Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I HEART Carette Trocadero big time.

I was browsing Sweet Paris , when I saw her post on Carette I melted - remembrances of Paris tea salons past.

Lots of French people like to go to Carette.

Lots of French pols or corporate types like to go to Carette.

BEAR likes to go to Carette and what BEAR likes, Bear gets.

We ordered a salade vegitarienne.

Next time we'll skip the demi-bouteille d'eau and buy some macarons - a la prochaine.

BEAR nudges me,
"Can we puleeze visit the pastry counter?"
Perfect irresistable macarons.
Lovely paintable petit fours say take us chez toi.
You can sit in the main tea salon or the enclosed cafe area at Carette.
Or you can sit outside.
Stacks of menu books at Carette - you will never lack reading material at this salon de the.
The 6/9 Metro entrance is right there at Carette, 4 Place du Trocadero 75016
Don't forget your box of irresistable macarons...


  1. I'll have so many places to visit once I get there thanks to you..
    God Willing:)

  2. Carol, I've now added Carette to my list of Parisian musts.

    I so agree with you about the gelato at Sant Ambroeus. What variety! It's usually safer for me to walk on the opposite side of Madison Avenue when I am near S A.

    Best wishes to you on the upcoming trip. Glad you've solved the mysteries of Apps.


  3. You and Bear are just the perfect couple, Carol. It's so nice you have the same good tastes in common.

  4. Oh yes, s.v.p., I would not mind at all being transported to Paris, right now! I would even bearsit, just for the pleasure of your company in that fabulous place.

    I splurged on each and every image, especially your painting, but the last one melted my heart: the box, the box ..... ooooooh!

  5. Lovely painting!! Always love the shadows in your work!

  6. how oh how
    could i not know about
    Carette Trocadero ?


    {{ i have placed it
    in my To Do for

    i cannot wait....................}}

    thanks for the link, BTW,
    even the music
    is plum yummy!

  7. Lovely watercolor, Carol. Nicely done. You have me wanting to go,for sure.

  8. I can spend hours at a place like that! Bear and I seem to have the same tastes. :) Fabulous photos.

  9. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Gorgeous as usual and makes me want to return. x

  10. Most enticing and very Frenchie atmosphere..

  11. My favorite afternoon gouter - Carette!

  12. Beautiful looking shop.
    I'm glad that BEAR liked it :)

  13. Is Bear getting a tad bit spoiled? Or is he just indulging you? If only Ozzie could be persuaded to the French Tea habit!

  14. You know very well I invited Ozzie to join me in Paris!
    Is he or isn't he coming along?

  15. I must add too that the best day to go to Carette is on Sunday -- when everything else is closed and all the super chic Parisians pile into the Place du Trocadéro.


  16. That was my hubby's local for 11 yrs and in all that time never thought to take a photo. Hm. Think you're right about the eau minérale - get a carafe and some macarons to go next time :-)

  17. Nice ;-)
    Thanks for the link to my blog.
    I really love your painting!

  18. Your posts make me so hungry (and make me miss Paris!) Lovely photos!


  19. I'd say you DESERVED a few macarons after such a healthy salad. Goodness. Balance, my dear!

  20. Dear Carolg, I used to go chez Carette with my grandmother, these are sweet memories for me, and your bear is so fun and cute !

  21. Hi Carol! It's always such a delight to visit here. That salade vegitarienne is calling me, as is the perfect atmosphere of Carette!


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