Monday, November 21, 2011

Versace cats at H&M

I wasn't online at 5 AM last Saturday to catch Versace's cats at H&M I have enough cats to keep me busy at the moment. But I did pass by later on to check out the scene.
I coveted that Versace box, but you can't buy just a box malheueusement.
I looked at the leftovers.
Thanksgiving leftovers seem more appealing...ahem
A swipe of the cats paw was apparent in the Paris Metro.
And Paris vitrines/windows.
Almost all faux cat like this set at Claudie Pierlot.
Dans la rue a touch of cat at the neck.
Witty Barbara Rihl uses cat patterns as the base of her bags.
And around the neck of her figures.
While down the street on rue Cambon, her husband, Pierre Herme also has clever cats on the brain.

In Paris cat and mouse live happily together (in ballerina shoe store windows..)And on rue des Martyrs fat rats adorn fromageries like crazy.



  1. So you have cats on your mind this morning? Nothing wrong with that... Love that you ended this story with the rat picture. He looks well fed, "le rat!" -- Fun post, merci. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. One of the things you have not given us is a window on Bear's creative skills. Surely, living with you, something has rubbed off. With your background in designing shoes, I think you should consider Art Directing Bear into coming up with his own little line of "Shoes by Bear."

  3. William,
    These are the comments that try (WO)men's soles...
    You want Shoes by Bear?
    We'll give it some serious thought.

  4. Yes, Carol, I agree with William, something very beary needs to come through, sooner or later. Just the bear necessities, you know. ;-)

    Apparently Versace brought long lines on Thursday morning this past week, here in Vienna. I forgot to even look into the window when I walked by today.

  5. Bears will be onboard tomorrow brought to you by popular request!!
    It's hibernating time ya know for dear ole Bear...ahem

  6. Meeow!

    I always have "a touch of cat" on me, whether I'm wearing cat-print or not. Fluffy white Harry hairs on my black clothes, silky black Sammy hairs on my white clothes, tiger-striped Jingle Belle hairs on everything else...

  7. I saw Versace's sale mentioned on Morning TV and turned to my Hubby and said..I bet Carol is there checking it out..:) See how you are thought of :) The French do like their Animals I notice. I do love those bags by Barbara Rihl.

  8. Barbara Rihl is Pierre Herme's wife and just down the rue!
    So much creativity in one family. And maybe many chats?

  9. I'm with you on the leftover clothes, just a bit too gaudy...
    The dog & cat ballerinas are cute :) And the cat in the Pierre Herme window is imaginative.
    Waiting on Bear's surprise!

  10. "Thanksgiving leftovers seem more appealing" - classic! I agree, Lanvin was super cool. This capsule collection, I can do without...

  11. I would like one of each of the shoes - maybe then I could tell my left from my right.

  12. Reading this in my jaguar print warmies & my giraffe print jammies, wishing I had the lynxy look jacket from Claudie Pierlot. I too would just like the boxes at Verace- would look great for storage on my desk.
    The mouse ballerinas wouldn't last a day here, des minous would pounce with every step I took! Like Amy most everything I wear has a blend of cat hair. I'd really be in trouble if it were mouse hair!

  13. the ballerina shoes are adorabel!

  14. Please make a tiny suggestion to Bear for his new line of shoes: rabbit leather/fur trim would be tres chic! Seriously, no one has that shoe covered!
    We supposedly have our very own H&M, which I must now track down....Of course, you know they must be finished! :-)

  15. Fr Girl5:02 PM

    HA! Bill is showing cats in the weekend NYTIMES!
    Yr a step ahead of him


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