Friday, January 27, 2012

Louvre bookstore

More often than not when I visit the musee Louvre I avoid the lines.

And go instead to the Louvre bookstore under the pyramid.

It's never too crowded.

You can check out other exhibition in Paris - look at their catalogs.

I'm a book-aholic. I love bookstores. I'll never give them up and France hasn't either.

But I decided finally to give in and try a Kindle.

There will be books I won't be able to read on it.

Or maybe not?

At least I'll finally be able to read in bed not just on the subway.

Pestering Kindle readers on the subway and reading La Table de Nana's kindle post made up my mind.It is lighter than carrying a book around.
It might be nice to have some travel books in my bag in Paris,
Like Thirza Vallois' guide to the 1-6 arrondissements.
One thing you can't do with a Nook, iPad or Kindle is rest your teacup and macarons on it.
Do you LOVE your E-Readers PBers?
Do tell all!


  1. I own one of the older Kindles (without color, but with 3G) and love it for novels, etc. It is perfect for reading in bed, the Metro, etc. I use it for "word" books, but still have to have my art books or other with images on paper. I also love how the Kindle isn't backlit. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine. Also, if you are interested in classics, there are tons of those available free.

  2. I am an accidental iPad my iPad for other reasons..." I love REAL BOOKS". Ha! I love the ability to read a preview, carry multiple books plus email and other stuff all in one light piece it the real advantage to the e-reading is that, when I read in bed at night and fall asleep, the iPad turns of the light for me!

  3. I'm with you ...I LOVE bookstores but did get a KOBO reader for the subway...much lighter and for me only for the books I'd read then pass on or pile up somewhere....still love big picture books and anything about Paris!!

  4. I took my iPad2 with me to London and Paris in July 2011. Frustrated in London. All Starbucks had me buy one of their gift cards before they would activate my iPad2. Same for hotel. $30 per day! Paris hotel was Free but not much use on the streets. BUT, I am addicted to my iPad2 even tho I want to hold a book in my hands still......both FOREVER.


  5. Geri, NJ10:46 AM

    Firstly, your watercolor is great! I agree, most especially, I could never give up the experience of sitting down with an art book. The Nook is very convenient, but also, it can pretty silly; for instance, my book would never, ever turn a page without my permission! Also...sometimes, I end up all the way back and the beginning of a book and woe to me if I did not place a bookmark!

  6. Oooooo
    Thanks Geri,
    for the BOOKMARK TIP

    All Kindle tips are most welcome.

    Denise I don't think you need to do that with the Kindle 'cloud' but I'm not sure.
    My iTouch was useless in Paris :(

  7. I'm currently test-driving a Kindle from the library here at the University. It really is great for reading in bed, that's for sure. Liking it very much!

  8. I am addicted to the tactile pleasure of a real book!

    ------ The End --------

    May I just mention that I love, love, love your drawing, it is a heartwarming image! And I say that even though my heart feels for the book that has to carry the cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate. I could not bring myself to rest a cup on a book (book have feelings too, you know).

  9. P.S.:
    I am sorry for having called your watercolor a "drawing" - please forgive me. xxx

  10. Afraid I am still just too wary of all that new technology when it comes to my major love, the reading of REAL books. doubt, the times they are a-changin'! And I can't imagine ever giving up my Art books.

  11. That book store is causing me palpitations.
    My husband is getting a kindle for nightime reading, and he will report to me. I am a holdout; but I do see the convenience of one.
    Then seem too big to me. Do you find that?

  12. I'll never give up the sensual experience of "real" books, but I got a KindleFire for Christmas and I do like it. I would prefer the older Kindle for novels, though - it's easier on the eyes because it's not backlit. I spend all day on the computer at work, and the last thing I want to do at night is have more of that. I've been considering getting the older version for night reading.

  13. Well, I finally got one a year ago, as I commute, it's much less to carry. At first I missed my real books, and still read some in paper. Sadly, the more I read on the Kindle, the more I LOVE it ... so easy to hold and turn pages, and adjust the type font and size to exactly what works for me.

    Most people say they read much faster on a reader, Kindle is rated best on your eyes. I do read really fast on the Kindle, and I hate that I love it so much. Oddly, I sometimes buy the book from my independent seller AND on the Kindle, because I want these bookstores to stay around. I always bookmark my last read page (menu, add a bookmark) .. and then menu (view my Notes & Marks and delete the previous bookmark) ... probably a little OCD, but I like it tidy.

    Lots of classics are free, I have read some Jane Austen free. You can scout around. I think travel books would be great on the Kindle, as I have to leave some of my favorites behind. I wonder how many are available, will check it out.

