Monday, January 23, 2012

La Grande Epicerie

 Paris People Watching 5.5" x 7.5" 
A terrific place to people watch and perhaps to shoot is La Grande Epicerie...
 The latest of fashion is on display at La Grande Epicerie...
 But I'm attracted to les madeleines...
 Chocolat chaud is always on my browsing list...
 I am mostly a browser at La Grande...what would I do with fresh eggs in my bag?
 But I adore their egg boxes colored just like...
 Here mini macarons you fill yourself..Hmm...perhaps I could fool Jill that I made these myself :)
 The walls of chocolate bars, the endless array of pastries (and wholesome fresh veggies too btw) could easily drive you to distraction. So many choices...
 La Grande Epicerie has just the thing to help you with your indecision - Delo Destress, whatever that is...
 And for the weight-conscious minceur/diet pills and exercise bands. Everything is thought of here.
I HEART La Grande Epicerie for eye candy and people watching. Have you been here to drool too?


  1. {{ i'll take one
    of everything
    or not... }}

  2. I love the egg cartons too:)Your analogy to macarons:) It's funny I just talked about a lemon tart:) I am going to email my see if she knows of this place.. I like visiting shops like this..The most amazing shop was in Castellucio(SP?) at the top top top of the was in a FOG when we went..Rusticity at it's best.

    That's how I one day hope to be able to sketch people:)

  3. Ooohh! The red boots please!

  4. Nana,
    La Grande Epicerie is the foodie heaven branch of La Bon Marche department store at 38, RUE DE SÈVRES 75007

    It's a big emporium and quite pricie but great for browsing
    A bigger version of our Dean & Deluca in NYC...

  5. I do all my best leche vitrine at Paris Breakfast! So please do NOT try to fool Jill. The Mac gods might feel like an intervention....

  6. Carol, so many yummy treats!! They do all look like little works of art!

    You might enjoy the artist interview on my site!

    Art by Karena

  7. The madeleines are delicious and crunchy indeed :)

  8. It's look like an Epicurean place, and I like it!! :)

  9. I love the colors of the egg cartons. That rack of chocolate looks wonderful:) Your sketch is terrific.

  10. Ahhh yes; kinda like life.
    Too many choices.
    Too many things to drool over.
    Like your blog posts, Carol,
    and your paintings.

  11. I have had a journey with madeleines similar to yours with macarons! I love La Grande Epicerie(even just saying it!) and have brought back numerous "samples" to try to replicate.
    Wish I was there now just to smell the aromas!


  12. Thanks for our colorful shopping adventure, Carol! Enjoyed it!!

  13. You sure know how to set our hearts aflutter! :-)

    Btw, while in Corsica, I noticed the macaron-colored egg cartons and put a few empty ones in my shopping cart. Then I did the correct thing and put it on the conveyor belt, ready to pay for them. Would you believe that I was not allowed to buy them? No empty egg cartons for sale! So, next time, I shall put 1 egg in each of the cartons. Let's see what happens! ;-)

  14. Always drooling in there Carol... Not a good look! xv

  15. I'm a fan of the egg cartons, too!
    Such a simple idea!
    I'm also a sucker for the tart citrons :) Never enough of those....

  16. What a pleasure to walk around here. The problem is to try to be selective when it comes to buying, the choice is so enormous!

  17. This is the Mecca of Great taste and great looking food

    A annual pilgrimage to la Grande Epicerie is a must for any foodies.

    Did you pay a visit to the rayon dairy and check the yaourt ( yogurt…) it looks so fantastiquement fraiche and attractive.

    I love it all – vive la Grande Epicerie

  18. what's the 'rayon dairy'?
    did I miss something? I even looked at the frozen foods..
    I thought I took it all in..

  19. Holly and I were there less than a week ago and did our share of drooling and shopping. After being fussed at for "the camera" I am impressed at your stealth photos! It would help if either I did not try to use the LARGE camera or if my point and shoot was not ORANGE... lessons learned!


  20. Just go Orange!!
    Wear a BIG orange scarf and sweater etc.
    think camouflage.

  21. yes and I wanna go back :)

  22. Yes, I've drooled down the aisles of Le Grande Epicerie. Jams, gummies, chocolates, biscuits... fresh fruit, cheese and pastries... impressive mamans and well-coiffed men... yes, I've drooled down the aisles of Le Grande Epicerie!

  23. Haha! You think you could fool me with these macarons just filled yourself? You know how to make them and better looking, too - I've seen you ;-)
    Love how you have the eye for these pastel egg boxes and manage to take the great photos, too!

  24. Love La Grande Epicerie! I live on the right bank but would love to have this near my apartment.


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