Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Onsite Sketching!

I finally bought my ticket for Paris last night - YAHOO
I'm the world's worse procrastinator when it comes to purchasing plane tickets - toujours les meme choise

It hit me I better get out there and warm up sketching onsite. This is the News Cafe - rue Vavin 75006...
'Course the last time I went out sketching I came down with a rotten case of sciatica so I better be careful (Mariage Freres)

Onsite sketching can be deleterious to your health :(
Le Pain Quotidien is the perfect place to sketch onsite since you're surrounded by lovely subject matter...

Angelina is nothing to sniff at either...mais oui

Yes I am doing back my exercises!!

Basically this is a 'nudge' post to get me cracking...

A nice thing about having a blog is you can post a visual reminder to yourself...

Then you've got your subscribers (Hi PBers!) to give you the occasional petit kick dans le derriere in case you forget...

I have never drawn onsite like this! I seek refuge in a cafe/salon de the. I am not so fearless. Perhaps I should try in October? Oui o non? Ok I'm going sketching now...



  1. oh, OUI--you should! You've done that before--I've seen pics of you doing it. Go for it--and have fun. Love these, Carol!

  2. You are going to love sketching onsite there. oh i wish i were an artist. just came back from paris - last weekend. still missing it.

  3. I was starting to think about packing last year......sigh......oh...I so so so love Paris......I am so happy for you! I think oct. And nov. Are my favorite months...I don't care for the heat and even in oct. You can have some very warm days... I just love to walk and walk and last year we rented bicycles..that was the best...we rode all over Paris.....enjoy every second!

  4. Bon Jour, Carol. When will you be there? We arrive in Paris Oct 15....can't wait!

  5. Wonderful. Good for you! Just be sure to get up for a stretch break once in a while. And to check out the macarons...

  6. Try sketching in the Jardin du Luxenburg.

    I enjoyed trying to sketch that fabulous Medici Fountain on a perfect October day way too many years ago---7 years I think!
    Try it! Believe me--no one will pay you any mind and if they do it will be to compliment your skill!
    Oooh la la!


  7. Get out there and do those Value Studies, Carol. You know very well how good for you the whole process is! I meet so many fascinating (wannabe) fellow humans when sketching, wherever in the world. And one correction: Actually if you were the world's WORST Procrastinator, then you'd barely be procrastinating. Like me, you're probably one of the really good ones!

  8. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Go for it! Though I am hardly the one to give advice .... Am awful about working in trying to overcome. Love that Angelina painting!
    Jeanette ms. Longears

  9. s.moore1:50 PM

    Thank you for the rays of Parisian/Watercolor sunshine you provide.

    You are an inspiration in more ways than one.

  10. How exciting for you!

  11. Congratulations! Have an incredible time...

  12. Love love LOVE these!

    I still haven't gotten my nerve to sketch in public. As far as I will get it sitting in my car! :)

    Can't wait to see what you do in Paris.

  13. Cign Moon5:33 PM

    Your out and about sketches are really wonderful.

    I like when you have things like this I was thinking I was the only one that is so shaken by drawing when Im out.
    This will help my courage:)

    Thank you.

  14. Your post tonight brought back a memorie back to me, it was the chrome teapot with the ceramic pot inside.
    If my mum had visitors that teapot came out and the milk and sugar
    bowl to match.
    They go for a lot of money now, saw one in a antique show last week
    and it sold for £150 and yours looked better.
    Even a small thing like this does stir up different things up inside you,

  15. Of course paint onsite outdoors! It is addicting.
    I will look forward to vicariously seeing Paris through your eyes as I daily check your blog, as Ive done everyday for the past 3 years or so!


  16. Oh, I can't wait to read about your Paris adventures!! Meanwhile, enjoy your onsite sketching - but sketch gently so you don't hurt your back!!

  17. The closest i get to painting outside is to open my studio door ))
    My you have a wonderful job!

  18. You are very talented! The sketches - and photos - are wonderful.
    I didn't know that you were planning another trip - how many weeks 'till you leave?

  19. Hi Carol,

    I'm a brand new reader of your blog :) I think I came to your blog once before when trying to find the opening date of Laduree NY. Several weeks later, I went to get a haircut and saw the Laduree opening news in vogue and really liked the illustration next to the text. I even thought about finding this back issue to cut that out for keepsake. Luckily, I stumbled upon one blog that led me back to your blog...what a long way but I finally got here. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog :)

  20. Wait a minute. Is that a bowl of whipped creme to put in a cup with hot chocolate? Oh my word! Who cares about sketching?

  21. Wow is it Paris time again soon? Yeaaaa. I think you should go for the plein air sketching. You should experience it all while there. Great sketches. Take care of that back.

  22. Wonderful!
    I like the painting above the "Basically this is a 'nudge' post" very much.
    Venice is full of artists drawing in the squares, on the bridges, in the calle. Here in Vienna, I often observe artists drawing and painting in the entrance hall to the Museum of Art History, of all places (a magnificent place).

  23. Yay!! More Parisian living vicariously through you!! :)

    And here's the thing about working outside, Carol. Anyone who pays you any mind is likely to be someone such as myself - without an artistic bone in their body - and therefore in total admiration of your skill. So please, go for it!!

  24. Waaaa your sketches are awesome. What a talent !

  25. that is so awesome!!:D

    i really wish i knew how to draw.

  26. When you are in a cafe or restaurant in Paris, are you just taking photos for painting later or do you do your watercolor sketches right then and there?

    I Always so enjoy your blog. Thank you for keeping it up always with such enthusiasm for Paris delights.

  27. I just re-read this post and completely missed the part about you buying your ticket for Paris! Exciting, Carol. I love reading your posts from abroad. Paris in October is...magical, memorable, sigh...

  28. It's very cool to see your work in progress. And very exciting that you'll be back in Paris a bientot! There is lots of new inspiration waiting for you!

  29. Oooooh. Enfin. You've done it and got that plane ticket. Goody. Save yourself to sketch like MAD in Paris. Love the sketch of the cuppa. Sounds like you need one right now? Cheers! :-)

  30. I am wanting a Chocolat choux from Angelina with a Mont Blanc Gateaux. I would not resist long enough to do even one thumbnail!
    Can't wait to see where you will take us in October!

  31. I'm the same with plane tickets, and it is a costly habit.
    Have a fabulous trip, can't wait to see more of Paris through your eyes.


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