Friday, September 16, 2011

iPod Touch I Think I Luv U

BEAR is not too thrilled with his new iPod Touch 4th Gen...
He's threatening to do something lethal if we don't figure this %$#@ thing out soon...
HELP George Clooney! Where R U when we need U?
Bet this 5-year old on Mad Ave could figure out the iPod Touch but we can't :(

What's with this slidey thing at the bottom? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And don't tell me to read the directions in the box - R U kidding. The type is -00.

BEAR does love his Paris maps so we managed to buy and downloaded all the Paris map apps David Lebovitz told us too...

So pretty non?

We heard the Louvre app is really swell and hey it's FREE. We got it. But how come we CAN'T OPEN #@!$IT!?

In fact we can't open any APPS we uploaded...

Why is that? SOS!

Someone at David's said this was a REALLY good app - but it's 303MB..isn't that like too many MBs? We only have 32 gigs on our little iPod Touch thingie :(

So these are my Apps so far. AND do not say anything about the Better Bum App - it's supposed to be really good according to the Daily Mail or some rag and hey it's FREE

Right now BEAR & I feel pretty idiotic 'cause we are not getting this iPod Touch thing. Is there a How-to book/class for us?YES! ANd we got it!

When we GET it, we are gonna toast Paris big time soon!

BEAR says he wants a cashmere baby bearfriend too...Hmmm

Soon we can create our own ICE CREAM APP right?

Got any great PARIS APPS PBers?

A BIG MERCI for buying books & stuff at PB! That's how we got this iPod thing - with award points.


Update:I found a book with BIG pictures, My iPod Touch(2nd edition) - they have lots of How-to videos here. Plus I'd set my iPod thing to ZOOM so I had do a 'RESTORE'-easy as tarte citron. We're cookin' BEAR et moi. Open Apps? - Open Sesame!


  1. I would hang in there with your iphone 4. I have the earlier model and my son has the 4. We really love them. Maybe you need to go back to the store and check out your phone's function. I think you can adjust the opening of your phone (the sliding bar)under your settings. It goes to sleep to save your battery. I know you can do it. You've had other challenges in your life and have overcome!

    Also, when we were in Paris we used the ZUTI app. It helped us know how long each trip would take. It was great for us novices.

    Good luck!

  2. I heard/read ZUTI was good
    THANKS I'll get it.

    I'm running out to a friend who is gonna help me YAY
    He set up my 1st iPod too :)
    My stars must be alligned.

  3. Bonne Chance. I can't help you one bit!

  4. That's one thing ..I don't know I could get the hang of:) Yet my 4 yr old grandson plays with his mom's..and does things..:) Like Netflix..the 6 yr old tells me how to get to it..what to do etc..Their Wiiiiii also:)Ok I see that makes 3 things..;)

    Good luck..Bear is cute w/it though:)

  5. .. Great Carol .. you can also swing into the Apple store and they will help you .. they may not have the time to help all your issues at once (as I think they sell "classes", don't they?) ... glad you got a friend help in the meantime ... bon chance

  6. I got a book when I got my iPod. It really helped. iPod the missing manual.

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    You may want to visit the Genius Bar at the Apple store

  8. iPod and iPhone are slightly different. But they make the missing manual for both. You don't open an app. When you download it, you just put your finger or thumb on the screen where the app is and it opens.

    I think if you go where you bought it or tell us where you are now we can tell you how to use it.

  9. I can draw, Carol, but I know ZIIIIP about those...Iphones....and...apps...and
    all the rest. Good luck!

  10. Melissa3:33 PM

    There are roughly 1000megabytes in 1 gigabyte. So on your ipod touch, you have 32,000 megabytes... the Paris Food Market app, at 303mb, is no problemo. It will take a long time to fill 32gigs!
    Good luck!

  11. Hahaaaa. You are too funny, m'dear. I can just see you--let's face it, though, how many of us actually read the instructions? Not me, for sure. I always just figure it out on my own, so I'm with you there. I have complete confidence in you--you'll have the hang of that thing in no time flat. Enjoy it, and go ahead--get that bear friend for Bear.

  12. ps
    I bet if you just google it, you can pull up info to help you figure it all out. Everything's online, now.

  13. Geri, NJ4:48 PM

    Lol...sorry, I can't resist: I'm sure "There's an app for that."

    But seriously, you're welcome...I've bought a book or two.

