Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Paris Monuments

 Paris has more monuments than any city on the planet...

 I was looking at the Paris bus guide (75+ buses) and one spread (Bus 42) could keep you busy for two weeks hitting the high points.
 Not all Paris monuments have to be monumental.

 Like the green Wallace fountains spotted around Paris.

 The presse kiosks and ad columns 'Colonne Morris' (mercimarie, Veronique).
 Metro signs are another fav mini monument.

 What about the French beret or street signs?

 Petit dejeuner is a well-loved Paris mini-monument espec with an Apilco cup.

 The ardoise/blackboard is another fav.

 Can a Paris mini monument be living, breathing?

 A demonstration is a not-so-mini Paris monument.

 The ubiquitous macaron - eaten before it hits the plane.

 French parfum is a mini monument you can bring home.
Paris monuments can come home with you on a mug!
What's your favorite Paris mini monument?


  1. Great post Carol, and I agree with you. So many Little Big monuments in Paris ;-) The tall green columns advertising plays and new shows in Paris are known as "colonne Morris" I believe, and they have been around since the 19th century. Have a wonderful day. We are buried in snow, here in the Pacific Northwest. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. My favorite was relatively cheap jewelry that you can buy from street vendors...also the countless nutella crepes i consumed while there..

  3. i love the floral arrangements sitting out on the sidewalks......they are my Parisian mini-monuments...

  4. I think the paintings created by the French Impressionists, mini monuments in themselves, contributed in total to the monumental change in the definition of what a "painting" could be, and had been.

  5. Cute, I agree about French parfums and especially Annick Goutal.

  6. Carol good morning

    Those colonnes used for advertising in Paris are called Colonne Morris.
    Voila you know


  7. Such a nice post..I sent it to my friend..She knows Paris very well..but you never know..she might discover something unknown to her~

  8. How 'bout bridges? When I think of Paris, I think of the Seine winding through it and all those gorgeous bridges...lovely, Carol...

    "sur le pont, d'Avignon,
    l'on y dance, l'on y dance..."

  9. today's pb about monuments is a delight! bravo!
    My favorite is a little fountain on the rue des cascades in the 20th. metro jourdan and decend rue cascades, one of the most magical little streets in paris. also near the top of the lovely park de belleville.

    it's where henri XIV watered his horses when he came riding up the coline here, the country back then.
    check it out!
    love, katy

  10. Geri, NJ4:05 PM

    Clever to be thinking of monuments in a new way! How about the elegant lamp posts on bridges...or artfully draped scarves on just about everyone!

  11. I need to send your blog to my sis! She loves Paris and lived there for a summer in college.
    Wonderful post!

  12. I'll take YOUR monument list over the official publications any day!

  13. I love the watercolors - so many to look at today!
    That shot of the Eiffel Tower behind the buildings is quite a grabber.

  14. One of my very favorites is someone walking down a Rue anywhere in Paris with their just purchase baguette and one bite on the end is missing!!! Voila!

  15. I have to say I really like the Metro signs and the street signs.
    They are French icons to me.

  16. I want one of those mugs!!! :) I used to think Paris was a dull gray place with rude people, but when you really get to know it, its a combination of so much. The History,
    The Artists, Flower shops, Bridges, Eiffel tower, Opera house, Eiffel tower.. worth repeating..:) and all you pointed out here. They are all monumental in making Paris an exciting City I have come to love getting to know thru your blog.

  17. i think i made a mistake on that fountain. i think it's henry IV. at metro jourdan there's a lovely tile mural of the cascades with cats in the bushes. and a super cheese shop!! k

  18. Yeow!.....I would not want to be the unlucky person to be sitting on that chair after the pug vacated it....especially if I were wearing winter white trousers...


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