Monday, September 12, 2011

R U in Paris?

You could imagine looking at this photo, that you're in Paris...
This one too...

Mais non PBers, you're looking at a video in Barney's window honoring Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld on Madison Ave...
Is this waiter (oogling a passing Parisienne) in a Paris resto?

Mais non encore! This is Rue 57, a New York Parisienne brasserie that serves sushi as well as croissants...hmmm

Is this a French petit gosse/little kid clutching his 'doudou'?

Like this kid on rue de Rivoli..? Non way.

New York has been invaded by the fashion types for FASHION WEEK - you can spot them by their big hair, big shoes and big cameras. Oh and they'll be eating the requisite hot dog.

More BIG shoes entering Bergdorfs...

Whoops - No way R U in Paris PBers.

Did you read Elaine Sciolino (of La Seduction) and her weekend story on the French and their addiction to short skirts?

'And I know no French woman in Paris who wears jogging shoes and carries her dress shoes en route to work.'

Only in New York do gigantic dogs roam the streets...

Does this look like Paris?

It surely tasted like Paris - pistache macaron with framboise + pistache ice cream sandwiched inside ($5) YUM/ MIAM!!

Merci M. Francoise Payard. You hit the nail sur la tete.


I must book my ticket TODAY!


  1. No way is that kid in Paris with all those yellow cabs dans le rue, but he DOES look Frenchie-the hat, the skinny parents etc

    Tourists Francaises peut-etre?

  2. I WANT that green and pink thing for lunch!
    Book yr flight SVP!

  3. What is that woman wearing as a cape??? (the one going into Bergdorfs)

    The ice cream mac sandwich!!!! TWO of my faves at once! A must-have!

  4. That macaron is the size of giant brownie. I dunno - but that's all I can think about right now. LOL!

  5. New York, New York,
    the city of possibilities!

    The lady walking into BG needs a bit more panache to carry off in style. ;-)

  6. Rue 57 looks wonderful! I've passed by but never gone there. I'd have a kir royale, the warm mushroom 'salade' and apple tart tatin!

    Thanks for the reminder how many great French things there are in NYC to explore. I long to go back to Paris but there are so many other places to visit and no long French vacation allotment. If I can't make it to France, I can eat like a Frenchie. ;-)

  7. That ice cream sandwich was like a GIANT brownie Jeanette.
    A good 4" long and every inch super yummy.

    I love your positive spin on Rue 57 Catherine..I never thought of it that way...hmmm

  8. This means that in about 10-15 years, all those trends will finally reach the Midwest...

    And I think that waiter is just wishing the bombshell would tip over in her shoes so he could rescue her.

  9. Lovely, funny post - I had fun second-guessing the photos, but the giant dog and macaron were a definite Paris no-no!

  10. Thanx for these urban and gourmet pics!

  11. Karen the ice cream sandwich is VERY like something Pierre Herme concocted first and it is BIG too.
    No two ways about it - this IS a knock-off but a very tasty one indeed.

  12. Square macaron's en France? Mais non! Long time no speak. Hot hot hot summer. Too hot to even think. Hope to comment more. x PS there is a baking programme on BBC2. Last week they had to cook macaron's. You would have either loved it or cried.

  13. Well a doudou can be seen here too:)

    I wish I still had a doudou..

    Maxime received a coveted ARTHUR doudou from me today:)

    Everything looks big dogs in Paris?
    One day we will go and I will give you my impressions..
    I love having my eyes go wide open watching high platform shoes..(I did 40 yrs ago:) )..
    Every young woman looks great to me..:) And many older women:)

    Cute post!

  14. What..?..they dont have standard poodles in Paris? I am still giggling at that Waiter oogling the brunette. :))You sure don't miss much with a camera that has a delay on it.:)

  15. That green thing is enormous looking! Did you eat that whole thing!!? Yikes. And those shoes on the woman being ogled look painfully uncomfortable, don't they! Fun.

  16. You are converting us! They must read PB :)
    I love you photos - you really have eye for things comic.

  17. OMG ! Beautiful all pictures and yummy food. nice clicking great posting

  18. Why, yes, I am in Paris this week and I even saw Carine Roitfeld in the flesh last week. (C'etait tres cool.) But that FP ice cream sandwich has me craving something pistche-framboise today. Where shall I go? Gerard Mulot? Pierre Herme? La Patisserie des Reves? Will report back...

  19. Hi! I'm a big fan of you & been following you since ever!.. I love Paris too and now I'm in LA, CA for studies and really surprised by how the people just don't care much about clothes, perfumes.. It's good they don't carry it to the extreme but it's just not like Europe at alll!.. I was offended by an innocent remark from a colleague who suggested that I look "weird " though nothing in my clothes or look ever implies that except because I don't just wear anything to work and like to put perfumes & look elegant!!!
    Yeah, there is huge differences between US & Europe for sure, and one MAIN & very particular thing too is the concept of Cafe's!!.. It's just not part of the daily activity here or it's not a cultural thing like it is in Europe...
    have a lovely day!..

  20. New York looks like Paris??????? No way!!! Enjoy the Fashion Week that begins on Thursday .

  21. I want that green macaron ice cream sandwich! but no! I will have to go to ZaZa for framboise sorbet with pistachio gelato on sugar cone. Must make do *sigh* some how....
    Bubba C. Barr,Esq. ( the barn doudou ) asked if Bear received his email?

  22. Getting hungry looking at all that's in this post. I think I'll soon need to experience my annual taste of a day in New York.


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