Monday, October 03, 2011

Prepping for Paris

I found an empty old sketchbook with a watercolor done 5 years ago. I'll take it with me to Paris and fill it up j'espere que oui.

As soon as I finish my job today I'm heading out to buy Euros & pounds.

My old Oyster card can be filled up at Waterloo Station so I'm set for the London underground from the getgo.
Red marker on the Metro dish towel is a must.
BEAR's medications - Oddibil 250 - the best cure for indigestion and Compeed makes the best blister pads - must get a refill on these.
A new mini mouse is causing twinges...
Elbow twinges so I'll take this along.
The worse thing you can do in Paris, next to committing murder, is lose your host's or rented appartments keys. I always take a red lanyard thing for safe keeping and wear it #@!Paris keys cost a fortune to replace.
This time next Monday I'll be in Paris!
I arrive at 6 AM
First thing stop for a cafe au lait.
Then head to Gerard Mulot for tarte au citron meringuee which Louise of Raids-Patisseries says is numero #1 out of 12 Paris tartes.
The night before we depart, Bear and I will be sleeping upright in chairs. Practice, practice, practice!


  1. Carol I cannot believe that you sleep in a armchair the night before… one night on the plane is already enough….

    Have a great trip we will be watching your reportage from Paris and London.

    You are SOOOOOOO lucky.


  2. I've never done it before, but I plan to this time.

    I HATE sleeping on the plane so maybe this will help..?
    I'm desperately seeking some sleep relief :)

  3. Some of my friend do not drink caffeinated coffee 2 days prior to the trip
    Some others go to bed very late the night before and get up very early the day of the trip….
    Some other take a Homeopatic sleeping pill that they buy in France…

    A lot of solutions to enjoy the ride…

    Otherwise stay awake and enjoy just the thought that thousands of women would like to be where you are awake and on their way to Paris…

  4. Eeep!
    I don't drink coffee at all
    I'm already on Paris time = waking up at 2ish AM
    It's not about the Jet Lag
    I only get it coming home.
    It's the extreme discomfort of sleeping on the plane :(

  5. Yes I do hate sleeping in planes, but you are so lucky to go to Paris! (and London!?)

    Have a nice ride over the ocean!

    ♥ Franka

  6. You and Bear are well prepared for your trip. You will have a fabulous time, and if the great Indian summer Northern Europe is experiencing holds up, you might be able to wear summer sandals! If you have a hard time sleeping, I would skip café au lait altogether and replace it with "une noisette" -- a lot easier to digest. ;-) Finally, for the airplane, you and I have the same problem. I just can't sleep on the darn things. Earplugs have helped in the past-- a little. A small bottle of that red wine they serve with dinner should help relax you for a few hours also. Bon voyage, to you and Bear. Can't wait to read your adventures in London and Paris. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. Please eat a tarte for me!

  8. It seems like a really nice program :-)
    I was there to try the lemon pie and I can tell: yes, it's good!
    Enjoy it

  9. Lucinda3:16 PM

    The red key lanyard is a good idea.
    I know someone who locked herself out of or her OWN appartment THREE times!
    A couple hundred smacker$ to the locksmith each time!

  10. And here she comes! I think Paris is ready. I know I am!! Maybe not Le Sélect, they'll just have to deal with us............

  11. Looking forward to seeing the filled sketch book! And just where you'll take PBers this trip! Lucky us to have you giving us Paris until we can get there ourselves...

  12. Wow, super-exciting! I'm quite jealous...

  13. Say hello to Rick for me, Carol.
    Maybe one day I'll actually get to meet him.

  14. CarolG - and Bear - enjoy your trip to Paris! Will be thinking fondly of you having a wonderful time. I was there this time of year - last year. And I miss it!

  15. Drôle ...
    Bon voyage ,bienvenue à Paris.


  16. You've got me all excited! You'd think I was going myself! Bonne chance!

  17. Reading your post, I think that you will be prepared!
    What is it with the price of keys?
    Wish I was going, too!

  18. Their locks and keys are MUCH more complicated than ours naturalement

    Hey they're FRENCH! :)

  19. A couple stiff drinks might help the sleeping. :)) Love the watercolor in the sketch book. Will you do any street sketching or just cafe drawing?

  20. Omigosh!!

    I envy you Carol! I miss Paris! Just got back from there last June and I had a blast! Fell head over heels for the French and I just love how you blog about them!

    Will be waiting patiently for your updates from France!

  21. have a wonderful trip! then looking forward to hearing all about it:))

  22. Oh Carol, I am looking forward to taking the journey along with you. Hope to be there this time next year. Can't wait to see your paintings, maybe one of the fabulous tarte, the cafe au lait or perhaps a Laduree still life? Ah Paris...enjoy it all. Safe travels... ~Jen

  23. Bon voyage alors! Greetings from Paris (where Autumn arrived today…)

  24. I like the "indigestion medecines" mention !

    If you are in Paris next thursday afternoon, you are more than welcome for a raid on raspberry macarons :)

  25. Ah, a Paris tag-a-long vacation to cheer me up!

  26. Ah, a Paris tag-a-long vacation to cheer me up!

  27. Ohhh... maybe I'll hop a redeye on Sunday and join you at Gerard Mulot next Monday morning!

  28. Love this - and love it that you're coming. Can't wait to see you. My best cure for sleeping on planes is enjoying the wine on board... ;-)
    All sounds like a perfect plan and complete with ironed and signed tea-towel. Wonderful!

  29. Bear manages to sleep on planes!? You should also practice eating foods with sauces in very close quarters. Extra points if you manage to finish everything without spilling the sauce on your shirt!

  30. Enjoy your trip - those are two of my fave cities! :)

  31. Who says you're not ready? I think you've got it all together!

    How exciting. One week from today...

  32. Looks like we will overlap in Paris for a couple of days. I'm currently visiting a friend near Blois but will return to Paris on the afternoon of 12 Oct. There until Saturday when I fly to Luxor for the start of the season. The Photoquai 2011 exhibit near and on the grounds of the musée du quai Branly is worth a look. Bon voyage!

  33. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Last time in Paris I made the mistake of asking for red wine. Mais...WHICH ONE?!!! said the scandalized garcon, gesturing vaguely at the ground. Next time I must do my wine homework, if only for the sake of detente. Bon voyage!


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