Thursday, January 05, 2012

Paris Pop-up Shop

Paris Dreams Shop, 9" x 11"

I planned to open an 'imaginary' Pop-up Paris souvenir shop pre-Christmas. I didn't get around to it, but it's not too late right? I planned to import real French bollards to put in front of the shop...
It would be nice to have a little cafe corner.
There will be FREE/gratis petit fours for everyone.
But you will have to pay for the caramels beurre sale
And Carambar caramels.
This 'imaginary' shop will only carry Parisien tchotchkes (under $20). It will include all the junk I meant to pick last trip but never got around to, like these Comptoir de Famille hot chocolate bowls.
Any tchotcka with 'Paris je t'aime' on it...
Or Paris dogs makes the grade.
Plus those adorable street sign magnets but bigger. Paris has much better postcards than NYC.
Do you agree?
Very girly.
Very pink.
I bought my ticket to Paris yesterday for March, so maybe next trip I'll bring back tons of Paris junk and really open a pop-up shop.

Wouldn't that be a hoot?

What's YOUR favorite Paris junk? Do tell.


  1. I have a ton of Paris shopping bags for your pop up shop---sometime in Feb. you have to come up and see my Paris room---lots of things for your pop up shop.


  2. All donations of Paris junk are most welcome! :)

  3. I need to know where that lovely red, white and black tableware can be found. It's not only gorgeous, it goes perfectly with my kitchen. I am in serious coveting mode. :)

  4. I'll take the caramels!!! Yum!

  5. Comptoir de Famille is the place for fun French kitchen things.
    I don't know if they ship...

  6. Hi Carole,
    I enjoy your blog.I live in Paris so next time you come over do look me up.I am a New Yorker who followed her dream.

  7. I love the postcards, pink, and this post! So exciting about your next Paris trip. I'll travel there vicariously through you as usual.

    Happy New Year Carol!

  8. I love French jacquard linens! So pretty!

  9. Hopefully you'll have mail order. It looks like I'll never get to go to Paris, and probably not even New York any time soon. :O(

  10. Love, love, LOVE the postcards. If I ever get to Paris, I'll come back loaded down with tons of those.

    And of course, anything with French writing on it. I have a few items in my kitchen, but I'm always on the look out. :)

    I say you should definitely do a shop. Any kind of shop as long as it's Parisienne.

  11. In your opinion, where is the best place to stay/best arrondisement?

    I do agree that Paris postcards are the best!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  12. I just ate a caramel...mmmmmm. Love your watercolor, Carol--wonderful!

    Thanks again for your kind wishes to Joe--he was touched. You're sweet!


  13. Geri, NJ4:55 PM

    OMG ~ j'aime your shop! It's a wonderful dream. Definitely must have your watercolors too...or at least postcards of them. My favorite 'Paris junk' is a very cool Coke can, any & all paper trash, and postcards (e.g. kooky Eiffel tower images, including a very mildly risque one, Metro maps, museum guides, ticket stubs, you name it); but the piece de resistance (sp?) is a one liter old timey style glass milk bottle like the milkmen of old used to carry in metal baskets! It's impressed on the bottom 'FRANCE'...we decant our 2% into it and feel soooo smug! ...LOL I have a business connection to the word 'Metro" so I was thrilled to find a huge postcard replica of the actual Metro sign, which I keep on my desk.

  14. I've never been in Paris long enough to encounter, least of all collect or covet, any Paris junk.
    I think I'll stick to Philly junk.

  15. Love the watercolor and the simili Comptoir De Famille things..We had a small shop here that carried some and the she closed:( I know some items are available at Amazon..

    You should open a little Paris shop:)

    I have a few treasures..some beautiful postcards from a friend..some American Knock offs..that I love:)

    Some things we bought in Provence.
    I am certain Paris paraphernalia would jump into my travel bags.

  16. I love the watercolor.
    Are you really opening a shop?
    That would be great! Lots of Eiffel towers & hot chocolate.
    The mayor doen't like dogs, though.

