Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Paris Job Hunt!

Do you dream of working in Paris?
Would you be willing to do anything including working at Fauchon?
Dishing out macarons? I can think of worse ways to earn a euro...
How about Angelinas? Hmmm...this looks a bit grueling...
Do you think it's true what they say about working in a candy/pastry shop..?
At Ble Sucre could you ever lose your taste for pastries?
Or macarons?
Could I ever lose my taste for Amorino's pistache + framboise + cafe combo?

Do I need an Italian accent to work at Amorino? I'll fake it.

Serving penny candy at Metro Odeon? I'd do that.

Take the Metro to work? I wouldn't mind...

I loved shooting fashion shows in Paris.

I'm not willing to make bread in the window...

And MacDos..serving up macarons? Hmmm...

Dog walker? Oui, absolutement!

What would YOU like to do in Paris?



  1. I think to work at Amorino you just need to be able to build flowers out of gelato...


  2. PAINT. Thats what I would like to do.. on canvas that is in the streets or at the Louvre..spelling?... or in a little loft with a view and a sky light, or Tour Guide..That would be cool. Fun post. :))

  3. I am a writer so no matter what job I would have, I'd turn it into literature some how.
    I have always had a fantasy at working in the Shakespeare Co. Book Store or even the Louvre!
    Maybe be a guide at Versailles or Pere Lachaise?
    Even work at an antique shop or a small market selling nostalgic trinkets/art/music/antiques!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  4. Lucinda12:27 PM

    I would LOVE to work in a candy/pastry shop for at least a week to see if it is true...

    Could I become immune to the glories of Fr pastry?

    I strongly doubt it.

  5. I would like to visit first:) I just watched Midnight In Paris and loved it..maybe work in a market? On nice days?:)
    Have a charming kiosque? With things that nice,kind,funny people...would flock to.
    Or sell something I made that they liked?Pretty packaging..I would wear white linen garb from Provence..Yes I could do that.. 10 AM till 2PM..

    I am amazed at all the photo you get to take INSIDE places..
    Maybe I should not ask? And just do it?
    How is it done?

    They are fortunate you do..makes us all want to see what you have.

  6. I would love to work in a cafe or a bookshop!

  7. I'm loving your responses!

    I have a small discrete camera (see in Amzn sidebar - a Canon S90) I wear mostly black and a big scarf for camoflage if I need it.
    So it isn't a big deal to shoot inside places.
    I almost never ask unless it's a tiny shop and then I say it's for my blog bla bla..

    Everyone shoots these days with their phones anyway..

  8. This past September we were on the Metro and it was very hot and stuffy, a regular stinky sauna. I think we need to learn how to ride the bus, maybe it's better ventilated. So, I don't think I'd like taking the Metro to work every day. Working at Sennelier would be fun, though.

  9. je vais à paris début février, des adresses gourmandes à partager 'un peu secrete"
    bonne année

  10. I would paint, paint, paint. I was lucky to live in Paris for a couple of years and that is just what I did. I miss it terribly and I would leave in a heartbeat!!

  11. sometimes i wish i could ... work at a cool café or bar ... or be a nanny ...

    Happy New Year!


  12. Geri, NJ3:59 PM

    Maybe a tour guide a la Carla Bruni in Midnight in Paris.

  13. IF I would be single, it really would be interesting! But how about the problem that I don't speak French at all? (only Finnish, little bit English, and very little Swedish, +some words of Russian; impossible to get job there I suppose:)

  14. I have worked in a chocolate factory and yes, I lost my desire to eat it

    and I have worked in a bar in Paris and no, I never lost my love of that city

  15. Are you thinking of leaving us?
    Looking for a job in Paris?

  16. In Paris, i like to go Muséums and Expositions, (if i go to Bibliothèque of Arts Déco, I allways go to Angelina ! :) lol) to see a ballet at Opéra Garnier, I am a big shopper at Galeries Lafayette and Printemps stores, at Fauchon's and Hédiard's, I love to walk in parcs (Monceau, Buttes-Chaumont), on the quais... I was Parisian girl, but now, I live far from my Paris, but when I go in my "darling city", I walk walk walk...:) I love Paris !
    Thank you for your marvellous blog !