  14. It's always good to have a 10 year old handy when you get a new electronic device. They're better than a manual. Good luck!

  15. Whoops!
    It seems I set it up on ZOOM/handicap or something my nerd friend tells me.

    I goot do the 'RESTORE' and start over. sorry for the nonPC :(

  16. Patty and Eric6:53 PM

    BEAR is back!
    Hooray :)
    Great posts!!
    Patty and Eric

  17. parisbreakfasts6:54 PM

    I googled and Youtubed plenty = too muchconfusing info :(

  18. I wish you luck with it....I've only seen Iphones & Ipods, so, I don't know a thing about this!
    A friend has an Iphone & he swears by the Apple Store "geniuses."

  19. Carol, I can quite understand your confusion, and also applaud your resolve to get those apps to get go-go-ing.

    I still live in an Apple free world, but somehow feel that the distance between me and the mighty, stylish A is narrowing week by week.

    Please do get all caught up with this so that you can eventually show me what is what. xo

  20. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hi Carol,

    Just go to the apple store and ask any person there to help! I go to my local apple store a lot with "stupid questions" and they are always helpful and nice..That is why i bought apple products!!

  21. Never trust any electronic device which has a manual larger than itself.

  22. Anonymous9:46 PM

    If you can't get to an apple store Techserve on 23rd is totally fab on all apple products. You can do it. Both sides of your brain are operating. Xo Gail

  23. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Good luck! I love my iPod when traveling but I'm a true tech luddite. Yesterday I bought an app called Air Sharing recommended at a travel blog:
    Sounded so Google map directions, save print screens of web pages, save PDF files (like Patricia Wells French food glossary....all in a easy to read folder transferred from your computer to your iPod. SIGH. I spent all of yesterday much of it on the phone with tech support. I am kind of close. Still, I love my iPod and when it can do that....I'll love it more.

    Select your devise & download your manual. I through its instruction made a tab for reference category & put everything with info about my iPad there. It appears your iTouch should do same.
    Believe me, Carol, I have only touched the tip of the ice berg when it comes to discovering all the features, much less how to use them!
    Next I'm getting several art apps & a stylist. Maybe I won't be as self-conscious sketching in public with it!
    Once the set up is done I know you & Bear will be scheduling iTouch time.

  25. I'm glad you stuck with it, it's well worth it. There's actually an app with tips on how to get the most out of your touch/phone....As a New Yorker, you'll love all the conveniences-I just made dinner reservations on my iPhone for next week in the city via Open Table on my IPhone. Easy breezy! And the GPS is so convenient if you're trying to remember where a particular store is, just so helpful. Have fun! Claudia

  26. THANKS Claudia!!
    I just got it :)

    Secrets for iPod touch 4 Tips & Tricks

  27. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I think better is to get iphone 4, as it does same things + more :)

    BTW did you try haagen dazs macaroons? OR i missed your post when I was on vacay? I have a pic of them on my blog and im curious what you- macaroon lover (just like me but i stick really to laduree, pierre herme, la maison du chocolat only) will think about them! Greetings :)

  28. I never saw anything like those Haagen Daz macaron things EVER!!!
    Where did you see them?

  29. Anonymous4:02 PM

    As Melissa said, the 303 MB app will fit easily. Your 32 GB capacity is probably more space than you'll ever need. (Unless you store a lot of movies on it. Each feature-length movie can take several GB of space.)

  30. I am so glad your ITouch frustrations have been solved (via update). I love reading your Parisian musings and felt so sad when I saw that Bear had such trials with the new toy! I recently found your site because I too have come to love the macaron and thanks to you, all the other lovely treats and places you paint! :)

  31. Carol I really want one so keep us posted!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join my Giveaway from Interieurs!

  32. You can go to an apple store and get help for free (call ahead, being in NYC you might have to make an appt.)or find a teenager. I have a 14 and a 15 year old-thankfully!

  33. Anonymous8:35 AM

    They re avaliable at Champs Elysees Haagen Dazs, I loved them! You can buy a plate with every taste :) BTW now they added new cakes, Im there wery often and have club card so :D hahaha :P Greetings!

  34. I admire you for taking such a big techy step! (This from a girl who panicked and cried and had to call the tech guy at work THREE TIMES this week...not a glamorous sight...)

    Good luck with your apps...especially those that allow you to search out chocolate.


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