Monday, September 19, 2011

Sant Ambroeus

I HEART Sant Ambroeus big time I feel like this everytime I stop in Sant Ambroeus on 1000 Madison Ave. at 76th street. They're in the Village at 259th West 4th street.
Everytime I go to the Met it's compulsory to stop for a gelato...
They have 24 flavors ($3.00 for a single)

If you sit at a table (just like in Italy) it will cost you more ($4.50) Yes I'm addicted to gelato pistache

You can stand up at the bar and pay less (just like in Italy).

Sant Ambroeus has those little bite-sized sandwiches/panini (just like in Italy).

 In the back they have a nice dining room

I LOVE looking in their pastry case. In my opinion there's either a French pastry chef lurking in the back.

Or someone who's done a stage at Pierre Herme in Paris.

They have an upscale version of tiamisu.

And your traditional Italian cookies/biscotti. Sant Ambroeus is a Milanese pasticceria/confetteria.

I'm not wild about traditional Italian biscotti but for this pretty Italian cookie box I'd commit hari-kiri. Wouldn't you?

I feel like a kid in Sant Ambroeus. Lick lick :)

Other times I feel like this lady(at the Met Infinite Jest show). After looking at all those scrumptous desserts I still always end up with the pistachio gelato.


  1. Oh, my god, this place looks delicious!

  2. .. yum, love pistache also .. how's the iTouch coming along?

  3. okay, since you asked. Coffee gelato and a lemon tart to go.
    I'll walk it off at the met.

  4. If you end up looking like the round lady on the dolly, then you might seriously consider suicide.
    But for heavens sake, at least do it in Italy. Maybe next time you go to Venice you could jump off the Rialto Bridge, as a tip of the hat to all deeeeliscious things "Italian," and as an homage to Sargent.
    Just a thought.

  5. Carol you should start a gourmet tour of the city. You know all the greatest spots. Thanks for sharing. Sant Ambroeus is now added to my to do list. ~jen

  6. Oh mais je la connais cette adresse...



  7. PAINTING all those lovelies will burn off the calories. TEST THEM ALL!!!!

  8. I love Sant Ambroeus too, Hubs and I have been to the West Village location twice but now I want to go to the Madison Ave one!

  9. I think I would look like that rotund lady if I ate all these, but they sure are fun to look at. :)

  10. I think the Mad Ave address is more Italianate if that's possible...
    Maybe visiting Italians and Frenchies find it more convenient


  11. I'd love to visit..You are right..just like Italy..Do we sit or stand?..inside or outside?:)

    Worth it any way.
    Love the box too.

  12. If, for some reason, you find it impossible to get out into the world, I find ciao bello's pistachio from the grocery store delish. Sorry if it sounds like blasphemy, but any port in a storm.

  13. Not a bad idea - you giving tours of the city!
    This shop does remind me of Italy - the paninis, gelato, biscotti - even the standing at the counter.
    The pastries look amazing!

  14. Moi aussi! I agree!
    J'adore Sant Ambroeus big time!

  15. Please tell me how to pronounce "Sant Ambroeus" so Ican tell the cabbie where to go!


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