Wednesday, November 16, 2011

C comme Citron Meringuee

Don't think for one second I'm about to start baking citron tartes meringuees EVER.
Beaten eggwhites/meringue and I have parted company permanently.
Even so I tried to taste, shoot or eat a citron tarte meringuee almost daily last trip in Paris.

My expertise has risen quite a few notches. This version from Monop is one you can pass up without remorse. Lackluster and not lemony enough. Plus the meringue lacked structure - too mushy. Still the high crust is an interesting innovation and merits 1*.
Tres chic MIYOU's version at La Bon Marche was much more lemony but the meringue again was too mushy. In the end, after two weeks of intensive research, I must sadly conclude that we're dealing with a tarte au citron i.e. a lemon curd pie + a dollop of meringue of varying sizes thrown on top. In some cases this is can be a mere twirl of meringue.
No doubt the citron meringuee is 'in' right now in Paris. I saw it everywhere.
Sorry that's how I see it PBers.
I suggest you pick up this tarte-shaped cookbook at BHV (9.90 euros) and get cracking on the lemon tarte and call it a day. Making a good meringue can be hellish.  
 This tarte can be called meringuee in my opinion.
Le Loir dan la Theiere is another true source and I missed it. I must go back! Le Loir dans la Theiere, watercolor, 9" x 11"
 Another miss at CDG airport.

The best solution of all? A French citron meringuee candle from Comptoir de Famille = no calories.


  1. I'll meet you at Le Loire dans la Theiere next time we're both in Paris. I dare you to finish the whole thing!

  2. hmmm, a candle, huh? LOL! Great post!!

  3. Geri, NJ1:23 PM

    Mmmm...tarte a perfect world would eat continuously, with or without meringue!

  4. I suspect by now all those French bakers would be on "Alert" when they know you're in town, Carol.
    "Put away all the Le Loir dan la Theire!
    Here comes that camera-toting American Tart again!"

  5. God ! Why didn't we do the meringue lemon tart raid together ? You are definitely THE specialist

  6. OOOOh that last meringue is ribboned your watercolor captures..and frank observations:)

  7. Great watercolors, Carol.
    I think that I would love the lemon tartes without the meringuee. It looks too sweet to me.

  8. Now you've got me craving lemon tarts.... I will have to go have some lemon yogurt I bought today.. not the same but lemony all the same. I really love that painting you did. Great job!

  9. Chew on a lemon Cris.
    That will kill the citron tarte desire very fast :))

  10. Lucinda8:12 PM

    I always take my bagels with a schmear and the same goes for my lemon meringue tartes.
    I guess I need some bling bling when eating out.

  11. They look so incredible. Just by seeing that thick yellow with the fluffy white is a successful way to tempt me.

  12. Je n'ai jamais vraiment réussi les tartes au citron,mais j'aime...

    Belle journée


  13. HI Carol, thanks for the tip on Coutume cafe. Funny coincident I just received a job to shoot it for an Aussie mag.. Love the Citron tarte.. Had one last night and living in the Marais I am often at Loir dan la Theiere... yummm. Carla

  14. I love candle from Comptoir de Famille! They are the best!

    Le Loir est dans la Theiere sweet pies are delicious (all of them) but I hate people there, service is too bad so I won't never go back!

    I really liked the one of Le Bon Marché but I have to say my siter bakes a good one :-)

  15. Wonderful watercolors! I never think meringues are that difficult to do...the important thing is to make sure they touch the crust all around or they shrink up when they bake. Unless you want that effect, which seems to be the case with some of those. And then you brown them with one of those little torches. Literally playing with fire, oui?

  16. Lemony heavens! :-)

  17. Too funny with that candle. Well I'll hold that candle to you and say cheers to this great post, Carol. I also dare you to eat one whole in front of me next time you're in Paris, ok? Please don't go reading the ingredients to me, though.

  18. This just made me so hungry for some lemon meringue pie:p Yum! Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!

  19. Compliments!
    I've been trying to take some pictures of French pastries to no avail.
    You do a great job.


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