Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eclair Plaque Chocolat

L'eclair ordinaire is a staple of French pastry... Eclair aquarelle... You almost never see an eclair lurking at Pierre Herme but they adorned his window in October...
Perhaps because they adorn his new book, one even caterpillar-like.
Eclair recipe books are hot hot hot in Paris!Edible pansys on your eclair? go for it.
Make your eclair look like sushi? Pourquoi pas?
Fauchon's master chef, Christophe Adam has a new eclair book out...
Fauchon is showing a Paris Brest eclair...
But the newest twist/tendance on the eclair is an added plaque or flattened layer instead of the usual slather of icing found at Arnaud Lahrer.
Hugo et Victor's eclair not only has an added plaque chocolat but is slit down the middle of the pate chou pastry with the filling exposed. Naughty!
I bought one of these but forgot to shoot the obligatory cross-section view. Heck! Still the thin chocolate layer adds a touch of crunchy contrast to the soft mush of the inner filling and isn't as sweet as usual.
Angelina has adopted the new 'plaque' look in white chocolate...
As has Un Dimanche a Paris...
Here's the 'New York' DIY eclair I can do without the twist...ahem


  1. Ah-- l'Eclair [au cafe]! A favorite of mine. I enjoyed learning about the new "trendy" presentation with "la plaque" de chocolat/vanille on top. Interesting. Doesn't it get a bit messy to eat (messier than the gooey mess the traditional version usually offers, that is)? Thanks for this in-depth report on my favorite French pastry (my second favorite is "Le millefeuille" so feel free to investigate any time ;-) -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Geri, NJ11:07 AM

    I confess that eclairs have always been my fave; I prefer them to NOT resemble a Coney Island red hot, however. Your painting is beautiful!

  3. I came here to search for a great post you did on French films since I'm looking for ones to watch (which I found, merci!), and I've left craving an eclair!

  4. I fancy one about now Carol.... xv

  5. Carol, I wonder if eclairs are easier to make than macarons?
    Your next cooking adventure?

  6. Here I sit, coffee in hand, and up comes your Eclair post. Aesthetically I find all these variations pleasing to the eye, but since I'm a S. Jersey boy whose idea of exotic is a cone of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, I'll still prefer my eclairs with the slathered topping of Chocolate...or Vanilla.

  7. William T:
    Eclairs do not usually come with a vanilla topping...don't know why that is..
    Maybe too 'plain vanilla'?

    Here's a how-to video
    Eclair Recipe - How to make perfect Eclairs
    Eclairs are MUCH easier to make than macarons.
    No ancient egg whites to beat to the exactly correct consistency nor must the weather cooperate.

  8. Anonymous4:08 PM

    its looks so good!! now I want a chocolate eclair

  9. You can promise me anything, but give me an eclair! Well, a macaron would be nice, too. :O)

  10. Oh I do love that painting. Lots of lovely pink tulips & color. And I LOVE Eclairs. One of my favorites. Great post.

  11. They look delicious, Carol! I generally don't eat them, but you make them look very attractive :)
    The painting is great - very nice design.

  12. Those completely unexpected colors for the frostings on both book covers are a shock to the senses! What would an eclair be without that chocolate in every bite?
    Still, the colors are gorgeous!

  13. Eclairs are my favourite. Why do you tempt me Carol, why?

  14. Aha, I'm behind in my xmas shopping and just discovered all these books! Even bought the Christophe Adam book and dying to see it but have to wait until my daughter opens it ;-)
    Trust you, Carol. We know you're obsessed with shoes so love this choux-shopping spree!

  15. Looks awesome, great food sensory!

  16. I love you blog Carol, you are a wonderful artist.

    Nice week and nice Christmas time for you,



  17. Love your painting. I hope the NY DIY people will re-think the visuals of their eclairs!

  18. Now I've seen everything - eclairs planking!


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