Thursday, November 03, 2011

What to wear in Paris

What to wear in Paris? In one word - BLACK.
Perferably a shortie quilted BLACK jacket.
Wear a shortie quilted black jacket whilst riding a Velib and you're set.
Here's Susan Hochbaum of Pastry Paris fame blending in nicely...
You could get away with pushing a black pousette with a smidge of pumpkin in it...
Do wear black to see the mostly black exhibit of Hussein Chalayan at the musee des arts decoratifs.
Black on the Metro? Oui!
Black lace anything is 'in' right now, under or over...
Black ballerinas? Save them for summer.
It's boots, boots and more boots.
A small white dog is fine as an accessory...
At any time in Paris.
If you insist dressing like a Parisien by all means get a giant plans/maps of Paris (Thank you Grace!). People, Parisians included, will be asking you directions.
Be prepared.
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  1. You make it so evident that what I have always heard is true:)
    I found in Italy..Rome etc..Black was de faveur also..
    it goes w/ everything..i would have no problem:)

  2. Oh, Carol--I love all your posts. What a delightful adventure you're having--I wish I was there. I usually go in September/October and sometimes June, because I worry it might be too cold now to sit in the cafes, but I see from your photos that the cafes are full! Lovely! xo Jamie

  3. Love that photo! A great reminder of our rendezvous at Cafe Pouchkine! I think it's now my favorite patisserie...dreaming of Paris now that I'm back in NY... Susan

  4. yes
    but of course
    a white dog does go so well
    with black boots
    most anyplace
    if i could wake up
    with dog & boots this morning
    in Your Paris
    i would be tres happy!

    you fortunate one


    {{ now
    i am putting on my white sneakers to go to the gym...

    don't look! }}

  5. Since I wear a lot of black in Winter I would fit right in, but would maybe a medium RED Dog pass as a good accessory too?? With a slight limp for sympathy? :))

  6. Well then, thank God I brought along my black sweater here in Texas! Cute...

  7. My wife and I are off to Paris next August...but I just don't like wearing black! I'm an earth tones or winter colors sort of guy. However, in the spirit of the place, I shall bring at least one black shoe...

  8. Very true. Parisians love their black clothes and black accessories. One comment about the giant map of Paris: they come in pocket size format too. I always tell my students to buy one for a few Euros at a newstand when they arrive. The whole point is not to stand out as a tourist, and I am guessing the small format would help more than the mammoth-size one on that cafét table;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. I'm in luck! The dress I'm wearing for my holiday harp concert 11/26 is BLACK LACE! I'm having sleeves made for it right now...long, bell-shaped flowing sleeves.

    Maybe I'll have to go on tour in Paris!

  10. Today I am going out to play with a friend....and I will wear black with boots and pretend we are strolling the streets of Paris. Of course, my dog will have to be black and tan...not white!

  11. I wear black a lot, it's very convenient - blue jeans & a black t-shirt or sweatshirt.
    My favorite shot is the cafe shot with the white dog - that makes me wish I was there!

  12. The BIG plan of Paris is way better than all the other Paris map guides available - every street is included and you can actually read the map in any light or situation.

    No prob about being seen as a tourist, since one IS a tourist.

  13. I will not dare wearing black clothes any longer !!

  14. I always feel like a manly-man when wearing black, or shades of gray.
    Batman, Johnny Cash, the young Brando,
    and me.

  15. Anonymous8:09 PM

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  16. Anonymous8:14 PM

    I agree with everything except the map part at the end. I prefer not to have a map when I'm in Paris and if I do it's usually very small, enough to give me a general idea of where I am, and tucked into my bag. Paris to me is about wandering and finding out the city for myself, not referring to a map all the time. On my last trip a friend came with me who was addicted to the map and I eventually stole it from him and threw it away.

  17. Paris has many tiny twisty streets. It's so easy to go off in the wrong direction, which is fine if you're not late for an appointment.
    Being of assistance to someone lost is one of the nicest things you can do in any town including Paris.
    I love maps of all kinds including chocolate maps.

    Sidneylk by all means have your friend contact me.

  18. You're welcome! I believe in maps - especially ones that are easy to read!

  19. That's what I thought last day, Paris is very black this year.Let's eat black macarons, of course!


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