Thursday, September 15, 2011

La Maison du Chocolat Thumbnails

Onsite sketching part deux - Ta da!
BEAR choisie La Maison du Chocolat on 1018 Madison Ave. And BEAR choses the eclair caramel ($6.50). He is partial to caramel so what can I do..?
I LOVE the striations on this pastry - for me they are the sign of a classy eclair, though I have no proof of this.
Inside La Maison du Chocolat's eclair the creme caramel is...creamy and contrasts nicely with the caramel icing on top. Why don't I have the correct words to describe this to you? At least you can head here without traveling 3000 miles
OK, We're here to PAINT ONSITE! Voila! I decide to stick with 'thumbnails' at first go.
BEAR studies the recipes in LMDC's chocolate book while I doodle - he has not given up on b--king like some people...ahem
I'm sitting in an alcove just above the chocolate shop so I can hear bits of conversation wafting by...
"Chocolate is the modern miracle cure for everything!
"There is a lot of giggling in response

As I paint a smiling chef comes out of the kitchen and sneaks a quick peek but is respectful and says nothing. Other staff pass by smiling. When I go to pay at the cash register, Michael Olsen, chocolate master and New York store manager takes my money. I ask him,
\"You make people happy here don't you?"
He says, "Yes we do." smiling.
La Maison du Chocolat is a little piece of Paris just waiting to tempt you. They have awfully nice chocolate classes too
Here's why BEAR and I fell for La Maison's eclairs
La Maison's windows are dependably witty and very Parisienne
Oh why didn't I get their terrific chocolate macaron? I'm kicking myself a bit (and BEAR too). Don't miss it! We will simply have to return for more sketching at La Maison - Life can be tough sometimes..non?


  1. Like they say, Carol; "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."
    And with you, in the painting.
    Yummy post.

  2. Merci Bill,
    I tried so hard not to eat the whole eclair but lost the battle :(

    I did leave a tiny bit on my plate = Victoire!

  3. I empathize with you, not being able to eat before one has finished sketching must feel like waiting for heaven in purgatory, Love your sketches! Little Bear is a very good bear, indeed. Sitting there, patiently. Great bearenting skills, Carol! ;-)

  4. Yes for sure Merisi,
    Bear would have no problem taking the famous 'Marshmallow' test - indicator of delayed gratification skills and financial success in the future.

  5. That eclair has wrecked havoc on my day...must find an ECLAIR SOMEWHERE!!

  6. Fauchon jsut had their annual eclair weekend!
    Not to be believed the variations..
    Hail to the eclair!

  7. Lucinda2:03 PM

    Love your thumbnails!
    A step in the rt direction.
    Now for the BIG one!
    Ever onward into the breach!

  8. Carol, I so like your thumbnails...and think that I might eventually have to get across to the East Side to have a close encounter with one of those eclairs.

    Please let Bear know how appealing his studious profile is.


  9. If I worked there & saw BEAR reading a book, I'd be smiling, too when I walked by :)
    (I love the paintings and the photos!)

  10. Oh, it is 1087 mi to Maison du chocolat NY ! I may as well go the whole way across the big pond!!! I am in the middle of nowhere! the eclairs here are called Long johns and are donuts with what is supposed to be chocolate or Caramel glaze but are soooo sweet you really can't tell one from another. Your paintings are delicious confections that feed the eyes.
    I am proud of Bear too for persevering with his resolve to bake! Perhaps he will open his own Passtiere, umm, perhaps in Little Rock???!!!

  11. Delicious and the drawings are adorable! I wish I had a treat now!

  12. Love all the painting setups here. Forget all the sweets--show us the paints. Fabulous!

  13. These caramel eclairs remind me of the movie Simply Irresistible. Mmmm!

    Also, have you ever made eclairs? They are one of the easiest, elegant and most satisfying things to create. It's been a while for me, I should make some soon.

  14. Ah mon dieu... Cet éclair au chocolat...

  15. I really don't know what the most mouth-watering eclair is : LMDC's or the ones on your paintings :)

  16. Love Bear and the
    In awe.

  17. You mean they let you PAY? They should have given you some of these gorgeous macarons to make you even happier :-)

  18. I think you and Bear should definitely go back for chocolate macarons. In fact, why not go today?!!
    Love your artwork and, as always, love seeing Bear!

  19. I really do think you've got a rough life. I mean, sitting there amidst all those yummies and NOT EATING THEM RIGHT AWAY.

    Oh, the restraint!

    I'm enjoying seeing your on-site work.

  20. Carol, Your conversation with the manager made me think that the same thing could be said about you:

    "You make people happy here don't you?"

    He says, "Yes we do." smiling.

  21. Eclairs at La Maison du CHocolat are the best to me!!
    I loooove them!
    They are the best of Paris I think!


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