Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Le Bon Gout

I got French lecons on le bon gout/good taste last weekend. For example in Paris NEVER wear flipflops. They're for la plage/beach only I was told. Repetto ballerinas are always perfect.
Les running shoes?
Non non non jamais!
I was sitting in front of Sant Ambroeus eating a gelato - a perfect shoe viewing spot.
Caroline Kennedy waltzed in wearing these silver ballerinas.
A Parisienne wearing Italian metalic sandals..
My new Converse with sparkly paillettes - anything shiny is hot hot hot right now in Paris Fr Girl says.
Could you call these 'Marie-Antoinette' flipflops?
Trying to keep up with Fr girl's good taste I got $$$ Fr beurre.

But she wanted Philly Cream cheese.

On her Murray's Bagel.
Other essential New York food - Magnolia's chocolate cupcake with (pink) vanilla icing.
It's the unique way they swirl on the icing that makes them superior I informed. I ate one last night. Never again. I downed a sesame bagel slathered with cream cheese while watching Seinfeld reruns too. Monkey see - monkey do.
I struck out there too. Just give me a toasted marshmallow.
We're all sheep aren't we when it comes to doing the right thing.
When in Rome. I'm not throwing out my flipflops anytime soon, but I won't take them to Paris.


  1. Bonjour Carol. Your French friend is right. People just don't wear flip flops in Paris. Mind you, I spent time in Nice last August and I did not see that many flip flops there either on la Promenade des Anglais -- at least not on French women. Repettos ballet flats and gladiator sandals, on the other hand, were everywhere! To change the subject: How much did you pay for that Celles sur Belle butter (hopefully not as much as you would have spent on a brand-new pair of Repettos ;-)
    Veronique -

  2. Ha!
    Truth be told regarding the butter - I shot that in Dean & Deluca so it had to be at least $6ish.
    In my neighborhood I could only find fancy pur Irish butter :)
    No French stuff to be had.

  3. Well, my dear, you only shop in the best places! Dean and Deluca, no less... I hope your French Girl appreciated the gesture ;-) -- I wonder how much butter costs these days at the Paris Dean and Deluca, chez Fauchon? - V.

  4. LOL re the marshmallow roasting! I am guilty of this too. Still not as bad as my Turkish friends roasting them with their lighters!

  5. Roasting marshmallows with lighters!
    That's a first.
    Love your adorable sheep
    tres witty

  6. I am jealous.. you at least have gas to cook marshmellows over.. Hard to do on Electric ranges. :p I just bought my first pair of flip flops in ages to wear to bathe the dog in. They aren't very comfortable to wear in the Country other wise. At least not to me.

  7. Love all the ballerinas & your new sparkly Converses! I like the idea of flip-flops but can't wear them.
    What will you do with all that wonderful French butter now?

  8. The Brits don't go around in "trainers" either. I always wonder how these people who supposedly walk everywhere (instead of driving like us) manage it in regular shoes.

  9. Well, I am in DC & I say no to flip flops (unless at the beach or pool) & sneaks, as well. There are so many nice & comfortable flats that are flattering to zee leg. xo

    PS: lurve the sheeps

    PPS: I am w/those wishing for gas cookin' again. Marshmallows or not. Sigh.

  10. I'm envious of gas range too..I would have to get a propane tank & it is so expensive now. I have used my Culinary torch to toast marshmellows tho! when we have cool nights it is fun to toast them in the Chimenea. My Goaties are wanting sweaters like the sheeps ones!

  11. I purposely didn't take my flipflops with me when I was living in Paris! Although I'm not sure I was entirely chic (getting there, but not entirely). It's a work in progress.

  12. I'm just glad that ballerina shoes are always popular--they're always comfortable, and they're pretty, and easy to pack, to boot. That marshmallow would need to accompanied by some chocolate and Graham crackers, (s'mores) for me, Carol. xo

  13. It was great to have bagels and cupcakes in NYC. Your shining Converse will be perfect to walk on the Parisian streets.... so fashion!

  14. I love that shot of the sheep, too.
    I never liked sandals or flip flops on men - they are fine on women. Just me, I guess :)

  15. Carol, not for the first time, you've made me smile with your wise comparisons of our NYC ways with those of la belle France.

    If you do get back downtown to Soho, NYC version, please do stop by and say hello. Odds are that I will be working that day.

    I do love the shoe advice, and think that my own inner instincts just might serve me well.

    Thank you for pressing the button that might lead me to buy a new pair of Repetto ballerinas. Or should I hold out for this autumn's perfect boot?

    Why do have have to choose between the two? What would Bear do? xo

  16. Ballet flats are good in any country. I have several pairs and I wear them everywhere and anywhere!

  17. My daughters just always get it right.
    I think that's one of the things I am worst at.. shoe and pants:)

  18. Shoes and cupcakes in one post. You know how to make my heart beat faster...

    (I've toasted marshmallows over the gas burner, too. Nothing better!)

  19. Too funny, Carol. Love it. I've got the Marie-Antoinette flip-flops and can't even walk in them! Then with the ballerinas I walk like a canard. Don't ask, but I have a thing about feet, n'est-ce pas? ;-))

  20. The only "flip flops" I've been seeing these days are from Republicans jockying for position in the U.S.Presidential Primaries. Some of whom have serious case of "foot-in-mouth" disease.


    I must pick up some Mona Lisa flipflops next trip to la Louvre!!


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