Saturday, November 12, 2011

Healthy NY Chocolate show

NY Chocolate show I went back for a second healthy dose of the Chocolate Show yesterday...
NY Chocolate show Looking for Fair Trade (Guittard has it), organic and raw...
NY Chocolate showWith my sustainably niece, Louisa of Lucid Food as my guide
NY Chocolate showEcuador's Kallihari Chocolate explains sources, methods and beans to Louisa in Spanish. I simply taste :)
Next door Pacari chocolate is organic and 'fairly'traded as they say...
This chocolate maker was in London too.
NY Chocolate show Vegan chocolate-maker Grenada has almost too many tastes...
NY Chocolate show I like the Gnosis story...
NY Chocolate show Owner Vanessa Barg makes her healthful chocolate in New York. Barg is a certified holistic health counselor and created products to cure just about anything that ails you. Simply name it.
NY Chocolate show Fairtrade Divine enriches their chocolate package with traditional Ghana Adinkra designs meaning adaptability, interdependence, creativity, vitality, harmony and patience - I will eat some of this today.
Artisanale Comptoir du Cacao said they are 'fairly' traded but the French don't care so much about these things. Oh :O
NY Chocolate show Nibmor is another New York chocolatier making vegan, organic, non refined sugar, gluten-free, non-GMO chocolates.
NY Chocolate show Yesterday I was bad. I bought the non-vegan chocolate enrobed bacon :(

What can you do?

Even with the best of guides some of us will never learn.Other NY Choc Shows:2006, 2007, 2009, 2010


  1. Carol,

    Was Scharfenberger from California there?
    and which was your favorite.....

  2. No. I think Scharfenberger was bought by Hershey and they did not partake.
    My favorite is Boucheron and I just polished off a milk chocolate(it's much more difficult to make good milk choc) hazelnut bar.
    It took 3 days, but still I should have made it last longer.
    I'm very annoyed with myself :(
    chomp chomp :)

  3. "Non-vegan chocolate enrobed bacon"? *grin*
    Healthy + chocolate = oxymoron

    I eat 'em cause I love 'em.

  4. Was Cru Sauvage there?
    (Read about it in Outside Magazine:

  5. so much chocolate! yikes. I could use some right about now...good to see some fair trade vendors there!

  6. Swiss Felchin has been there other years robinita.
    They made a wonderful sugar free chocolate to die for...
    It's a constant round robin of chocolate makers changing every year at the show

  7. Great photos, Carol - the chocolates look perfect!
    I'd love to try some of that chocolate covered bacon :)

  8. Carol, even after a bit/bite of testing, I just cannot get the delight of bacon with chocolate.

    However...everything else you've reported to us seems blissful.


  9. you can try the bacon - chocolate!
    make one narrow well-done slice of bacon.
    Let rest and drain off excess fat on paper.
    Take a thin piece of good quality dark chocolate.
    Put it in yr mouth with the piece of bacon
    & voila = you've got it.
    Crunch crunch

  10. Chocolate with bacon?? Don't say you a coward after that ;-)
    I would never have tried!
    Well, if u said it's good...

    I don't know if you saw, but last time I tried a swedish chocolate: chocolate and salty liquorice! Not too bad...

  11. We went to the second Chocolate Show and by the time we left I couldn't look at another piece of chocolate! But I'm thinking - next year we'll go back...

    Thanks for all your great photo's ... all the best in chocolate from Katie of

  12. Wow Carol you are a chocolate fountain of information!!!!The pictures are amazing I didn't realize there were so many kinds!!!!Heaven?????Maryanne xo

  13. Who knew?
    I didn't know either Maryanne, but go to a chocolate show with a sustainable chef and you find out stuff...

  14. If a certified holistic health counselor says chocolate is good for you thats all I need to know. Where's the Chocolate!!?? :))

  15. chocolate enrobed bacon reminds me Jean-Paul Hévin "cheese chocolate" a few years ago ...

  16. Carol, you are definitely the queen of chocolate salons! This looked fabulous. Chocolate bacon? I love the idea of the bacon covered in chocolate - works also well in a macaron, too. We love salty caramel, so what's wrong with salty chocolate?

  17. Miam, miam,miam!!!!!!!
    Jerri-Ann Back from the Beach!


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