Monday, October 31, 2011

Paris Pumpkin

Le(la) BOO!

I don't know what gender 'Boo' is but certainement you'll see signs of Halloween in many classy joints around town.

La Petite Marquise (3 Pl. Victor Hugo 75016) had several tres chic witches dans le vitrine in full regalia.

Sweet Paris said I must taste her fav, la feuille d'automne so I did.

Trop de creme pour moi malheureusement/way too much cream for me. I discovered the secret of tarte citron meringuee. Often it's just a tarte citron with a dollop of toasted meringue adorning the curd. Who knew?
Is it only the French who can get away with putting a knitted pumpkin plus a knitted aubergine into a window on rue St.-Honore to display fancy watches? Knitting is very in. This ain't happening on Madison Ave., NYC...

Not pumpkin-flavored macarons but pumpkin-colored at Angelina. Pumpkin is the color in my humble opinion in Paris.

Fancy kids store, Bonpoint is showing pumpkin hats and scarves.

Are you missing a pumpkin Eiffel tower in your collection? Dash over to rue Cambon immediatement.

Why not deck yourself out in pumpkin head-to-toe like this French girl.

I was interested to catch this class act dans le Metro - an art student off to class with her supplies in a Hediard bag. Pas mal non?

I'm off to watercolor class today at the National Academy. We're supposed to paint from the nude...ahem. But I'm bringing along my own subject matter - nice, colorful geometric macaron boxes and bags to paint (plus real macarons for contrast).
Bon(ne) Halloween PBers!


  1. Lucinda10:32 AM

    That French Girl is a serious devotee of the color pumpkin!
    mon dieu

  2. It's fun to see what Paris is up to for Halloween.

    For some reason high-end US pastry chefs can't be bothered..not as playful?

  3. I love all that orange all over Paris (and even all over French Girls) Paris needs more color this time of year, so why not pumpkin? Happy Halloween. Have fun at your class today! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. You could paint macarons IN the nude...

  5. AMY!

    Your mind works in wonderous ways...

  6. I was a figure model for several years - I found the artists very protective and really appreciated that and their works of art - I can't draw at all!

  7. It makes me so happy when you take me window shopping with you , Carol!

  8. Love the feuille autumn! Tres chocolat!

  9. "we're supposed to be painting from the nude...ahem. But I'm bringing in my own subject matter-" For a tiny second I thought you were going to be painting YOURSELF in the nude. You know, bringing in "your own subject matter".
    Why don't more artists paint nude self-portraits? Or am I just uniformed?

  10. This is fun, Carol. I used to pose as well & would have loved a macaron break. Well, it was in France so I did get some lovely treats on break. But not macarons back then, non.


  11. Love all that orange in Paris. Why does everything always look better in Paris? I'll bet everything tastes better there, too. :)

    Have a Bonne Halloween, Carol.

    LOVE that orange Eiffel Tower. So fun. And those gorgeous journals! Tres chic. :)

  12. I like that knitted pumpkin. Growing up in France I knew nothing about pumpkins for Halloween. I only heard about that when I was in San Francisco. Do you know when the custom started in France? I guess it was imported from the US, non? Is it just the chic thing to do in big towns or are everyone carving pumpkins like they do it here?

  13. You probably traced one of the last ever Halloween decorations in Paris.... but the pumpkin colour will of course always be present! :-)

  14. Are there nudist art workshops?
    Would the models be dressed?
    Maybe you could have the nude model pose eating a macaron?
    am envious of your workshop with David Dewey.
    I hope you will show all! ( Amy, you are a coquine influence on moi!)
    Pumpkin is a favorite color of mine too. I am painting my living room pumpkin tho Behr calls it Sweet Carrot.

  15. Who knew that Parisians were so into Halloween? Glad that you are out there to bring me the news :)
    I like the pumpkin-colored macs - that's my favorite shot.
    Since tonight is The Night, do you have plans to trick or treat?
    Enjoy the nudes :)

  16. Not the only one at all Peter,

    La Mere du Famille ALWAYS has halloween windows and there were others but I have to search out the photos.
    Paris is very BIG on witches.
    Who knew?

    At least THREE ex-nude models at PB! And perhaps many more lurking in the wings..Hmmm

    I wish I knew why everything tastes better in Paris Yvette.
    I'm having a period of adjustment here getting used to New York food again. It doesn't taste as fresh or something or other...qui sait?

  17. Melody7:43 PM

    Happy Halloween to you, too!

  18. It was the Feuille d'Automne of Lenotre? Sorry you didn't like it that much. Have you ever tried a Merveilleux at "Les Merveilleux de Fred"? I guess you won't like it either then because it's creamer ;-)
    Thanks for the links to my blog, I really love yours.
    Are u going to be in Paris on the week-end of 27th of November?

  19. The knitted aubergine cracks me up! And surely only a French girl could look that stylish in head to toe pumpkin? Moi je prefere the orange Filofax - v. chic methinks.

  20. Thank you for this picturesque orange tour !

  21. And what about the Hermés orange?! Frightfully chér, but October chic!

  22. Aah - Paris Pumpkin colours, especially chez Hermès. Très classe! Glad you found the ghoulishness for Hallowe'en in Paris - here in the outskirts not much, a few pumpkins and autumn leaves but that's it!

  23. ET Collector3:22 PM

    Like Julie said, I love window shopping with you in Paris and I always take notes. I went back and read your Eiffel Tower Bleus and was wondering if you ever got yourself a new lampshade and turned on your ET lamp? I have a pair of Target ET lamps as well and they are just a tiny portion of my ET collection. I love finding new things with ET's on them. I have hundreds in my home and my husband is always amazed that I find more I don't have. Anyhoo, love that orange one! I don't have one that color.


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