Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The French Scarf

 Does your average French person leave the house without wearing a scarf?
 I doubt it.
 How-to-tie your scarf is demonstrated everywhere you look.
 Do French infants wear a scarf in their cribs? I have to do further research...
 The stripe scarf is a French classic. You can not go wrong wearing a stripe scarf.
 Four variations on tieing your scarf.
 Here's a scarf that grew into a coat...
 Your classic cardigan can double as a scarf in France. Pas de problem.
 Tintin gets away with it...
 Even some French parfums don a scarf...
 Scarf around a baguette? Bien sur.
 The classic Saint Honore wears a kind of chantilly scarf non?

 A traditional Fr couple - La femme is scarved. Monsieur appears to be scarf-free.
Bear does NOT wear a scarf. Does this make him less French? Should he get one ASAP? What do you think?


  1. Bonjour Carol. I had never thought about the St Honore wearing a scarf. Clever! ;-)
    Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Wonderfully witty! :-)

    I think Bear should get a scarf.
    A red one.
    Or a red beret.

  3. Fortunately Bear has impeccable French lineage and can risk showing his independence by traveling bare-necked.
    Have your seen this book? Paris vs NY
    Someone has a lot of nerve taking this on instead of you! You must give it a thorough review!

  4. That's because yr French Veronique.

    You need extra-terrestial eyes.

    Jeanette, that book is by my bed waiting...maybe manana

  5. We spent 10 days in Paris in a little apartment last May and loved it.
    Thanks for your lovely, witty insights into a city we love.
    Best Regards,

  6. I wear a scarf any time I leave the house. It just completes my outfit whatever I am wearing!


    Art by Karena

  7. Oui, as a peinture Sur soie ,especially foulards, I highly encourage all to protect your throats & necks with scarves!!!
    They are my pain et ...
    Bear needs a very special scarf & a beret too.

  8. Pain et beurre.... iPad smarty pants tried to second guess me again!

  9. Rawdeeo12:09 PM

    Bear is so handsome!

  10. Good point! ;-)

    Oh, and Monsieur does not need a scarf. He probably thinks that his bright red hat makes enough of a statement! ;-)


  11. Oh yes.. Bear for sure needs a scarf.. Red goes so well with black and white. :) I cant live without a scarf in winter here and I love them for accents in summer. I really need a book on how to tie them different ways for a variety.
    Fun post as usual.

  12. If a baguette can wear a scarf then a bear can certainly wear one. So cute!

  13. I remember a charming scene in Le Divorce where Kate Hudson's character talks about how many ways the French have to wear scaves. I LOVE scarves. So timeless and classy! Yes, perhaps a little scarf for Bear! :-)

  14. Geri, NJ2:03 PM

    There you go again with your unique point of view...scarves on pastry! Bear definitely needs a scarf (even if only in a watercolor). He would probably even appreciate having something he could call his own.

  15. While Bear would look very attractive in a red scarf...I think he would mull the question; To wear? Or not to wear? quite carefully ;)

  16. Bear does not need a scarf as he is already striped perfectly?

  17. Love the scarf post today...it reminds me of the website where I found some scarf tying tips

  18. Surely one of your many fans out there might consider making a scarf for Bear? Unfortunately, I would not be that fan.

  19. Bien sur Mme. Gillott,
    Bear must wear a scarf in zees
    temperatures. C'est hiver, non?

  20. Ahh..but M has the classic beret!

    I love older couples on streets..anywhere..when they are so together..there is so much history! I know there is a different beauty in youth..But I so love this type of photo

    My grandsons wear Cache-cou..
    I think many parents worry about loose long ends on scarves and younger people..
    I..love my scarves..pashminas.. all of it..They seem to keep my whole body warm..:) And do wonders for necks that are almost 60:)
    Almost 60.

  21. I wish I knew more than two ways to wear a scarf. Those two tone scarves look like a feat of engineering! I don't think I'd ever be able to replicate that.

  22. I love the watercolor, very cute!
    Your people shots are always the best; I love the candids in this post.
    I think Bear looks fine au natural :)

  23. Clever, funny post! Elderly monsieur may be scarfless but so dapper and chic in the bright red beret ...

  24. Bear has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that he would enjoy a scarf. A red one. :)

  25. I LOVE visiting your blog! amazing:)

  26. oui ... a scarf for teddy ... how dashing :-)

  27. Carol,
    I always wear a scarf in Paris and New York. Aside from the stylistic aspects, it keeps my neck warm.

  28. I berated my husband for buying a scarf which I thought looked grandmotherly only to find in Paris that type of scarf was featured in all the men's shops. Vive le Metrosexual.

  29. A striped scarf for bear would be perfect! Wool of course for winter, and maybe linen for spring.


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