Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris Bowpeep

The French obsession with bows starts early, like day 1.
Bows to the left of me, bows to the right, here I am stuck.

My French friend is visiting and I am inundated with bows.

Bows for shopping in Soho.
(French Girl being French drinks Coke)

No two ways about it.
French Girl is a bow-a-holic
Her favorite jacket by designer Paul Ka with the bow worn aft
I picked up this H&M Lanvin (another bow lover) T-shirt for her
I tried to buy this Lanvin T off the sales help but he wouldn't budge..
Yesterday we browsed at Soho Hollister where the men...
Wear almost nothing.
It's pitch dark inside but there are plenty of bows to be seen.
The chandeliers alone are worth the visit if you're not into buff guys wearing nose-kote.

Back to Paris and bow tops for the preteens..
It's my contention that the French are not so well-endowed upstairs - therefor the bow covers what's missing. No bows on the derriere you will note.

Cafe Pouchkine had the only gateaux I could find with a bow.


  1. Mais oui ... love the "bow" ... I am "bow" nuts myself .. lovely post .. xo

  2. Oh my goodness, I all bow-ed over,
    a veritable feast for the senses here! :-)

    A wonderful week to you and French Girl,

  3. Have fun with your French girl friend... I see she likes to shop at Monoprix: that's where I found the t-shirt she is sporting on that photo where she is holding that Coke bottle. ;-) Great post. It's good to be reminded how much fun bows are... Bonne journée. Veronique

  4. I feel like I have bows and also ruffles on lots of things these days--but Only a tiny touch in any one outfit, or it's too "frou-frou"for me. Fun. Have a good visit with FG. xoxo

  5. In honor of French Girl's bows, I have tied the lariat ends on my Bola tie into a bow just under the silver/ turquoise slide. I am dressin up to go to Tractor Supply. And instead of my scruffy Ariats, I'm wearing my Luccheses! Ce ci bow!!!

  6. So good to know!
    Now everything that
    I have tied in a knot
    I will retie
    into a bow!

    I love bows, too.

    (and I loved the little side-trip into Hollister...mmm-hmm...)

  7. I am such a bow girl.
    I only stopped wearing them in my hair a few years ago:)

    Well all kidding aside.I would bow anything:)

  8. I love bows too, so I must be an honorary French girl. :-)

    I adore the film Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg). Catherine Deneuve seems to be donning a bow in just about every scene, and being French, does it so divinely!

    Enjoy the visit with your friend.

  9. Fun post, Carol.
    The only bow I ever wore was the one slung over my shoulder, back in the 1950s. I was always the Indian when my brothers and I played "Cowboys and Indians", in the woods.
    Besides, they look so much sexier on you women, starting with French Girl.

  10. I LOVE bows. I love the two shirts FG is wearing. I have never seen anything like that before. What another fun post. Hope you are or had fun.

  11. I have a few bows in my closet bought in a moment of insanity, but I never have the nerve to wear them..why is that?

  12. What a fun scavenger hunt!
    Je l'aime!

  13. Good to see Fr. Girl :)
    What's with the Hollister dudes? Are they employees paid to hang around like that?

  14. LOL - my Mark calls me Bowpeep! And I love your notion about the adoration of bows corresponding to endowment or lack thereof.


    A cyber bow for you!

  15. Parisian bowpeep - I love it! (More so as a concept as anything to wear... unless you're one of those Hollister lads, pulling off a big bow on the body is tres difficile...)

  16. so fun !
    ... now i feel like changing my outfit ... not enough bows !


  17. I also found a bow in one of Angelina's previous bûche de noël !! :)

  18. Absolutely correct RAIDS and I reported on it HERE but forgot :(

    LOVE his designs!!
    merci carolg

  19. It's so true: Parisiennes love anything girly and feminine and what better than to add a little bow to your headband or shoes to create a pretty Parisian look!

    xox Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris


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