Monday, October 24, 2011

Salon du Chocolat 2011

These are the shoes of a brilliant designer Jean-Paul Hevin.
 chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hevin.
Every detail is carefully considered. *When M. Hevin signs his new hot chocolate book, he uses his pen backside up (it's a Muji pen by the way).
J-P Hevin could not be more charming and he giggled when I asked whose elegant shoes he was wearing.
"Zara" he whispered and smiled.
Naturalement post-Salon I ran to Zara to find the same baskets, but non plus/no more. I bought a wooly scarf and matching bonnet instead.

Hevin's stand at the salon is like a giant chocolate bar/tablette.

Has Hevin a propensity for grids? His hot chocolate won best in Le Figaro. This has to be easier than $#@! macarons.

But how to decide what to buy?

Another top Parisien chocolatier-designer, Sadaharu Aoki.

I love his cracked-egg-shaped packaging.

 And Pantone-colored chocolate bonbons.

Who would not kill for an ultra chic library of chocolate bars from Bouillet-Lyon?

Or super elegant tablettes from Jean-Charles Rouchoux

I loved these witty macaron boxes from Arnaud Larhrer.

 Salon du Chocolat 2011 was an homage to maitre chocolatier Robert Linxe of La Maison du Chocolat - the first to bring Parisien couture design to chocolate in 1977.

In the end it's all about how the chocolate tastes in your mouth no matter what the design.
We all become 5 years old when confronted with the delights of the annual Paris Salon du Chocolat.
 Bonjour All French Chocolatiers!


  1. Such wit these French chocolatiers!

    I would love to be in your shoes.

  2. What is the Swedish flag doing there? :-)

  3. There was a Swedish chocolatier at the Salon...
    and ecquador, peru, brasil etc.
    It's not just French chocolate ya know...

  4. Wow! I can imagine the day when chocolate cum designers like J-P Hevin exhibit at the Venice Biennale! Applied arts to the fore! :-)

  5. Oh how wonderful the Salon must be! I have a hardback copy of Parisians waiting for me to read it one day. An audio version would be good.

  6. Lucinda8:01 AM

    star dust is falling on your trip to Paris this time round!!
    Bon chance

  7. I am getting more jealous by the day over here, Carolg! JP Hevin is my absolute favorite!

  8. .. oh OUI, I can see your interest in his shoes ... I have to admire the chocolate from a distance .. bonjour

  9. I did'nt go to the Salon du Chocolat this year, so I'm happy to read this excellent report !
    Arnaud Lahrer chocolate pastries look great !

  10. SO wonderful to read your posts. Feel as if I am there with you. Thank you!!

  11. Be sure to let us know what you think of the book, Parisians!
    I love those kinds of books to have out on the coffee table. So nice to look through and read with a glass of wine and some chocolates!

    Thank you for sharing.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  12. Someone is having way too much fun in Paris! Thought about you when I visited a new Seattle pâtisserie a few days ago and sampled the most delicious macarons: They were filled with lemon crème patissière! You can see a picture on my new blog post. Have fun ! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  13. will have to check out the g. robb book and i do just hope the pantone chocs taste just as good as they look!

  14. Louise,
    Arnaud Larhrer's round disk of chocolate apricot-infused ganache, with chunks of apricot confit on top was out of this world je ne sait quoi.
    I ate the crust on this baby.
    You better believe it :)

    I like these new eclairs with the wafer on top en lieu of icing but it was not as knock-your-socks-off wonderful as the tarte.

  15. I am impressed by the packaging!
    It shouts at you :) Tells you what's inside must be good!
    You are having quite the trip!

  16. OMGoodness.. I never realised that Chocolate was such serious business. I will never enjoy just a Hershey bar again!

  17. I'm loving HISTORY OF PARISIANS for those who asked.
    It's anecdotes of various Parisien historical times fleshed out with characters, dialogue, locations and historic details starting in the late 18th century with Napoleon coming to Paris from Corsica.
    Marie-Antoinette is included bien sur.
    It's certainly griping tales.
    I wish I knew whether to spell it: ParisiEn

  18. olalalala,love it all but the Pantone bonbons caught my eye! I am always just wanting to slurp down my paints, I love colors so much, with these I could!
    It all looks devine!
    I'm also wanting the leopard print short boots at Zara! I think closest to me is in Dallas...but I could just order online.

  19. Hehee - trust you to pick out Hévin's shoes! Too funny. I'm still saving that gorgeous yuzu hot chocolate stick from Sadaharu Aoki. Have you had it yet? Probably too busy tasting all these gorgeous pastries...


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