are SO magnetic!!

    especially pastry windows..

  5. Looking up is trés important! You might trip up on the pavement or over the kerb. You might bump into a trés chic Madame with her trés chic chien, but you will see the most fantastic buildings/architecture. I always walk round Périgueux and Bordeaux looking up.

    Bonne année et bonne santé.

  6. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Paris ♥ yeah, I´m in love with this city and the first picture looks so sweet :)

  7. oh, your photos make me miss Paris so much!

  8. Lovely images, Carol! I suppose Paris is beautiful, whether one's looking up or down or left or right. Just lovely...

  9. I think that the dogs would keep you looking down!

  10. Carol I was very busy when i first arrived head pivoting all around!!! Now i tend to keep my eyes peeled for the dreaded doggy doo......although i never tire of the scenery and am always looking for shots.
    Carla x

  11. There is so much to see there I
    think I would get whip lash :))
    I do know I wouldnt want to miss the Eiffel Tower for sure.

  12. Looking up is always good!
    If I ever get to Paris, I shall make sure to remember your counsel. ;-)

    Looking up to see what time it is has become a habit of mine too. Working public clocks are everywhere here in Vienna. Sometimes I catch myself that I have been walking around a corner to catch the time instead of simply looking at my wrist watch.

  13. Love it, Carol. Two types of walkers in Paris: the first one is one that always checks their feet for ze doggies and the other ones who look up are often scraping their feet...
    Love the car reflections and all your photos.

  14. I take back my comment from yesterday. I was riding my bike today and I found myself looking up when I was stopped at a red light. I remembered that I do that all the time............

  15. Would I get by with wearing my muck boots- the pretty ones with fleurs on? I always am looking everywhere except where my feet are stepping! I would look like a whirling dervish trying to not miss a thing! also I would be wanting to make friends with all the Paris chiens & chats.

  16. much less poop in Paris these days in my opinion since the fines were upped.

    And smaller dogs too more generally so...


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