Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Collecting Paris Ducks

 Collecting ducks in Paris...
 Doesn't cost a euro...
 Unless you're into foie gras...ahem
 No ducks in fromagerie Barthelemy's vitrine, just cheese and chickens...
 Easter time brings out a gaggle of geese in Paris bien sur...
 You can find canard a foie gras anytime but especially at New Years...
 I wonder who makes all these darling ducks..?
 A duckling nightlight would be fun...
 Real farm ducks (and goats) come to Montmartre Sundays for the kids. Not in New York...
eCollegeFinder has made me a contender for a Top Writing Blog award! Who knew? You can vote for me here as many times as you like until Feb 3 :)
Merci en avance


  1. Go Carol! I just voted for you. xx

  2. Oh dear - I just about spit out my coffee when I saw that guy in those yellow overall thingeys. That's quite a look!

    (note to self: no yellow overall thingeys when playing the harp...)

    Ok, I'm off to vote for youuuuu!

  3. Done..well deserved !

    Hmm maybe I will take some canards out of hiding:)

    Those doggies in the cute!

  4. Lucinda12:45 PM

    Love yr duckies

  5. I would have never guessed ducks in Paris. That man in the yellow pants just doesn't make a very good looking duck! :) I went and put a vote in for you.

  6. Geri, NJ12:58 PM

    You've got my votes...Congratulations! Apropos of this: "Take that! you irritating blog grammar police wherever you may strike next."

  7. One more vote for you!

    I like the photos - especially the "through the windows" pics.

  8. Oh Carol, I can never get enough of the windows. I love them, you always manage to find something unique and inspiring... and now ducks!!! I must agree, the man in the overalls is definitely a Vogue "don't"!!! Now off to vote! ~Jen

  9. Not to mention the "Canard Exquis" promotion time

    The event at the Shangrila was amazing with tremendous delicious recipes with duck :)

  10. When I used to shoot at the James Beard House there was foie gras on the menu EVERY night
    so I prefer ceramic ducks now..

  11. I dearly LOVE foie gras but have given it up since learning how it is created. Sigh. Now Foie Lapin might be a horse of a different color.

  12. OH I LOVE your painting.... its adorable. Love the doggy standing up on the glass window. OK I need to go vote too. Off I go...

  13. You captured my frommage loving Tibbies & Barthelmy perfectly! You are the best, Carol!
    I want that duckie nitelite for the barn too. Hope to add the real ones to the farm this spring. Loved the goats & ducks at Montmartre, but I wouldn't wear those yellow waders, altho I do have red overalls.
    Foie Gras,yum! will have to make do with the faux kind tho.

  14. I love 'Paris Breakfasts' so much I've written about it on my new blog (and I have voted for you!);

    Carla x

  15. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Oh my. Went immediately to vote for you!
    I look forward to your blog every morning with my petit-dejueuner!!


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