  17. Oh fun a pop up shop. I want Eiffle towers. The kind you see on the street for sale in Paris.. :))) Well one can dream. Love the painting. Cool on getting your ticket now. Another Fun trip to take vicariously thru you. :)

  18. Cecile9:24 PM

    Oh I love them all!

    I just love your blog!!!!

  19. Murissa,
    The best arrondisement is the one you're in at the moment IMHO.
    They're all little villages with their own special characteristics.
    I like to stay in different areas in Paris so I can to get to know them..
    Next visit it will be the 11th.

  20. Those things in front of your 'to be' shop ain't "bAllards", they're
    I should know having tripped over one while gawking at studio sky lights in Montmartre and breaking a rib on a trip to Paris
    a couple of years ago - didn't stop me from enjoying Sacre Coeur,


  21. The best pop-up ever! Wow! Even free treats!
    And Geoff is right about the bollards.

  22. Anonymous6:05 AM

    What a great idea. You should do it for real. As far as 'junk', I am a BIG fan of everything Eiffel. I plan to score one of the big gold towers from one of the guys selling them in the Tuileries before I go. Galleries Lafayette sell a very cute retro-look Eiffel snow globe that is also on my list. There is a jewellery designer near the Place des Vosges who does sterling silver origami-style Eiffel pendants. Ok, this is not 'junk' but a pop up store needs stuff at all price points :)

  23. YOu are a hoot, Carol. Love it and totally agree. I'll hand you some bags in March ;-)

  24. Can't resist chic Paris baubles even tho not a material girl. Love them on my desk, pinned to the bulletin board above, enveloped in tokens of my French love.

    BTW today is St. Joan of Arc's B-Day! (patron saint of France). Love her, too!

  25. If not an artist,goat herdress, I would like to have an eccletic French boutique too! I thought I would set up a studio towards the back, but I would be annoyed if customers interupted me in my creative zone, and my shop hours would be short due to farm chores!
    Fun to imagine, I know I would come to your PopUP Shop! I love ephemera! Would you sell chocolate Effiel Towers?

  26. I'll sell chocolate anything Jeri-Ann...

    Even if I blow up like a balloon in the process

  27. I am imaginarily shopping at your imaginary pop up shop and I am buying up all of your POSTCARDS!!! You will have to shop for lots more on your next trip.

  28. C'est toujours aussi extra de venir se promener sur ton blog.
    Bonne année !

  29. GREAT idea, Carol! I love my votive candles from Notre Dame. I pay the 5 Euro for the ones with the lids, light one, watch it burn for a while and then take it with me.

    I have several at home that I light when I need the extra inspiration!

  30. I went to the Yves Rocher store in Paris and bought a little cotton holder made out of thing wire and glittery things...totally a junk piece but I love it so!

  31. ooh ooh i'm loving those paris magnets with the street addresses!!! want!!!

  32. The postcards are super GORGEOUS!!! How come I didn't see them in my last trip to Paris? I admire that you tour Paris like a local and not a tourist. Maybe you should do a feature on other parts of France like the French riviera? :)

  33. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I love your first picture "Boulangerie de rêves", so beautiful. Your are very talented

  34. of all the things in this post that i love, and i love them all, the one i love the most is the post card- paris really does have the best ones ! favorite stops for cute and unique ones are - rue mouffetard (towards the low end), behind centre pompidou and rue st andré des arts ...

    bon dimanche et bon countdown to march !

  35. Karina,
    I always find good ones on the corner as you turn into the Madeleine near the Dijon mustard shop...

  36. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Have you tried Eiffel tower pasta?
    OR ... Eiffel tower luxury toilet paper? Eiffel tower or Moulin Rouge paper clips? Eiffel tower golf tees?

    Bonne et heureuse année !!!!
    May 2012 deliver waggons of Paris souvenirs to you !!!


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