Friday, November 18, 2011

Coutume Cafe

Coutume Cafe Cuppa Coutume Cafe Coffee, 9" x 11" Coutume Cafe On Monday, Paris photographer Carla Coulson posted where to get a decent cuppa of coffee. Though I'm always on the lookout for a decent cuppa hot chocolate, I thought I better show you brand new Coutume Cafe (opened just in March)
Coutume CafeLuckily we had a poster explaining what to look for whilst tasting.
Coutume Cafe Coutume Cafe is a new concept in decor (pared down) and the beans are roasted onsite by co-owner Master torréfacteur (best roaster) Antoine Netien.
Coutume Cafe Pick your beans.
Then head to the lab - front counter to watch US barista Kevin Ayers to make your cup to order.
Coutume Cafe The process is enthraling.
Coutume Cafe The results: prefection.
Coutume Cafe Bubble, bubble...
Co-owner Aussie Tom Clark is onsite and happy to answer all your coffee questions.
Coutume Cafe Cafe Coutume is in the 7th a quick sprint from Le Bon Marche on 47 rue de Babylon.
Oh why did I leave my petit pain au chocolats (pastries are from FAB Patisserie des Reves)? I'll have to go back soon.


  1. Very charming place!
    Did you notice that the bag in front of the poster has eyes? ;-)

  2. P.S.: Scrolling up again, after commenting, I thought Mr. Snuffleupagus himself is looking at me. ;-)

  3. Looks like a fabulous place.. I even know where it is ... I have photos of La Pagado .. which is just down the street. :-)

  4. Beautiful simple little Water Color, Carol, and post. Next time you're in Philly, I'll introduce you and your taste buds to our local coffee house, "Town Hall Coffee" and the Barrister/owner, Tim.

  5. What an amazing gem of a coffee shop you found! Very scientific approach to coffee! I love the flavour/scent chart.
    Thanks for sharing!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  6. Tanks William
    I'm new to coffee but liking it alot more of late.
    I always LOVED coffee ice cream so it was waiting in the wings(freezer) to happen

    You are RIGHT Merisi about Mr. Snuffleupagus!! :)

  7. I love coffee, so that place is very appealing!
    I like that handbag looking at you, too :)

  8. The place looks nice. The smell is wonderful in there isnt it? Wish I liked coffee buy cant even take coffee ice cream. But I love the smell of a just opened can of coffee. ahhhh..

  9. Be still my heart. I love coffee! It looks like the perfect cafe.

  10. Looks lovely in a Willy Wonka sort of way. How were the pain au chocolat??

  11. I want to go! I am craving coffee and as always paint au chocolat!

  12. love this post......vacuum coffee makers were new to me until my son bought one for me for my birthday this makes the most perfect cup of coffee i have ever had....a little tricky to learn....but once you do it is's from Bodum, and is called the it!

  13. That looks one trendy café. Carol, I love your watercolour - that water glass is beautiful. Talented lady! Yes, agree - that handbag is looking at us...

  14. So you didn't even bite into those pain au chocolat??

  15. Exactement!
    Not one bite, when we were headed to Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur immediatement after!!
    Plus I visited Pain du Sucre, Sebastien Degardin, Cafe Pouchkine and Patisserie des Reves the same day.
    A girl has to save herself a tad you know.

  16. Yes it is always a great coffee moment, all the more so when you are in good company :)

    By the way, Café Coutume regularly organizes free coffee tastings : the next is this sat morning !

  17. I am such a sucker for labware! Why can't my coffee haunts use it?
    As for Snuffleupagus, everyone knows no one can see him except Big Bird. This is clearly an wanna-be!

  18. This is great. I've just recently moved to Paris so I keep scribbling down all the places I must visit.

  19. Nice idea!!

    Added to my cafe menu ideas..


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