    Good luck .. enjoy ... but we have to keep our bookstores alive. Kindle is the only reader that you cannot purchase a book through your bookseller (most independent sellers are getting on board, they get a little cut if you order through them.)

  14. Hi, Carol!
    Lovely watercolor!

    I've had my Kindle for about a year now and, while I will NEVER give up "real" books, I love it for many reasons.

    Travelling as I do for seven months of the year, I would never be able to carry all the print books I would need. With the Kindle, I'm all set, and can download more as needed.

    Free samples! I can "test drive" a book before making a purchase-or-not decision. I have two "collections" for these--"Samples Read" and "Buy?" In the first go the books I'm not buying but which I want to check out of the library when I get back to the States. In the second go the books for which I have not made a definite purchase decision.

    As others have mentioned, there's a lot of free content out there, most notably Project Gutenberg.

    I also like the ability to load pdfs. I can scan sections out of travel books for instance and then load them to the Kindle.

    Have rambled on enough. I don't think you'll be sorry for the purchase! Good luck, and have fun...


  15. I succumbed to the Kindle about a year ago for text only. (the on-line dictionary is an awesome tool)
    But - no electronic device will ever replace the pleasure of paper for an illustrated book of any kind :)

  16. If I hate a book, I throw it across the room.

    Probably shouldn't do that with a Kindle (and an Irish temper...)

  17. I really don't like Kindles. At work and as a student I am constantly reading on a screen so the last thing I want to do is read a screen when it time to relax with tea.
    There is also something public about reading books while in a park or subway. You are revealing a part of yourself to the people in the environment. Maybe this is something I just pay attention to as a writer, but I like it.
    I like the feel of books, the look of them in my office or room. They are irreplaceable for me.
    Plus I heard that people who read on paper, rather than a screen have 10% more comprehension capabilities than those who just read on a screen.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  18. Not much new to add to these interesting comments. I could give away all of my possessions with the exception of my books, which I will continue to buy. But my iPad reader is the perfect solution for a) the daily commute (newspaper, email, novel all in one - though being a nosy person I agree with Murissa Maurice that I do like to see what OTHER people are reading!) and b) those holidays where you used to load down your suitcase with a ton of books, then panic in case you ran out and there's no decent English bookshop & your holiday's ruined, etc. The point is, it doesn't have to be an either/or, does it? Good luck with the Kindle!

  19. I don't think you will regret your purchase:)
    I LOVE to hold a real book..But having so many in one little spot..while traveling..or in an appointment's office..Is the cream of the crop.

    A recipe book is best viewed ..on real pages..I am certain Museum and art books also:)

    My friend was at the Louvre yesterday..and d' of her faves today..she is so sweet to tell me what she is such a nice way:)She was at Sennelier also and will go back..she is a great artist like you.
    I was at Chapters today(Cdn type Barnes and Noble..) I get such a great feeling in a book store.

    Sign up for the deal of the day..i have bought several..I just read Entangled that was $0.00 cents and I loved it..don't forget you in the US have access to a library card..that lets you book out books VIRTUALLY for a 14 day period..It is great.You take it and return online..Just get a library card..Not here yet ..I even emailed MTL..:(That I heartily suggest you do:)

    Your watercolor is beautiful..You could even make a Kindle look great..

    On another note..reading in bed w/ a Kindle is great.
    If you have physical hand .. or some motor coordination could be even great.

    In reading the Language of Flowers..I wanted to have the dictionary of flowers and felt sorry I could not search on Google..and I could print up the whole Flower dictionary via a PDF file.

    It will never replace books..But many easily can spend this in a resto for a meal..non?:)

    And you keep it:)

    Good for you..Hope you like it very very much.

  20. I'm still holding out and reading real books. I do have an ipad and have downloaded some free Sherlock Holmes but not managed to read any of it. I can certainly see the value of a kindle for travelling. I'm a dreadful one for packing lots of books- they are heavy in your suitcase and take up heaps of room. Guide books. Novels to read on the plane. What if I finish all those books, and then need another one to read?

  21. I love my Kindle Fire. I've always been a book lover, and that will continue, but there's something I love about the Kinde. It's great being able to download free books, and I've found some I really enjoy.

  22. I downloaded a book onto iBooks on my phone, it is great when I want something to read but don't want to carry something around.

  23. I have the basic, classic Kindle and I love it. So great to read in bed, light, have larger text, etc. It won't replace art books etc, however I am thrilled with the Kindle. I must learn how to Bookmark Ha!

    Art by Karena

  24. Oh I love that painting. Love the tea cup on the books. I am afriad I am a hold out. I LOVE my books to much. I am having enough problems with electonics at the moment to add one more thing. :)But a good friend of mine LOVES HER Kindle. She gets more free books on it. They will go broke with her I fear. :))

  25. I am with so many of the folks here, I was a holdout, then I found out all that they can do, free books, pdfs, long articles from on line (like the history articles at Colonial Williamsburg) and it is so like and I can have dozens of books with me wherever I go. Mine is the TOUCH, I am in love, but also delight in *real* books when there are illustrations or physical delights to the book. Yes, we can have both.

