Friday, September 30, 2011

Moi, Tourist

Paris Metro Update: iPod Touch About the only thing I can work on the iTouch is MYFISH 3DParis Metro Everything else is a washout.
Paris Metro The how-to book I bought is too heavy, too long.
Paris Metro I'm sending it back and getting the new Kindle Fire.
Paris Metro The Louvre app works but do I need it?
Paris Metro I thought those Paris apps would really help me get Metro savvy.
Paris Metro But let's face. I eat off Metro place maps (from La Vaissellerie)
Paris Metro Rick Tulka's wife even gave me Paris Metro eyeglass cleaning cloth
Paris Metro My Paris Metro dish towel may win the day.
Paris MetroCan you see me.
Paris Metro Holding up this in a rush hour Metro?
Paris Metro I love my NY MTA subway shower curtain but the French don't use shower curtains - ca n'existe pas en Paris
Paris Metro I can pick up a London Underground shower curtain.
Paris Metro At Stanfords bookstore on Long Acre Street...
Paris Metro With maps like this on London streets who needs apps?
Paris Metro Here's my own app-file of places to visit in Paris organized by arrondissement.
I'm getting these Underground flip flops at Stanfords and the Mona Lisa flip flops in the Louvre gift shop (to wear in New York only)
BON WEEKEND Fellow Tourists!
Paris Metro


  1. Ah, technology! I say bring the dishtowel and be done with it!

  2. you make me laugh….
    You know the French too well …
    you are right to despair a lot my American friend, the French do not use Shower curtains….
    God knows why….

    All the best

    Have a great week end


  3. Be careful. Lots of peeps are writing about the low price of Kindle is going to be powered by more ads than ever before. Even in e-books...while you're reading. Yes, ads popping up in the middle of a novel & cannot be ignored. Yikes.

  4. I am laughing!! I-phones can't be that complicated! I prefer them instead of Blackberries. Let us know what you decided.
    Where's the French girl? Went home already?
    I can't even imagine a trip right now, the way it's cold and wet here in OH, I only want to stay indoors.
    Take care Carol!

  5. I want a Kindle Fire. Where can I find $200.00? Anyway, I love your shower curtain!

  6. I love the Métro stuff! I know that somewhere you can get a watch with your favourite Métro line (mine is most definitely the 6) around the band - and your favourite stop (a toss up between Denfert-Rochereau and Glacières) as the watch face, if you wanted more Métro paraphernalia!

  7. That final pic of the flip flops kinda' gives a whole new meaning to the idea of "stepping out." I'm trying to envision you taking yours off to see if you're heading in the right direction.

  8. Lucinda4:03 PM

    Good idea your own app-file
    Easy to access as long as you have yr computer along on the trip..
    a little heavy though

  9. ROFL!! I have a great idea for you - go to Zazzle and have them print the Paris subway map on a t-shirt. Here is the important part: have it printed UPSIDE DOWN so you have only to glance down to read the info you want.

  10. parisbreakfasts5:29 PM

    How did you get to be so BRILL Jeanette!?

  11. Very funny post, Carol.
    I think that I would go with the Kindle, too - for the bigger display. But maybe the smaller iTouch is more convenient to carry?
    There must be someone who can help you set it up?
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I like Jeanette's t- shirt idea. but what if a mec comes up & um, consults your map?
    do you sew? You could make 2 of your place mats into a tote, just add handles.

  13. I am still chuckling over this post. I say go with the upside down printed T shirt.. might be an interesting way to meet shed keepers! LOL

  14. I've always loved maps. I like all of yours here. Fun!

  15. Anna-Maria A.4:52 AM

    I LOVE MyFish3-D
    It's so soothing to watch..almost hypnotic and you can add more fishies to it..

    La Boutique des Objets du Patrimoine
    Station Chatelet Les Halles RER (dans la salle de correspondance RER) to Metro souvenir shop

    Métro/RER: Les Halles
    Monday - Friday
    10h - 19h (sauf jours fériés).

  17. You are one of a kind! :-)

  18. Well at least you managed to download the apps. I can't even work out how to do that! I'll stick to les torchons (tea-towels.)

  19. Ugh,phone stuff is frustrating! But your maps are beautiful :-) I'm partial to handheld maps myself.

  20. Hello Carol,

    could you help me to locate this in Paris:

    I think it was a metro stop, but I was in Paris 8 years ago and I can`t remember any more.



  21. It would make my day to see someone consulting a tea-towel for guidance in the metro - fantastic idea, though yes, perhaps not so practical in rush hour!
    Carol, when are you in London, it would be lovely to meet if you have a moment ...

  22. Have a lovely trip, Carol!

  23. This was hysterical! I had those metro placemats in the shop! Just having been on the metro sweating my !&*%! off, I can say your intentions were admirable!!!!Maryanne xo

  24. this made me laugh! out loud :D

  25. I bought those same place mats when I was in Paris earlier this month! Don't know if they'll help me or not. I am directionally challenged.

  26. Carol! DO NOT trade in your iTouch! It's so simple to use. My 8 year old friend has it down pat.

    Not possible that it's too hard to use. Let me know if you need help. I'm glad to do it.


  27. If only I was 8 I could do it too..
    Where are you Roseanne?

    Where is an 8 yr old to give me lessons?

    Do I want to be crossing the streets with my head in an ipod Touch?

  28. Love your picutres, especially those with the Paris metro plan on it. I was not aware of the variety of products they are offering.

  29. Yes, actually, for some reason I indeed CAN see you holding up a tea towel metro map in that crush.

    When are you going to be in Paris, lovely lady?



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