Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thank Heaven: A Memoire

My brief encounter with Leslie Caron and her dog Chi-Chi in Metro Étoile was one I won't forget. As a former shoe designer, I was captivated by her spectator shoes. Funny I called my version 'Fred Astair'.
A few nights later I was shooting the windows on rue Grenelle.
And discovered a shoe shop, Mme. Caron would adore.
Look - the perfect dancing shoes!
All these are from Laure Bassal - 3, rue Grenelle 75006
Elegant 20's style shoes still hand-made in France with a flapper edge that will never go out of style.
Since I got home I'm captivated by Mme. Caron's book, Thank Heaven: A Memoire. I can't put it down.
Tales of developing her craft, funny stories on the set will make you want to watch Caron's movies again. This morning's pick - Truffaut's The Man Who Loved Women.
Her intimate little stories of encounters and friendships are gripping tales - I wish this book wouldn't end...
You can watch Father Goose on Youtube by the way.
I'm awfully glad life is full of serendipitous surprises, especially in the Paris Metro.
Merci Leslie Caron!


  1. Oh no! Her purse in that final shot looks like she's just been pickpocketed.
    Madame Tut

  2. Not at all.
    Very stylish in fact as was everything about her.
    Above reproach

  3. Yes, perfection, and she has that amazing posture of a dancer.

  4. I share your enchantment!

  5. Lucinda10:59 AM

    Fabulous shoes!
    and fabulous Mme. Caron.
    Perfection head to toe.

  6. © Madame Tut:
    Had a similar reaction to that open purse!

  7. From the back, looking at her clothes, she looks exactement like my très parisienne mother-in-law ;-)
    I am adding the book to my Christmas list. Great post! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  8. What a wonderful tribute! As always, it is so fun to travel France through your adventures. :O)

  9. Right after your first post on LC the movie American in Paris came on TV and we watched it. It was so good. I hadnt seen it in a long while. We own Father Goose and play it every so often as we love it. Fun post. I think my serendipitous surprise was when I got into an Elevator on the 3rd floor of a medical bulding with my Mom in Newport Beach years ago and there was John Wayne in HUGE glorious live color standing with two other people with him. It certainly stays with you. oh and No camera either to take a pix when he got out. Drats. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  10. Right out of Art School back in the sixties I worked in the art dept. of KYW_TV 3, in Philadelphia. Our major production was the nationally syndicated "Mike Douglas Show." It was a wonderful learning experience for a young illustrator/designer...BUT I became very jaded when it came to being dazzled by all the many "personalities" I saw backstage. They all put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.

  11. I had never thought one could have such nice meetings in the parisian metro :)

  12. What a delightful surprise! Ms. Caron was directly responsible for my becoming a francophile at the age of 13.

  13. I always liked her movies. Maybe because of that beautiful accent in addition to her physical beauty.
    When you first posted your encounter with her in the Metro - it was the shoes that grabbed my attention!

  14. All the shoes are looking nice. The pattern of these shoes are very popular still today.

  15. J'adore Leslie Caron!

  16. adore your blog !! checking it all the time!


  17. Margaret in Atlanta3:31 AM

    Many thanks for the photos of Ms. Caron, Cary Grant and all those fab shoes!
    The shoes were all so lovely.


  18. Foodwalker3:40 AM

    Wan't Ms Caron concerned about her gaping purse on the Metro? I do love her and will check out the Father Goose.

  19. Spectators of all kinds have always been my passion...I still remember my mother's spectators with their chunky 1050's heels. I own low-heeled sling-backs in navy/gray, black tie ups and brown tie-ups.

  20. I LOVE Leslie Caron and even more after reading her FANTASTIQUE autobio. Truly wonderful!

  21. I like Leslie Caron very much! Have you watched the Fanny Trilogy? A character in them, Panisse, is for whom Chez Panisse is named! And Alice Waters' daughter is named Fanny! (After Caron's character in the movies).


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