Friday, January 13, 2012

The Metropolitan's American Wing

 Oliver Tarbel Eddy 1839
Yesterday I went to see the Met's preview of the newly renovated American Wing.
John Singleton Copley "Mary Sherburne' 1763
Sixteen magnificent rooms opens permanently to the public January 16. I found myself drawn to the animals in the exhibits, especially pets...
 Of course the focus of the exhibit is the newly refurbished 'Washington Crossing The Delaware' in the main hall - more here.
 Ammi Phillips 1834
I painted so many of your huggable pets this past December, I could be hankering to hug a pet of my own...ahem
 Thomas Eakins wife and setter 1884
I didn't know painter Thomas Eakins had an Irish setter...
 Van Rensselaer Hall Mural 1765-69
A man walking his dog or out hunting..?
 Van Rensselaer Hall Mural 1765-69
In this very grand muraled room...
 Joshua Johnson detail 1805
I'd settle for a red cardinal...
 This giant eagle might not be so petable...
 Nor Remington's 'Broncho Buster'...
 A pet squirrel as long as it's not from Union Square Park...
 Minister/painter Edward Hicks 'Peaceable Kingdom' 1830 (62 versions exist) shows a young maid hugging a lioness...who knew?
 A tethered fox in Fur Traders Descending the Missouri by George Bingham is probably not the best pet...
I would have to forgo a pet shark unless it was in 'The Gulf Stream' by Winslow Homer firmly secured to the wall.
Tintin's 'Snowy' looks huggable at Ellie Zabar's Kids store a few blocks away...
(And do look at more than the pets svp.)


  1. We just went to our local museum's fabulous Rembrandt in America exhibit. No pets to be seen there, though...portraits, yes, pets, not so much. These are great! The museum looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I love the Met, it's my favorite museum in New York!

  3. Steve and I were just talking about how rarely we go into the museums in New York City even though we live so close (and I work here), but we seek museums out in all the major cities we visit in Europe. We need to get here! Thanks for the museum tour.

    By the way, I recently had a delicious crepe (pears, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese) at Bar Suzette in Chelsea Market, and thought of your charming blog.

  4. I love that first one so much:)The museum is gorgeous.

  5. I do love the American portraits with pets. I also am always amazed at the painter bringing velvet, lace, silk and satin to life with a brush!


    Art by Karena

  6. About 2 months ago my son and I went to the Met specifically to see a show of Frans Hals portraits. We went on Tuesday, and upon arriving were told the show had closed 2 days before, on Sunday.
    After about 5 minutes of bemoaning my bad planning, we started roaming the galleries, knowing the Met is always overflowing with wonderful and varied art of all kinds, and at every turn.
    Thanks for the visit, Carol.

  7. Lucinda3:37 PM

    Tintin'w Snowy is very tempting indeed!
    Thanks for the sneak peek in the Met.

  8. The pets really do bring another element to the paintings - a liveliness, a warmth I thought.
    Like in Velazquez 'Las Meninas' or 'Goya's Boy in REd'

    More pets in paintings IMHO!!

  9. Geri, NJ3:46 PM

    Can't wait to check it seems like yesterday the American Wing opened for the first time...I agree...more pets in paintings ~ There's my 'bubby' in pic #2!

  10. After years of seeing King Charles Spaniels on laps in museum portraits it
    Is so much fun to have a friend with a real live KCS!
    I highly recommend putting your arm around an Airedale - just sit on the stairs and let the Airedale sit next to you. Thru are the perfect size to wrap your arm around.

  11. Its fun to seek out paintings with pets in them. I think I love the Irish Setter best. It has a bit of our Annies look in the face. :) I miss having access to museums close by. Thanks again for sharing yours.

  12. The Met looks wonderful - what a presentation in such a beautiful building.
    The pets are great, too - & a surprise at the number of them.

  13. I fell in love with the Met on my one too-short visit there a couple years ago. Thanks for sharing such lovely paintings with us. I love the first one best. A girl with a cat is after my own heart. xx

  14. Gorgeous sights, Carol, and you captured some wondrous images!

    A wonderful weekend to you,

  15. Carol, your cultural adventures are tres impressive - I always feel like such a slug reading your blog. After that exhibition on les chapeaux, I'll have to get myself to the Met as well (perhaps a pit-stop at Lady M in between...)

  16. Would love to wing it over to see this in NYC, Carol. Looks fabulous - as well as the exhibition. J xo

  17. I know just the kind of dog for you! Resembles that cute KCS painting 2. ; )
    Great tour, thanks again!


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