Friday, September 09, 2011

Le Beurre d'Amande

We are back in la cuisine PBers, mais forget les macarons!
The adventure continues using up those pounds of Honeyville Almond flour...
As a daily eater of peanutbutter I asked myself why not?
Easy peasy too!
2 heaping cups almond blanched and toasted meal
1/2 tsp sea salt
about 1 tbsp olive oil or less
In just 3-5 minutes. And here's a nice video to help you DIY :)
Et voila!
This stuff does not taste bad at all and is rather pricey when storebought.
My new beurre d'amande will only sit next to le Grey Poupon in the fridge - rather snobby IMHO...

On to the next (almond meal) thing...

SESAME CRACKERS! These are from Elana's Pantry. I will need a proper rolling pin next time if there is a next time..ahem

Cutting up the 2" crackers before baking - ooops I said the 'B' word :(

BEAR likes the crackers which is a hole in one...sort of. Could one put the almond butter on the almond-sesame crackers? One could but should one? I'll be pondering that question this weekend...

Just by chance, ready for a little R&R last night, I turned on TV et voila - there was BIG BROTHER. And they were dipping contestants into a giant bowl of melted butter whist attached to a giant mix-master gizmo! The story of my life currently :O

Mon dieu PBers, should I head out to the nearest pastry shop?

Do Tell!!



  1. are a nut...but in a good way...and that's BIG BROTHER...not wipeout! summer obsession and I'm not ashamed to admit it...there I said it..ha

  2. Which pastry shop did you go to, after all that hard work?

    The jar of beurre d'almond and Grey Poupon in your fridge are not snobbish at all: both are made in the good old US of A! ;-)

  3. Love that jar:) I wonder why they wrote beurre d'almond?

    Usually it's d'amande?

    Did you paint that jar yet and I have missed it?

    the crackers looks so good too!

    I am a daily PBr too.

  4. It was ME Nana!!
    I must go correct the d'amande
    I wrote it...ooops

  5. I'd take that dip as a sure sign that something baked and buttery should be in your future.

    Don't ignore those signs from the universe, especially the good, buttery ones...

  6. HA!
    You planted a seed in my brain Amy.
    I just ate up the 6-month old Laduree macarons (something baked and buttery but now stale and crumbly) sitting neglected in the fridge.
    Why hang on to them?

  7. Lucinda12:50 PM

    Is lait d'amande/ALMOND MILK next on the MENU?

  8. I am not sure about this almond butter….

    Are you sure this recipe called for Olive oil, I think that it would be too pungent for me.

    Try with a Almond oil the next time or a little walnut oil… but not Olive oil mon amie….

    Enjoy anyway

    Have a great week end Gourmande girl!


  9. I have heard that the definition of "eternity" is 2 people and a ham. Could it also be Pr and 5 pounds of almond meal?

  10. Whoops you're right Marie.

    I rewatched the video - NO OIL NEEDED at all since the almond provides the oils needed.
    Thanks for the reminder

  11. I thought the spelling was charming and I was learning something new.. could teach me so much en Anglais!!!


  12. PS I would have never thought you would write on a Ladurée label..I would probably laminate it:)


  13. Those both look delicious! I think you need to start painting pretty labels so you can market that stuff, pronto, Carol. I'd buy almond beurre and almond bars any old day. You're becoming quite the pastry queen. Almond butter in the Whole Foods near me is tres cher. You can offer these treats up for gifts and people would be thrilled, Carol. There's just no end to your talents, woman!

  14. You are so resourceful,Carol! Many a day I have Seeduction bread toasted with almond butter,topped with a dab of Confiture d'orange for my Paris breakfast.
    Mix a little Vegemite in the almond butter for your sesame crackers. And you can whip up a savory sauce by adding a little lime juice,minced garlic maybe a pinch of cumin-good on chicken.
    how far are you from new Laudree? Need to restock,sounds to me like...

  15. Thanks for the recipe !
    Here's a useful link with almond paste techniques

  16. Lol - about Big Brother! Happy Friday!!

  17. Carol, I compliment you on heating your oven up to baking temp at this time of year. (I cannot quite do that until ... well, perhaps late October.)

    I love the idea of the almond crackers. I write this while chomping on some roasted, unsalted mind you, almonds and thinking how much calcium, etc., might be entering my system.


  18. I knew you would figure out what to do with all that Almond Flour. I LOVE Almonds and I bet that almond butter is wonderful. Kudos to you.

  19. Ladurée makes really nice packages. This beurre d'amandes sounds great; I just made a pistachio paste and loved it, used it in a bunch of things and then poof, gone! Next time I will try this.

  20. So fun to follow your Almond Meal Adventures, Carol. For all my fellow nut butter afficionados, MaraNantha makes the most divine organic peanut and almond butters. They aren't cheap, but wow, are they ever worth it!

  21. I'm glad that you are whittling away at the supply of almond flour :)
    Good to see BEAR again, too!

  22. WHOA!!
    BIG MERCI Taste of Beirut! I would LOVE to make a pistachio paste

    And LYNDA!
    Organic Peanut butter here I come!
    WOW WOW WOW so excited
    I'd love to make tapanade too..


  23. Love your buttery post - your beurre d'amande looks gorgeous. Even if you are rather hard on the macaron front. Next visit to Paris we're going to make them together. We have to get you over this! J xo

  24. Butter has been a hot topic for me this week because I'm visiting my in-laws in Geneva and they eat A LOT of it. My heart hurts just looking at how much they spread on their bread and add to their veggies, etc. It would almost be better to go on Big Brother and be dipped in butter.

    Did you see that they were deep fat frying sticks of butter at the Iowa State Fair this year? Amazing!

  25. Yikes, you are truly an intrepid chef - I'm simply in awe!

  26. Gina G6:47 AM

    I MUST make my ownb French almond butter!!

  27. Rachel6:53 AM

    I know....baking is a four letter word for you. One of the
    reasons you are having such a difficult time is baking is a science. The correct
    proportions are essential for having your baked goodies come out correctly.
    Changing amounts will change the halving the sugar. Yes, you can decrease it a bit, but not half and have the results as intended. Same with amount of
    other dry ingredients and the liquid ones as well. Don't give
    up....baking can be so rewarding once you get the hang of it. And, to tell the true, even though I've been baking since elementary school....would you believe
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    Even Julia Child had them.


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