Thursday, November 17, 2011

Men Are Animals

In Bergdorfs windows men are animals...
They've done this before...
This is not the first time they've put wolves in sheeps clothing(woolen suits etc.)

Or let the lamb and the wolf sit down together for a shave and a haircut, two bits!
Artic wolves and penquins are on friendly terms in Bergdorf's mens windows...
The Paris Metro thinks men are animals, but not so well behaved/bien elevee as Bergdorfs...
French frogs caught jumping the turnstile is a non, non.
SVP do NOT spit out your gum inside le Metro! Wait until you are outside....
Evidently la femme Francaise can behave badly blabbing loudly on le bus! Who knew?
Back to sane Bergdorfs where dapper cats...
Take trustworthy dogs for a spin in the Park...
This little dog is waiting patiently for the Xmas windows across 5th Avenue.

BONJOUR Les Animaux!


  1. I think the cat ate the canary...The Dogs are fabulous. Thanks for sharing the windows & the laugh!

  2. Those are great! Very creative.

  3. Well that explains a lot!

  4. Fun post, Carol! I particularly enjoyed the new campaign in the Parisian transportation system. Efficient? I do not know. Clever? Certainly. -- Veronique

  5. So much fun, and memorable, at that! Mission accomplished. ;-)

  6. Its so imaginative and the work that went into it , all for art!
    and humor *))

  7. The Trustworthy, dogs in the window, is my favorite.
    I wonder what the price-tag is to make one of those NYC windows?

  8. It's always fun to see Paris' advertisements and windows! I'm not a big fan of the fashion and animal mix...I am, however, a big fan of the metro signs. They are hilarious and really clever. My favourite is the French gal who is talking too much. Good to see a realistic portrayal of our femme française..sometimes I feel like she is represented in such an ideal way

  9. Carol, I was smiling as I saw the first photos in this post and thought...wait a minute, I have seen these animal heads before.


    I am so looking forward to seeing that BG will do for their holiday extravaganza windows!


  10. DEER Carol,
    As a former South Jersey Farm Boy, I feel an overwhelming obligation to inform you that what you noted to be a LAMB, in the barber chair, is actually a STEER. I don't usually have a BEEF with your blog postings, and my correction is not really meant to COW you...but there may be other fans of yours who might know the difference between these animals (MEN included)
    and I'd hate to see you having to go on the LAMB, because of your oversight.
    You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl.

  11. Lucinda5:23 AM

    I agree!
    It is far more sensible to spit out you gum OUTSIDE le Metro.

  12. HILARIOUS! I gotta show this to my man :) @ErikaFatale

  13. Those metro ads are hilarious! I see people piss, shit and jump turnstyles all the time. Actually a friend of mine saw a man drop his pants and poop all over the train floor...I think he had gastro on the way to work. Poor guy. Anyway I'm pretty sure no one is going to follow those ads. I can just imagine someone saying pfff to them.

  14. This is why I don't date.

  15. Is that why you live in North Man-Cat-oh?


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