Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marilyn in Paris

Our Marilyn is hot hot hot in Paris right now.
The Parisien book shop vitrines are full of her...
True a new book, Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters is just out. But who knew the French would be so smitten?
New York has not caught the bug so far...
Parisien hair salons are featuring...
Bottle blonde looks. Though I didn't see these dans la rue...
I did catch bottle-blonde Barbie advertising Chupa Chupas lollipops dans la rue...
When you walk into Galeries Lafayette you're bombarded with our Marilyn...
Stacks and stacks of the Aran sweaters she wore, are available in all colors...
Paris shop vitrine are full of Aran with added bits of fluff...
As bulky as the Aran sweater is, the French have added a belt :O
Aran for the kids too. *Note the classy cowl neck.
Are Parisiens going to break down and wear hats this winter?
It seems they are.
Hats are IN.
As are Aran woolly scarves...
Aran sweaters have always been the domain of l'homme for sure...
Certainement they hide a multitude of sins, especially if you've visited the Salon du Chocolat recently...ahem
Walzing around Montmartre with Grace, we discovered this tiny beauty spa called 'Marilyn'.
Who knew the French spell Marilyn differently?
i.e. Marylyn, so this is definitely an homage to our MM.
Move over BB!
The New York Times glommed onto Marilyn Monroe's fragment of a Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. After much testing, they deemed it quite excellent! Who knew our Marilyn was an interesting cook in the kitchen to boot?
Bien sur, Paris dogs don't give a woof about what anyone is reading or wearing. But I bet there's an Aran doggie coat out there waiting for an au courant Parisien chien...


  1. I love the Aran jumpers/dresses with a wide belt and leggings. So 60's don't you think. Trying to persuade A into wearing "the look", but she says she's too short!

  2. Absolutely loving Les Petits Dejeuner du Paris...
    merci bien!

  3. Hi PB~
    When we were in Paris this past Sept, it was so obvious that there was a love affair with MM.
    She WAS everywhere!

  4. Anyone can wear the 'Aran' look CLARE.
    but you can never get anyone else to wear anything.
    It's a fact of life. :))

  5. Ahhhh yes; I had my own little (distant)
    love affair with Marilyn, as a teen, in the '50s.
    Her "sex kitten" allure seems so very naive to me now, looking back.
    But aren't fantasies so much fun, no matter what one is coveting...?
    Chocolate, warm cozy sweaters, warm cozy Marilyn.

  6. Have you read the stuffing recipe in the New York Times? I am really tempted to try it. Need to get a dress to go with it, though. ;-)

  7. I just bought a book of Marilyn photographs and read it during the snowstorm on Saturday. Made me want to bleach my hair, put on red lipstick and play with my eyeliner. I'd love the new "fragments" book - reading about that stuffing recipe brought tears to my eyes, it was so tender and personal.

  8. THAT recipe is something else AMY!!!
    Tres complex...
    I plan to do an 'In Treatment' analysis of my sister's Thanksgiving stuffing recipe!

  9. Yes the frenchies loves the blondes...

  10. I love marilyn i love paris i love your blog, old is perfect here, nice post.

    kisis from

  11. She was a Diva!!
    And your blog is the best!!

  12. France has great taste. My Mom LOVED Marilyn Monroe. She came home one day with a hair cut and color just like her when I was about 13. She looked great too.

  13. Marilyn might be the only Hollywood star I really am crazy about :)
    Something about that look.........
    She just melts her way through "Some Like It Hot."

  14. i am giving you all the credit for the newfound French hat popularity. Apparently, they listened to you!

  15. Marilyn is oh so chic, so it's no wonder that they chose to adopt her momentarily!

  16. Maybe the Frenchies needed a wee break from Brigette? J'adore Marilyn!

  17. Some of those photos of Marilyn were fabulous! I'd never seen that one of her in the white pants/black top--she looks great. Aran sweaters are beautiful--glad to hear they're still popular!

  18. Was there ever a moment when she WASN'T popular?

  19. Cool blog you have here, so many fun things to read and fab photos, thanks for sharing with us


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