  26. I too love "real" books, but there seem to be many converts to the e-readers. I could be missing something :)

  27. For reading I prefer in this order: real book, Kindle, IPad. The Kindle is wonderful for travel. I have the kind that you can download from anywhere in the world. When we were in Costa Rica in a torrential downpour, I downloaded Maugham's "Rain" for really getting into the mood of the story. It was great. I had lots of other things already on it but it's nice to be able to get a book 3 seconds after you think of it. I don't like reading on the IPad because it's hard on the eyes. However, I read a lot of blogs, and the "reader" option on the IPad makes that very easy.

  28. Anonymous9:53 PM

    One of my coworkers who doesn't even use HIS cell phone LOVES his kindle for commuting in on long island railroad. He rads his ny times & novels. Me? I am an apple freak from way back so I have an iPad. Love it, but a bit heavy.
    Xxoo gail

  29. Carol, I think it will be a very long time before I use a Kindle or other electronic bookie thingy. I really do love books. I like the look of them, the feel of them, the smell of them.

    Lots of your prior comments have spoken of the ease to taking along a Kindle when traveling. Guess I just need to find that way to go traveling soon, so that I'll gain appreciation of these thingies.

    I do agree your painting is lovely. xo

  30. I do louvre my iPad for reading in bed. sure beats trying to hold up a hefty tome! I think eventually there will be more art books available too. I hope since sometimes I want to just look at art. My son & several of my friends have Kindle Fire & lorefer it to iPad. I will never give up real books tho!
    I loved the stacked books with cup & macs. table by my chair always looks like that, sans Mac: (

  31. Oops I meant $0.99 or $1.99..sorry.. but every day Amazon emails you the deal of the day..
    Ok..that's enough from me:)Bookmark is easy..just push the button and a list comes up..I also like that you can make collections..Like: Read Books etc..

  32. I love books, too, Carol. It'd be fun to try and e-reader but I also relish the look of books on the shelf or coffee table. Have a wonderful weekend!xx

  33. I agree Annechovie...

    But I would SO relish getting rid of the stacks of books on top of the bookcases and everywhere else around here...

  34. So glad to see all the comments about loving real books first, then e-readers. I do agree they are great for travel. But I work in a small, independent bookstore and there's nothing like the real thing! Carol, if you come to Maine again next summer, I hope you'll stop by the store.
    Royal River Books, Yarmouth Maine (like us on Facebook)

  35. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I do love that Louvre well as so so so many others! Don't like that books are heavy, especially when luging new ones home from France or Quebec, but I just love paper books!!Thanks for your post about photographing people. Gave me a lot to think about as I love sketching people...

  36. electronic gadgets come and go, but NOTHING will ever beat books for me. I'm a true dinosaur ;-)

  37. Call me a laggard but I don't have a Nook or a Kindle. I do have a smart phone and a laptop but no Ipad.

    Works for me.

  38. GREAT your posts.

    NEW follower.

    I am stopping by from the Top Writing Blog competition.

    Just wanted to say hello. This is a great way to find new blogs and visit ones you haven't visited in a while. :)

    Elizabeth - Silver's Reviews

  39. I love books...I love my kindle...I think I might become a fan of yours.

  40. Love that watercolour, Carol. I don't have a kindle - yet, although use the iPad for apps. It's handy, but I still much prefer touching real books!

  41. Good morning, New York,
    a wonderful start into the new week,
    (looking longingly at the watercolor tarte fine down below!)

  42. Working as a cataloger in an academic library, I have come to adore most things about tangible books, (not the least of which is the fact that they have provided me a career). However, things are changing, and these days I am responsible to catalog a good deal of electronic media, including ebooks, as well as tangible materials.
    So, through association with eformats, I have been developing an appreciation for certain aspects of portable readers as well. Proof of that is the fact that I bought a Kindle Touch over the holiday season. It's not perfect, but I like it very much, all the same.

  43. For your eyeucation.
    Today's New York Times Style section shows new eyewear from J. Crew in collaboration with the fancy French eyeglass maker, Selima Optique. They have tortoiseshell (like Hanneli Mustaparta wears), black and lemon and cherry red cat eyes. Pas cher.

  44. I, too, love books. I have hundreds in my home. However, two weeks ago, I purchased a Nook. And, I must say, I love the Nook---in a different way than my paper books. Both will have their place in the future. Thanks for sharing on your blog. And, your art is stunning.


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