Monday, November 28, 2011

Barneys Gaga

Barneys Gaga Barneys Xmas windows are an homage to Lady Gaga...
Barneys Gaga Do drop in for a look at Gaga's designs on the 5th floor...
Barneys Gaga A sufficiently hairy fan poses in front of Gaga's Boudoir. My hair is too short for this...

Barneys Gaga Gaga is famous for her outfits and bows made of hair but a hairy shoe and a hairy dressing table may be taking hair too far...

Barneys Gaga A hairy chaise lounge...

Barneys Gaga And a hairy chaise/chair. One wonders how sturdy this it..?

Barneys GagaLooking hairless more like chihuahua, Gaga spins...

Barneys Gaga Flying hair...

Barneys Gaga Inside Barneys Gaga greets you wearing an Andy wig. Is this from a few years ago Barneys windows?

Barneys GagaNeon Gaga in a different hairdo...

Barneys Gaga If you buy some of Gaga's goodies on the 5th floor you'll get this Gaga bag. And 25% of sales from Gaga's Workshop will benefit the Born This Way Foundation.

Barneys GagaLike these chocolate Gaga 'lipsticks' ($18.)

Barneys Gaga So grab your hairbow...

And head on over to Barneys.



  1. And maybe you can include the fact that 25% of sales from items featured in GAGA's WORKSHOP
    will benefit the Born This Way Foundation.

    That's pretty important information.



  2. Geri, NJ10:58 AM

    Gotta love Gaga .. . Huge talent, innovative, and seems like a truly lovely human being. Nice post!

  3. How fun and exciting I loved her Holiday program and interview with Katie C.


    Art by Karena

  4. Wonderful creativity in those images!

  5. Wow! Those displays do Gaga proud! I bet that chocolate lipstick tastes pretty good, too. :O)

  6. THANKS Roseanne,
    I was rushing...
    I'll add the 25% info now

  7. Lucinda2:15 PM

    why don't I look like Gaga when I spin..?

  8. Wow, such a cool display. Great photos!!

  9. You know that old saying:
    "Hair today gone tomorrow!"
    But the lady has talent, so hopefully,
    she and you will be around awhile.
    Great and colorful post.

  10. Your posts keep me so very au courant!

  11. I don't know much about her (I don't watch much TV), but I learned a lot from your post & the comments!
    I like the bicycle - it has a nice deco look to it.
    The shot of Barney's front door is just a bit too garish!

  12. Carol,
    Lady Gaga at her best. here (her part starts at 50 seconds into the recording and lasts several minutes). Love her beer can hair rollers. ;-)

  13. I am a Gaga fan, admiring her for her talents, brains, moxie, sense of fun and compassion. And that's just for starters.

    Wouldn't it be great if Barney's had a little tattoo parlor and a little piano playing school on site?

    I hope that young folks will be inspired by more than just the impulse to Buy Something by this display.


  14. thanks for the fun! I had to go over to the Barney's site to check out the rest of the windows. I'd love to see the digital film ones of Lady Gaga as a constellation! Then I shopped! but only virtually. I want the leopard beret by Jennifer Oullette! I saw at least 10 pairs of boots to drool over!! so will get out the sewing machine to try to duplicate hat & make faux fur cuffs for my faux biker boots. Because I am saving for another Carol G original!!!

  15. Ha, I really love Gaga and it's good to see others do too. But I do agree, a hair dressing table is a bit..weird..

  16. She is so much more fun than Madonna.


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