Thursday, November 18, 2010

French Bows 2

I know I keep harping on how the French love their bows.

Well they did invent ribbons/rubans so big woof right?
Where would the French ballerina be without a bow pray tell?
A bow on an evening shoe?
The perfect feminine accompaniment non?
Bow training (preferably pink) starts early.

And continues ever after.

Without cease.
A French woman of any age can wear a bow plastered on her chest.
A bow plastered on the candy box has become a universal tradition.

On the other hand, French pastry chefs spurn the bow as decoration for some unknown reason.

The Russian pastry chef does not, as witnessed by these gateaux at the Printemps' Ruskie cafe, Patisserie cafe Pouchkine.

The French dog is not obliged to wear a French bow?!
L'eschape - oui! Le noeud - non.
What's up with that?And what an unpronouncable word is Le noeud (which can have some naughty slang meanings, but we won't go into that).
Is it NEW-ya or NEW-A or what?
YOU tell me SVP.
Bears everywhere, not just French Bears, are perfectly happy wearing bows, usually rouge...
French Girl rarely leaves the house without sporting some kind of bow worn hither or thither.

Should I too start eating GOBS of beurre/butter for petit dej', so I can wear a bow regularly? One does wonder.
A napkin tied as a bow?
Perfection to advertise a French café.
Did Miss Kitty influence French fashion?
Non,non, non...this has been going on way too long before she arrived on the scene, though she may have given the French bow a little nudge
Here's a shining example of the hair bow worn on a giant pin from savvy French jewelry company, N2. They have a stand in Galeries Lafayette as well as a new concept store on 3, rue Bourg L'Abbe, 75003. I bought an all-macaron bracelet that is 2-die-4, even though it has no French bows...


  1. A bow-bow here, and a bow-bow there,
    everywhere a bow-bow-bow ....

    As always, great images of life in the City of Light,
    merci! :-)

  2. The FRENCH BOW is a serious subject La Merisi!!
    And you make light of it...
    HMPH! :(

  3. I just bought a dress with a delightful bow on it! It's happily hanging in my closet, waiting for the chance to play.
    Love it!

  4. J'adore the bows!! Vivre the bows! Of course I prefer PINK bows!
    My former French boss(male) hated bows and in the South we love bows!

  5. I love them, too. BTW, while Mlle. H. Kitty was around a long time before (I don't know how long & I refuse to look it up or that will be another hour gone, somehow)...when I moved to Strasbourg in 1974 & saw her in a shop window, it was the first time I was aware of her...& I was no slouch in the pop culture area. So. Maybe she helped a bit with the young people?


  6. I checked with and they pronounce it Neu like Bleu

  7. M. in Paris11:10 AM

    Oui, j'aime bien les noeudS surtout sur les chaussures ! mais les ballerines c'est trop plat pour moi, dommage je les trouve très différentes et jolies
    A+ Madame la reporter

  8. Fun and fanciful (but you have to be careful where you put them...on the front of a horizontally striped shirt would definitely not be my best look!)

  9. Oooh, love those navy dress shoes with the bow--aren't they pretty! Fun, Carol! Who doesn't like a good bow?

  10. With or without a bow that French bulldog is adorable!! I love bows. I especially love those evening shoes with the bows!

  11. Pretty French bows! and my favourite is that gorgeous bear with the big red bow !! Tres Parisian.
    Dianne xx

  12. I love the bows on the blouses!
    And the bear is too cute :)

  13. Oh you NIKON....
    I think the bows are there to cover up what isn't there..
    French girls are rather slender of form ya know...
    cg :)

  14. THAT bear is Seiff or Steiff ALL THINGS FRENCH, and not Frenchie at all but he does have the look...
    probably osmosis from sitting at Le Bon Marche...

  15. I just found your blog through Bloglovin' and I'm so happy I did. You take such lovely images! I can't wait to read more posts by you, and I'll definitely be visiting again soon :) Paris in Pink

  16. Just read your response to Nikon and now I know why I don't wear bows! :-)


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