Thursday, September 22, 2011

NY Fashion Week

Last week NYC was flooded with long tall Sallies. Model or photographer?
Or a buyer?
How do I know these were models? They were yacking away in Russian.
I love shooting and drawing figures from the back. So did Tiepolo (from the Infinite Jest exhibit at the Met).
Last week I had to draw long tall sallies for 'French' Fashion Week. I'd rather draw them from the back...
Funny how an exaggerated figure like this from the 19th century.
Is now the desired norm.
Extremely long limos are in demand for those extremely long legs.
Calvin Klein's windows were full of long, tall top model Lara.

Bergdorfs honored the Fashion industry.
With sissors, thread and dolls clothes.

Last week no one in this town could get a taxi. I don't care how long your legs are.



  1. They do just amaze me in their stature. A petite one like me would just not cut it, even if I were model thin!

    Art by Karena

  2. Wish I could get a look at that Bergdorf's window!
    Short, frumpy widowshopper...

  3. Lucy in the sky4:29 PM

    how appropriate the old 19th C cartoons are to todays' social exaggerations -
    Some things never change..

  4. It can't be easy for these Long Tall Sallies to find a long tall Jim to carry their shopping bags.

    Unless they're hunting for a President of France.

  5. I love your photos - you have a great eye for exquisite candid shots.
    The lady at the ATM is a fabulous pic!

  6. I just today bought black tight stretch slightly flared jeans at Costco:)

    Am I in:)

    Love those long legs!

  7. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I enjoy your blog immensely. merci.

  8. I saw Carson Kressley last week when I was in NYC--(from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.") He looked very dapper in a crisp navy suit, on his phone while my cab zipped by him. It WAS hard getting a car last week--you aren't kidding!

  9. Ah, such long legs!

  10. And this week, Carol, we have the international diplomats in town with their entourages, spouses/spices, limos and general East Side traffic tie ups that have a way of spreading to the North South and West.

    How does this advance world peace?

    I think that the yellow cabs had a better week with the fashion set.


  11. Long and tall,
    short and small,
    women of the world,
    I love you all.

  12. The pictures are nice and create a very special urban atmosphere! It is great to see Russian models are in fact less skinny than in the magazines (thanks Photoshop) :)

  13. So that's why limos are getting longer - all these crazy high heels in fashion are making our legs longer.

    Love your fashion drawings!

  14. What a fun post. How did I miss this post??? Loved your drawings and a peek at whats going on in NY. I sure wish I could have a little of those long legs added to mine. Le Sigh...:)

  15. Such great photos and fabulous post!
    Most especially love the illustrations xo


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