Friday, September 23, 2011

Quinoa et Lentille

French Girl is arriving in NYC this evening. She's staying for the weekend! She's bringing us fancy AOC Lentille verte du Puy

Fr Girl made us her own recipe of lentille+parsley+smoked salmon+boiled egg on Jour du Macarons and we've never looked back. We're hooked.
You could say Paris is as inundated with lentille + quinoa as New York was with leggy models last week.

Love the packaging even in Hypermarche Carrfour...
If you're balancing a pastry regime you'll need a stop at Cojean for a salade de lentille bio et green apple right?
MIYOU is another one inside Le Bon Marche.

Love their rectangular designer boxes - wish they were not plastic.
More Cojean - salade BCP - beets, celeri, pomme verte + pistache
Have you tried Bob's Juice Bar in the upper Marais?
74 rue des Gravilliers 75003
Yup, I had the salade feculents(?) tres yum (5.50 euros) and leaving me guilt-free to wolf some Berko tarts.

Do lentilles mix with art? Bien sur at le expo Odilon Redon cafeteria

Quinoa makes it to a lunchtime ardoise/blackboard

I haven't tried Couleurs de Ferme-I'm always racing to the Metro - 33 avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007

I tried Coco Cooks on rue de Seine 75006 - love it. Just a block from Patisserie Gerard Mulot.

So far I haven't seen macarons de quinoa o lentille  in Paris but you never know?
Who da thunk chocolate bars with quinoa?  Only in Paris.


  1. Bonjour. I am a new reader of your blog and very happy I found you. Ok. I just saw the new post this morning and have to ask: Who is this "French Girl" you are referring to?! I AM French Girl and I am pretty sure I did not come to New York to cook some French lentils this week! ;-0) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. desolee Veronique..
    I stay with a French friend when I'm in Paris.
    And no she is not coming to cook, simply bringing me some lentilled du put and staying for the weekend.
    c'est too
    more here re: French girl.

  3. Thank you so much for these recommendations (lentils, quinoa). I've always wondered what kind to buy in Paris!

    Would love to know some good brands of rice, too.

    Have fun with French Girl.


  4. I love lentils whenever I encounter them in a meal. It would be fun to be a fly on the wall to hear you and French Girl
    as you share the weekend in NYC.
    Of course it would help if the fly understood French.
    Have FUN!

  5. I love it - sooo wonderful and such a grandious coat !

  6. Looks delicious!
    The coat is gorgeous, too...

  7. C'est la mode parisienne ! Avec de la feta et des échalotes, c'est très bon...

  8. Bonjour, Carol,

    Try your lentils this way:

    Cook them up in a mixture of (good, of course) beef stock, herbs, & dash of red wine. Serve with fresh-chopped chives, diced fresh tomatoes, and - ta da! - crumbed feta - all arranged on a beautiful lettuce leaf. Then, eat out under the wisteria, next to the rose garden, with a chilled bottle of French rosé.
    Happy first day of autumn. Have a lovely visit with French Girl. (Let me know when you want to visit Seattle)

  9. Dear Carol-- I was kidding, I hope you know that ;-) Now that I have read about your adventures with "French Girl" in France, I get it. Very funny story indeed. Glad I found your blog. Bon weekend. Veronique (ANOTHER French Girl)

  10. The food that BEAR is going to eat looks delicious.
    I made a lentil soup once that seemed to take the entire day to cook,and turned out to be inedible!
    Have a good weekend with Fr. Girl!

  11. OK,I will try to grind up quinoa & make macarons. it can't be any worse than my last Mac mayhem!!! Perhaps lentil butter creme for the middle?
    I want to have all those lintel salads & the beets one too!
    Lucky you to get the ingredients delivered in person from Paris!
    Amuse- toi bien, Carol & French Girl

  12. Have fun with French Girl! I love lentils in anything. So good, and good for you, too. Enjoy!

  13. Bon..j'adore le quinoa:) C'est mon ajout preféré de l'année:)

    Maniaque :)

    Je dois acheter des lentilles du Puy.. j'en trouve:)

    I love the packaging you have shown us also:)
    I buy white Quinoa and red..Bio if it's there..I eat it so often I run out quickly..I add feta:)I have never seen black..

    It must take longer too cook like the red?

    The white ..well so quick..Love the tendrils)I add.. Spring green onions..lots of lemon:) etc etc..

  14. Love the drawings. Have a fun weekend with French Girl. I like that she brings you things from France and you bring her things from NY. A great Friendship I would say. :))

  15. I had lunch at My Little Paris Kitchen with two French bloggers who mainly write about food and they were all raving about Bob's juice bar. And now I read about it in your post. It seems as if I'll have to go check it out for myself in the very near future!

  16. French girl is fabulous--she is bringing you the lentils--I still feel bad I didn't bring you lentils back from Paris.

    FYI just learned that the Pierre Herme Macaron book is in English! you of course might know about that.


  17. Chocolate and quinoa. Antioxidants and protein, all in one.

    I made quinoa a few weeks ago for the first time. I made the whole box...what a mistake. It was a lot to eat. And I won't want it for a while now...

  18. Whoa- quinoa chocolate! I love both quinoa and chocolate, not sure about the combination. I would be willing to try it though. I recently put my reservations aside and tried some bacon chocolate- it was awful. Really awful.

  19. The salads make me feel so healthy and happy just looking at them.
    Now if only we could reach out a fork and take a bit into the computer screen.

    Lorraine :-}

  20. Maryanne5:53 AM

    I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s great!
    I’m just wondering – I just read this part:

    Fr Girl made us her own recipe of lentille+parsley+smoked salmon+boiled egg on Jour du Macarons and we've never looked back.
    We're hooked.

    I can’t find the recipe on her blog – could you kindly send me the link or the recipe?

    I’d love to try it
    Thanks so much

  21. Basically everything is minced (except the lentils) + a little vinegrette and that's it.
    Not that complicated.

  22. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Could you tell me where in Paris what types of stores in Paris carry Quinoa? I have recently moved here and am in need of the stuff.

    Thanks, Tova

  23. Tova,
    You can find Quinoa at Carrefour supermarche among others.
    look for the packages I showed + Natura chain. It's everywhere!


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