Monday, January 30, 2012

Boxed In

 It's no secret I have a love affair ongoing with French boxes.
 My collection keeps growing.
 At this year's Salon du Chocolat there was a special 'Professional' section to view suppliers of boxes, ribbons, ingredients etc. 
River Pack makes Pierre Herme's innovative boxes as well as Cafe Pouchkine and other 'couture' patissieres...
 Embaline Cartonnage de Luxe is another fancy box-maker.
 Upstairs at the Salon I loved Arnaud Larher's lunchbox style candy box.

 And my favorite and it's contents (flavored-chocolate faux macarons) was tiny - just under 3" square but inside soooo delicieux

 Sadaharu Aoki puts great thought and wit into his boxes.

 He was at the Salon as always to chat with consumers.

 Boissier does the prettiest boxes. I'd love to visit their salon de the in the 16th.
 More faux macarons - these are really almond candies/calissons d'Aix -
 Real chocolate-dipped macarons in a plain see-thru box
 Box-shaped chocolate snacks were provided for 'professional' viewers at the Salon by Lenotre - how we suffered...
Do you want to see more Paris candy boxes?
I have many more to show.


  1. Love it! The pink and orange egg shaped box is probably my favorite from the show. Looks like so much fun! Have a bright day!

  2. The best picture is the one of your beautiful watercolor painting!

    Demel in Vienna has boxes similar to Arnaud Larher's lunchbox style candy boxes, in various sizes for one to several piece of tortes and cakes.

  3. P.S.:
    I loved the look of the Villeroy and Boch coffee cups (in your post in the photo before your painting) when they first came out. I bought one to see if I would like them. Well, while it looks very stylish, the ergonomics of the handle's shape did not work well with me. Spills!

  4. Geri, NJ1:31 PM

    Just today while spending time organizing clutter I began wishing that my daughter appreciated packaging: Whenever we gift her, I end up keeping the "paper trash" bc she will throw it away (perish the thought!) and fly off back home. Love your collection, and, of course, your painting.

  5. What is it about a love of boxes?
    As an artist I appreciate the design and allure of what the boxes contain, etc, that you love to photograph, paint...and oh yes most importantly, open.
    But the boxes I personally love are unique cigar boxes, and others of all shapes and textures, and the older and
    funkier the better. I usually turn them into "Junk" sculptures.

  6. Love your daily posts and am compelled to comment on two of your most recent patisserie site links - one for pastries with respective photos (attached) and the other which I think is possibly one of the most beautiful sites I've seen especially from France.
    The website which I find so gorgeous is Maison Boissier from your post this morning. Did you have time to actually look through this site? I know you referenced it for their packaging. If not, do spend a few free minutes browsing - it's not to be missed and their shop must be amazing as well.

    The other site is - not so much for site design as for their pastries - two of my favorites - Les Religieuses and La Tarte Citron.
    Thank you for continuing to add visual stimulation to my mail box every day!

  7. Cigar boxes?
    I don't think so.
    Not amidst this bunch of beauties..

  8. Bonjour Carol. Like you, I tend to keep special packaging. I must admit the French know how to wrap things up, and from what I hear, this is a tradition that started as early as the 18th century, during Louis XIV's reign when everything had to be aesthetically pleasant and a fitting representation of French style and taste. I have saved special boxes and bags from companies such as Lancel, Hermes, and many patisseries and chocolatiers in Paris. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. But of course! Always love your creative images.

    I think I've caught this same bug from you - I'm using chocolate and macaron boxes from Laduree to hold jewelry on my dresser and paperclips etc. on my desk...

  10. I love the boxes, Carol - the colors, the shapes - a lot of imagination!
    I love those chocolates, too :)

  11. I would love to see them all:) I Googled the new NYC Ladurée w/ my daughter last night..she is on a mission in May:)

    So nice..Love boxes too..except Costco boxes.

  12. They make those boxes to pretty to just toss out. I would save them too. Yes!! please show more paintings. :))))

  13. Bring on the boxes! Great post.

  14. I love odd shaped boxes, colorful boxes, tea tins, cigar boxes, ones fancy soaps come, totes, too, &other ephemera altho my hubs calls it debris. Use the special ones to store small items in the studio. I collage some & use as gift boxes, others as templates to construct my own box. do show more!

  15. They are the masters of amazing wrapping and boxes the French, like your birthday everyday here!!
    Looks like you were in your element indulging at the Salon du Chocolat...thanks for the peak inside, such chocolate/croissant/macaroon weather here at the moment doing my best not to over indulge :(
    Carla x

  16. I'm with you... my boites Francaises are some of my favorite souvenirs from Paris!

  17. Can't wait to see today's Paris candy boxes! :-)

  18. Chocolate dipped macarons - oh my! They must be heaven!

  19. It is fabulous. I love you box designs. Thank you so much for sharing this blog.keep posting


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