  17. Be a restaurant critic! Put that theory about working in a patisserie to the test! Be a museum guard! Be a gardener at Versailles!

  18. I think I should like to be a nanny and take my little French charge around the city with me. Once I sat next to a nanny and her charge having breakfast at Cafe de la Marie (St Suplice) ... and I thought "how charming" .. nanny was darling and very involved ... and even spoke to us about St Suplice ... yes, I think a stylish nanny.

  19. I very much want to be in Paris and working:)och! yes!..maybe in other time..

  20. I would love to work, part time only, as a concierge, at a range of hotels - from the Hotel Le Bristol to small boutique hotels. That way I'll be able to talk to people from all over the world as well as enjoy Paris as a resident.
    Does anyone know of such a job? Please email. I can be there within 24 hours!!

  21. Dog-walking, certainement, then I could justify a daily macaron pilgrimage. I love this theme and the responses you've got! And btw, Santa brought me a little Canon similar to yours for Christmas, because I've been such a good girl, and now I'm going to practise your big scarf trick!

  22. Hmm - I'm not sure I would fit in. I do not speak French and have always understood (rightly or wrongly) that this was almost a prerequisite to be accepted in Paris.

    Happy New Year! Just passing.... via Karen at Pas Grand Chose

  23. WH Smith is a possible option for non-French speaking workers.

    To serve in a patisserie, the only French you need to know is,
    'Et avec ceci madame/mademoiselle/monsieur?"

    And what else?

  24. I like the kiosk idea, only I'd be your agent and get lots of commissions for your water color "Doggie' portraits in front of all the places you've featured in this post.
    We'd get reeeeely RICH, don't ya' think?!
    Let's do lunch.

  25. "Et avec ceci madame/mademoiselle/monsieur?"

    Yes, I could say that very nicely, but would have a hard time with the rapid French response. A market stall would be lovely. It's much harder work than it looks, but I'd be happy to slice and weigh fromage or keep up the vegetable displays.

    Maybe I'll aim for bicycle tour guide for English speakers or a job at the Red Wheelbarrow bookstore. A woman can dream...

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  27. I will be happy and willing to sell macaroons day in day out!

  28. Some of you are quite REALISTIC about the Paris job possibilities.

    I'm better at rationalizing than being realistic I guess...

  29. So true re the phones..Like the camouflage idea:0

  30. yes... if i could speak French it might be fun to work in a gallery doing something! that would really be dreamy ...

  31. I would work at Sennelier . Do you get a discount? I use lots of Sennelier dyes, as well as DuPont for pienture soie. I would paint silks at night, sell them in a little market stall weekends.

  32. Kerry of WA12:30 PM

    Here's where I would work: Le Rouvray (a quilting/fabric shop) across the river from Notre Dame. Here's the website: http://www.lerouvray.com/

    The owner, Diane D"Obladia is a friend of mine--and I have had the great pleasure of visiting her shop a several times, and worked with her (I was the acquisitions and technical editor--and on-location photo stylist) on the quilting book that was published in 1994. It was great fun (especially when we ran all around Paris shooting "mood" and inspirational photos for the book)--and the book turned out so well. I got to know several of her colleagues and shop workers. Diane is an ex-pat American. When she first moved to Paris from Michigan, after college, she modeled for Chanel and Dior. Also, in her first marriage to an older French gentleman, she lived in a gorgeous chateau. She is so very charming--and passionate about the arts and quilting, and is a very saavy businesswoman!
    I am also passionate about the arts, quilting, and would love to live in Paris! And...to make a few euros...I'd love to work at Le Rouvray!


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