Thursday, November 11, 2010

Angelina - Paris

No matter what I say about not going back to old favorite places in Paris, Angelina is a must-do. They've recently renovated and added a much bigger L-shaped patisserie. A visit is absolutely required + some lingering.
Some of the most beautiful pastries in Paris. To my eyes. They seem to be constantly upping their game - elaborate mille-feuilles, the pastry of the month in October.
Macarons flavored ginger-cointreau called the 'Dita' after hot American burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese in Paris.
Angelina came up with the hot-dog-shapped 'macalon' macaron.
Lovely fruity verrines et tartes. And NO ONE shook their finger at me for taking photographs I might add, though I do try to be discrete and would never use flash.
After browsing the patisserie you can stop in Angelina's dining room.
For heavenly chocolat chaud...
And a chestnuty mont blanc.
You can buy take-away/emporte 'cold' hot chocolate in the shop.
Along with Angelina bougies, confiture, guimauve and pate de marron.
Outside a Paris dog patiently looks for a taxi, after drinking too much hot chocolate (some breeds are NOT chocolate-intolerant and I'm coming back as one of those)...
Watercolor sketch sheets of Angelina cups I painted this summer.
FYI: You may not have been getting your morning email hit of PB because of a change in Blogger's setup. Everything is fixed now. YAY!
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  • This morning I have to run shoot the New York 2010 Chocolate show - full report tomorrow.


    1. i so love it over here
      your non~caloric french sweets!


      i would never go to paris
      without first popping in here
      to see
      what i must not miss!

      know this-->
      you have never failed me!

      {{ last May
      i did try to capture
      some front-of-the-shop
      for you
      there were
      ALWAYS ANNOYING cars parked
      in my way!

      i don't know how you do it so successfully!

      you must get up waaaay early
      to snap your wonderful photos }}

    2. I don't know how I do it either Somepinkflowers...
      It takes some wedging between cars and braving oncoming buses to get out in the street and shoot shoot shoot!
      What do I get insured?
      My camera or moi?

    3. Too funny--the things you do for us, Carol. Love the Angelina shots. Beautiful!

    4. Je suis d'accord - Angelina is a must. But not for the Mont Blanc. At least I don't like it. For me, it's all about the Chocolat l'Africain. Miam.

    5. Wonderfully deeeelish as always, he said, as he's about to go out for breakfast...but no chocolate at this early hour.
      Regarding that patiently waiting doggie; you say he'd just had some chocolate?
      I've always heard chocolate is VERY much a NO-NO for the health of doggies!? Or doesn't that apply to French doggies?

    6. Geri, NJ8:59 AM

      Yay...been wondering where you've gone! As usual...watercolors are lovely. Thanks too for the beautiful "virtual diet busters".

    7. Angelina's sweets almost, almost look too beautiful to eat. However, they clearly are created to appeal to many of our senses.

      Good look on the hardship of that chocolate coverage.

    8. Beautiful photos! I am in love with the patisserie, must try it when I visit Paris *notes it down*

      Not so sure how I feel about hot dog shaped 'macalons' though. Prefer them in cuter shapes! :)

    9. oh how I love these!!
      So inspirational and sweet.

    10. 'HOT CHOCLATE' is OK for dogs Bill.
      Well it better be since I plan to come back as a long haired Daschsie

    11. I have said it before, I am repeating myself, but what the chocs: You are amazing! Have you aver thought of taking one of those pedometers with you, to log the hundreds of miles you walk - at fast speed, no doubt! - for us, to capture all that beauty?

      I am sipping my Early Grey, pretending I am at Angelina's, interviewing you over a cup of chocolate.
      Do you think I could squeeze in a tiny bite off that chestnut delicacy, a mini Mont Blanc, perchance? ;-)

    12. Oh oh oh what a beautiful place!! Wish I was there....I can almost feel the smells, tastes and atmosphere. Beautiful pictures!

    13. My eyes are closed and I am dreaming---chocolat chaud and Mont Blanc. How wonderful! No one can miss Angelina's. Love it when you add your paintings.

    14. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Hi! I'm from Brazil and I'm going to Paris in the end of this year, can you tell me how much is the chocolate bottle to take-away at Angelina's?

    15. The picture of you risking life and limb for a shot.... priceless!
      Those "hot dog" shaped they not remind you of Pepperidge Farm Milanos?

    16. Thank you for these pics...what a regret I have for the shameful fact that I have been to Paris a number of times (I am still amazed I can say that) yet never have I been in any of its landmark cafes....and dare I even say...I have not set a toe in any part of Angelina. So this is my hope...that one day I will get to go to Paris again...I will pick a time when you might visit there too...and I will treat you to Angelina's in thanks for all the Paris I somehow missed and have gotten to see through your lens/eye. Here's to meeting at Angelina someday!

    17. You bring back such nice memories ! Sitting in
      Angelina's on a grey cold wet November day, having hot chocolate and I don't remember what else.. Perfection.

    18. Bonjour Carol ~ sound like you need to get both insured, votre camera et Vous!!
      How clever of you to get all these scrummy shots for us to salivate over - the mille feuille - to die for.


    19. Love seeing your photos. MMM French pastries, does it get better than that?

    20. I don't think that I've ever seen pastries that look so good! I can imagine how they taste!
      (Love the dog :)

    21. Anonymous4:57 PM

      I am a little cross because I didn't get here - my friends did and told me of the gorgeous hot chocolate!
      Look at those marvellous pastries.....sigh...another reason to return to Paris x

    22. it's amazing!! Your blog is amazing!!!xx

    23. Beautiful!
      I haven't been there in years!
      It's such a great spot to go on a grayish autumn afternoon.....

    24. Ooooh yum!!!! This is so beautifully done and looks delicious!!

    25. 'Bunny Day' Merisi.!!!!
      will do next time..except I'm enough of a type A watching the clock all the time.
      so not such a 'bunny day' after all :(
      Very tempting none the less
      Type A

    26. lovely!!!

    27. Really a yummy post !!!!!!
      Feeling appetite during reviewing the post.i am food lover and like to eat various type of food during my travel.I love this post, awesome pictures of the food.Thanks for sharing this post.

    28. Seriously, stop it now, I can't stand it any more. The delights just keep on coming, I fear I may self combust with desire.

    29. Looove this post! As you know, french pastries are just absolutely beautiful to look at...


    30. Oh! How I envy thee!
      Cant wait to make it to Paris next year!!

    31. j'adore ce mélange français d'anglais! Et cette manière brève de décrire les pâtisserie mais c'est tellement complet!!! et les petits tableaux tropppp beaux légers, vivants j'ai envie d'en publier sur mon blog tellement c'est beau :$!! :) Continue!!


    Love hearing from you