Monday, November 07, 2011

Daphne Guinness at FIT

Daphne Guinness doodles...
Daphne Guiness' collection is at Fashion Institute of Technology museum till January 7, 2012.
She was there in person last Thursday for the Fashion Icons conference...
Signing her book and sharing fashion tales...
If you missed the McQueen or even if you didn't, do stop in at FIT for more fashion drama and extravaganzas...

Seen sprinting through Leicester Square in his red kimono, McQueen yelled out,

"Och, that's my coat you're wearing"

The rest is fashion history...

The exhibition collection is divided into categories. 'Dandyism' reflects Guinness' 'absolute passion for men's clothes.'

Waistcoats, cumberbands, epaulets...

Military jackets galore..

'Sparkle' evokes Daphne's love for anything shiney

'Evening Chic' equals classic elegance. "I like structure...with a bit of chaos."

Wilde said,"One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art".

A plumed bird...

Valentino says he knows Daphne's been there because of the trails of feathers and beads left in her wake...



  1. I love your opening doodle!
    The fashion shots are great - really well done photography, Carol.

  2. Lucinda10:56 AM

    One must be a drama queen to get away with these outfits.
    And have buckets of dough to boot.

  3. I'd say Daphne has achieved both of Wilde's goals!

  4. I'm laughing at the drama queen comment...Daphne is definitely that. I wondered if you read, Carol, the recent New Yorker profile on DG (in the style issue).

  5. Drama Queen or not, the lady's got style and attitude. J'aime. Great photos, Carol. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. I see where Russell Brand gets his fashion inspiration. That is not a bad thing.

  7. Sounds like quite the fashion"fem-fatale.
    Does she also leave trails of lovers with broken hearts, amidst the feathers?

  8. Hmmmn, Carol, I might have liked this exhibit more if Ms G had actually been in the house.

    When I visited last month with great expectations, I was disappointed. I found it rather flat, and not too much more revelatory than various photos of her and her clothes I'd seen in magazines over the years.

    In other words, no where near as good an exhibit as the Met's McQueen show. Well...that's my opinion, and I wanted to like the show.


  9. Love your drawings. Looks just like her. Shes very elegant. Interesting post and comments too. :))

  10. beautiful line work, just wonderful sketches!

  11. Wonderful sketches! Beautiful, Carol!

  12. Can you even imagine owning all this designer apparel and then loaning it to a MUSEUM?!! She's amazing. And, look at her can of Red Bull with a straw, her drink of choice. Great post...

  13. very sharp eyes Splendy
    I was surprised by the Red Bull can too..
    is that what she lives on?
    Not cabbage soup evidently...

  14. Very nice post.
    I like the idea of wearing a a work of art...
    Im taking it
    literally of course.
    See ya soon in class.

  15. Max F.5:04 AM

    All the images that u have posted on the blog are so rich and classy. nice work Carol ! Your sketches inspire us about the fashion.


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