Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How 2 Survive Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING We would all love to have Mona Lisa's composure on TG(Thanksgiving). THANKSGIVING Instead of falling to bits in a panic.
Dr Steve says knitting is the key.
THANKSGIVING To finding your inner serenity - something the French have known forever.
THANKSGIVING Not only is knitting responsible for the famous French aura of inner mystery, but it keeps hands busy (out of the fridge) and necks well protected. i.e. Why the French neck is so enwrapped both winter and summer in my opinion.
THANKSGIVING Now that we've worked out what you should wear to TG dinner.
THANKSGIVING And what you should not.
THANKSGIVINGJust a reminder to eat your veggies.
THANKSGIVING And when dessert is served...
THANKSGIVING Think Limoge pill boxes and abstain if possible.
THANKSGIVING DO keep your pets off the host's furniture.
THANKSGIVING Put a bow in your hair and carry on.


  1. They sure have taken many spins on Keep calm and Carry On..Pinterest has soo many..:)

    Happy Thanksgiving Carol!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'm so sappy.
    I love the Holidays.
    Ah well.
    Have a good one.

  3. Well at the very least, if chaos reigns at my TG table, I'll revisit this post on my laptop,go to that last image of the philosophical mugs, and choose how best to proceed for my mental well-being.
    Thank you, Carol.

  4. I decided last min not to post the
    'Shut up and get on with it' cup

  5. "Not only is knitting responsible for the famous French aura of inner mystery, but it keeps hands busy (out of the fridge) and necks well protected. i.e. Why the French neck is so enwrapped both winter and summer in my opinion. "

    Quote of the Year
    (by Carol)

    You crack me up! :-)
    And yes, I can see through your marzipan "vegetables" - naughty, naughty. ;-)

  6. You finally cracked the great mystery: "Why French women don't ever get fat"=== Why, they keep their hands busy by knitting scarves of course!!! Brilliant! Digging out my old knitting needles as I speak. Happy Thanksgiving, Carole! -- veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. As hostess, I will have to tell the guests to make themselves comfy & find a seat among the resident pets, but no sharing tidbits from the table. altho bribery of certain cats & one dog would insure them of the bests seats.
    An ex-s-i-l was allergic to cats & carrots. Honest, I didn't know! Chocolate too, so I couldn't have served the ones you show. Sure they would be popular with the kiddies tho!
    The first are arriving in about 30 (yikes) minutes! I better get the knitting needles out, it's going to be a long, thankful weekend!

  8. Maybe if I sit at the table with a knitted scarf twisted around my neck it will help me to go very light on the gravy and have only one slim piece of pie.
    I'll let you know how it goes....
    in the meantime Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I seldom comment, but I read your blog religiously: it's such a pleasure! :)

    PS: Did you notice that even the Air France flight attendants have scarves in their uniform? ;)

  10. LOVE the panic and freak out mugs! Love them. Freaking out is much more fun than plain old keeping calm, any day.

    I'm wearing a velour warm-up suit set with blingey jewels to Thanksgiving. a little dressy, a lot stretchy...

  11. You, too, Carol! happy thanksgiving!

  12. I am afraid that knitting does not relax me one bit.. but reading the book about it might. :) Well maybe if I have enough Turkey in me when I knit as they say the tripto-whatever in it calms you..:)

  13. Jeanette, Mistress of Longears3:50 PM

    Omg! The day before TG and I have so much catching up to! At least I have the neck protection thing down!

  14. HILAROUS! love your humor! esp love the Christian LaCroix fabric!!! want!!!
    x Deborah

  15. Lucinda5:19 PM

    Gawd, if only I had the jaguar skirt to wear tomorrow I would be SO cool!
    c'est la vie...

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, Carol (and Bear!).

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Carol! I'm thankful that you paint your Paris dreams here and give my a slice of the Fench good life in New Jersey/New York.

  18. I meant "French" and "me". :-)

  19. Carol, this is unbelievable. Just posted on le blog today about knitted cakes and macarons!
    I can't knit for sticky toffee but this is fun and if Dr Steve says it... Love that Mona Lisa jigsaw and definitely need to eat these kind of veggies today. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. J xo

  20. Neither of us knit Jill
    No wonder we're not so serene as the Mona Lisa :(
    I've tried too many times to count and failed with flying colors.
    c'est la vie
    At least I can push a pencil and you make the best macarons on the planet - nothing to sniff at.

  21. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Thank you for giving me the push to get back to knitting :)

    I love the "Keep Calm and Do Yoga" cup..I must find one for myself!


  22. Enjoy the holiday Carol... Happy Thanksgiving... you are obviously well prepared... xv


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