Friday, January 06, 2012

Hats:An Anthology by Stephen Jones

Macaron-hat doodles.
 Last night I went to the fabulous 'Hats:An Anthology by Stephan Jones' exhibit at Bard Graduate Center.
 ...On 18 West 86th Street (they're open till 8 pm on Thursdays).
Three floors of magical hats brought over from the Victoria and Albert exhibition - we're lucky indeed.
A veritable pandora's hatbox of memories (whose mother did not wear hats?), history and celebrity lore (including the hat Carla wore to meet the Queen).
Photo by Justine Photography

A hat inspired by illustrator Rene Gruau I'm always raving about...
I bought Rene Gruau's J'Adore calendar in Paris last October thinking I was very clever and now I see it on Amazon...who knew?
We have hat designer Stephen Jones to thank for this fantasy trip.
Jone's atelier is on view + a can of his essential soda pop...
So many hats and only one head!
There's just something special about a woman in a hat. (Betmar Philosophy)
"Women wearing hats are at once sophisticated and whimsical....Their faces are younger and softer. They carry themselves differently, daintily, like deer. Their voices flutter a bit..."(from "O" Magazine).
The human head is a constantly moving and turning pedestal...with the hat a sculpture. (Eia Millinery design)
If you can't make it to New York (ends April 15) by all means get the book.
It's loads of fun with Bjork and Barbara Cartland side by side.
So many hats get their inspiration from uniforms...
I spotted this lacy cocktail hat one night in Paris passing Cherry Chau's shop. You can hear more on the exhibit here.
And Thank you Kerry in WA for reminding me.
Bon Week-End!


  1. I always wonder about the days when women wore hats: did it make their hair a wreck? I know my hats do but then they tend to be utilitarian winter scruffies.

  2. Alas, my head and face were not made for hats. Oh, I did a jaunty beret in college but that was the extent of my hat-wearing experiences... Outside a girlhood in the South where it was de rigeur to have a new hat every Easter. And never wore it again...

  3. I love your opening sketch.
    The shots from inside the exhibits, & with the designer, are beautifully lit.
    I love watching old movies on TCM when all of the characters - men & women - wear hats :)

  4. Your sketch has inspired me to make a felt macaron hat! May I? Only , how to get the feet?
    I have many hats, mostly vintage. I had many more but lost them sadly in a fire... thanks ! I'll have to get the book.

  5. Great post! I love love love hats. When I was in graduate school, whenever I felt down, I bought a hat. One was a big puff of (fake) black fur, which my mother said I shouldn't buy because I'd never wear it; but I had to have--and then had to wear it, and was rewarded (??) with much attention in the subway.

  6. Oh, I do love hats--on other people; not me, but I wish I could wear them--I would if I could. Charming

  7. Ohhh... what a great exhibit! But I LOVE your macaron hats - those would be a hit!

  8. Beautiful photos and I love the calendar!

  9. Thank you so much! I loved this blog and your synopsis!
    Believe you me, one of my fellow Francophile friends and I are trying to see if we could get to NYC for a 4 day break...and see the show!

  10. what a gorgeous collection!
    I adore hats and will see it when I get back fr LA for sure

  11. your review is wonderful and i adore the images. i saw it at the v&a and it is a not to be missed event. at the v&a the visitors came dressed in their most favorite - hats - of course.

  12. I remember seeing pictures of the opening at the V&A and it was stupendous.
    The hats!

  13. Lucinda5:20 PM

    Hats are that 'cherry on the cake'
    that bit of whimsey that makes all the difference
    That makes fashion fun.

  14. Carol, thank you for reminding me that this show is still running.

    I am definitely going to get to see it. (I made a hat this week! And wore it before our temporary January freeze thawed into premature springtime.)


  15. J'adore the paintbrush and palette hat! Perhaps Beatrice (she of strange-pretzel-hat-at-the-royal-wedding fame) should acquire this one, at least it would be witty. And merci bien for the photography tips!

  16. Hats!
    Oh Yes! My mom wore hats and her mother made many of them.

    My grandmother Nell was an amazing dressmaker.

    I love to wear great big hats but can then never take them off 'cause I'll have hat hair.


  17. It's awfully windy in SF for hats. Love evening hats.
    Sooooo dramatique.

  18. What about hats for men? :-)

    (I haven't been wearing one since ...(I forgot).)

  19. I love hats. I just dont look good in them but its fun to see others wearing them. Fun post.


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