Friday, November 11, 2011

Chocolate Show NY 2011!

You can eat way more chocolate at this years Chocolate Show this weekend (Thursday - Sunday 10 - 6pm Metropolitan Pavillion 125 West 18th Street)
Swedish chocolatier, Fika Choklad NYC is there again...
Plenty of strawberries to dip...
Loads of books on chocolate and pastry...
Learn how to dip a pretzel in chocolate at Cotton Tree Lodge - or go there for a week (in Belize) and make your own chocolate, bean-to-bar.
Deck yourself out in chocolate head to toe...
Get a 6-year-old to show you how to take pictures with your iPod Touch...
Bernachon, Lyon is at the NY show for the first time. You can't even find their bars in Paris except at L'Etoile d'Or. I bought a 'Jour et nuit' bar - a combo of milk on one side and dark on the other...
I bought a Bernachon hazelnut bar too...ahem
Intensely rich chocolate cakes from Portugese Choco Bolo
I rarely eat meat but I sinned and tasted chocolate enrobed bacon from Co.Co.Sala in D.C. - the bacon's saltiness combines perfectly with creamy dark chocolate - delicious!
Fair trade chocolate from Ghana made by Divine. They were at the London chocolate show too.
French chocolatier Pralus was at the show again.

Goodby Nutella. Hello creme de noisette.
Christophe Roussel has boxes and boxes of Paris macarons..
Macarons from Mad MacNYC
And Francois Payard...
Chocolate show specials from Payard
Lots of special xmas gift possibilities at this years chocolate show including exotic teas and spices...
These same charm bracelets at the Paris Salon you make yourself are here.
My haul from yesterday :O

Bonjour Chocolate Show NY 2011!


  1. Lucinda7:46 AM

    BERNACHON chocolate!!!

  2. Mmmm. That tube of Pralus chocolate looks like it could very well be mistaken for lotion...and what fun that could end up being!

  3. So jealous! Look at all that yumminess, will Bet the air was perfumed as well.

  4. It seems as though the Chocolate show was just last month! Have you ever had a German candy bar (nothing special and sold like our Hershey bars everywhere) by Milka - the flavor that is milk chocolate with ground hazelnuts in it (no big pieces of nut, but a very subtle paste of hazelnut throughout the chocolate)? It's not available in KC but a German friend helped me get some eons ago. Amazing!

  5. Thank you for your review. I almost felt like I was there. Well, minus the calories anyway.


  6. Oh my! Can I come over to your place and help you eat all that chocolate??! Pleasepleaseplease??

  7. oh dear me, so THIS is where heaven on earth has been hiding!!

  8. This looks amazing! I so want to go.

  9. Love the label of the worker-owned chocolatier! Fabulous... You do have the life!! Thanks for much fun. The little adorable.

  10. Yummm this is making me hungry!!! Great pictures!

  11. WOW!
    Haven't been to the NY Chocolate Show
    for years. I think the last one we attended was when we ran into you, PB.
    Before you were PB?
    Thanks for this deeeeliscious visit.

  12. Carol, you got me hooked on the Paris Salon du Chocolat - looks like I need to come to NYC. This looks fabulous! Christophe Roussel is there, too? 2012 eat more chocolate! Great post, as ever.

  13. Good Grief, that looks so delicious!
    Chocolate in a tube! I think somebody is going to get rich on that :)
    And chocolate covered bacon?

  14. I think they sell Milka in my supermarket Jeanette..
    i will check for you.
    I didn't know.

  15. Ooooh, la, la. Bonjour chocolat, bien sur!

    Maybe I will see this for myself next year...and sample greedily.


  16. Noriko Stardust8:43 PM

    It's so good for morale seeing all these chocolate beauties! I'd love to sample them myself, it surely keeps you high spirited and healthy!

  17. non-meat-eater4:05 AM

    I bought and polished off the chocolate-covered bacon yesterday
    Only about 5 pieces and I did share :)

  18. I tried the Vosges bacon chocolate a couple of months ago. I really wasn't a fan. I wanted to like it, but it wasn't for me. OTOH, your day looks fabulous, and what a haul you have to enjoy in the days to come.

  19. I tried the Vosges too and didn't fall for it.
    This one was just a creamy dark chocolate on narrow strips of bacon - crunchy with a bit of smokiness + salt.
    Not something you'd want everyday but fun and not too weird.

  20. Thanks for the report. I was there, too, and was very pleased to see Grenada Chocolate Company... they have good quality cocoa.

    Did you try the Antidote Chocolate from Ecuador. Best flavour: Almond and Fennel seed.. excellent cocoa, too. And very attractive packaging

    Payard was great, I agree...Did you try Des Lis? Thin, thin couverture, great fruit fillings.

  21. Marcia
    We should meetup next time.
    You have good tastebuds!
    I have some Antidote
    but it's hot :(
    not my cup of tea

    I bought the Grenada cocoa and so far...hmmm don't like it :(
    Will retrieve from garbage now & try again :)


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