Thursday, November 04, 2010

Musée Marmottan Monet

My Paris plan was to go places I hadn't visited before.

 Getting into the Monet retrospective at the Grand Palais was next to impossible until mid-December.

 So off I went to the Musée Marmottan Monet In the 16th (pronounced says-e-M [not seizes-e-M 6th arr.] my second cousin reminded me over and over.
2, rue Louis Bouilly
Metro:La Muette
I rarely go to the 16th so it was an adventure.
The musee Marmottan is a rather grand setting and perfect for Monet's paintings.
How au courant to have 'catty patterned' upholstery.
Not nearly as crowded as the Grand Palais exhibit either.
And one can soak up the 19th century atmosphere in these exquisite salons.
I loved this soft portrait by Monet's friend, Berthe Morisot of Julie Manet and her greyhound.
Monet's portrait of his long suffering wife Camille.
She endured years of penury and endless posing for Monet.
I was surprised how loose Monet's drawings were and like his painted brush marks.
Monet adored London smog and painted out the window of his room at the Savoy. Wonderfully casual sketches of London's houses of Parliment.
Foggy London was made for Monet.
Loose sketch of the interior of Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris.
Who knew Claude Monet, at age 15 earned his keep drawing charicatures of his teachers at school? There's a room full of them at the Marmottan.
Of course the Marmottan gift shop is not to be missed, along with the serious tomes are many artsy tchochtkas as only the French can do them. Hmmm
The grounds are quite serene but I don't think you can 'dejeuner sur l'herbe' here.
Do not miss this small select Monet exhibit if you're going to be in Paris...
And if you're going to be in Philadelphia tomorrow evening, PLEASE drop by my opening at the Alliance Francaise
6:30 - 8:30 PM
1420 Walnut Street - suite 700
Mad MacNYC macarons will be served up +
Paris Facade watercolors by yours truly.


  1. Love it I will have to go there next trip! It sort of reminds me of the Frick in NY in nice home not so crowded etc.
    Glad you had a good trip to Paris.
    Welcome back

  2. I bought that album of Monet's life at Giverny. The one you show with the sketches and Theo Van Gogh up in the corner. And if you do do Dejeuner sur L'Herbe a la Monet, not a la Manet, you'll be able to keep you clothes on.

  3. Thanks for showing us the Marmottan. I'll have to go next time.

  4. A lovely contemplative experience if yr not stealing shots...
    go earlish too :)
    I was tempted by the Monet sketchbook and decided to shoot it instead of lugging more stuff back...

  5. Justine11:43 AM

    Yummy gorgeous post on Monet!
    Love his sketches...who knew like you say?

  6. Good luck with your opening tomorrow night. If I didn't live a gajillion miles away, I'd love to attend and see your lovely paintings in person!

  7. I suspect, as I write on this rainy day in Philly, you just might be hanging your lovely paintings for tomorrow night's opening reception.
    Stay dry...well ok, except for the vino, and have a good show.

  8. Isn't that museum a gem? I loved seeing Monet's painter palette - so human and so touching.

  9. I never want to leave when we go to these museums!
    I remember how long I sat downstairs just looking at the walls of water lillies.
    I love the grounds, the neighborhood, everything about the Marmottan.

  10. Yeah A BROAD,
    one does feel like fluffing out ones crinoline and waving a fan before fainting from the heat over a china teacup of Lapsang Souchong...

  11. How wonderful you visited that wonderful gallery!!! I love~love Monet's paintings & would you believe I even had a pretty persian cat named "Monet".
    Thanks Carol for letting us tag along.

  12. Oh I just love the Marmottan...I haven't been back in time I'm in Paris, I have to put it on my must-see list!

  13. I wanted so bad to see all of the Monet exhibit but went to Giverny instead to see Monet's home and gardens. Thanks for posting all of your lovely photos and narrative - now I feel like I went to see it. Well, I did - on your blog.

    Your watercolors are just as inspiring if not more so. They always make me want to eat a macaron !

    PS This year, I am buying chocolate covered macarons to give as holiday gifts to friends and clients. Yes, I am.

  14. AWESOME, Carol! I'm so psyched you're doing this! I'm envious--maybe when Claudia and I go to Paris again we can try to see this. Thanks for the great 'tour!'


  15. Oh my goodness!! You've just featured my very favorite museum in all of Paris! It may not be as big as the Louvre, but I could spend an hour looking at each painting. I lived just a few blocks away! And why don't you go to the 16th more? It's a lovely neighborhood.

  16. Rafael in Bad Krozingen2:51 AM

    COOL blog!
    just bumped into your blog pages. Awesome.

  17. Anna-Maria A.2:53 AM

    Merci for the reminder of YOUR exhibit! :)
    I will be sure to be there tonite!

  18. If you enjoy with Musée Marmottan, You will love the Musée de l'Orangerie....see on
    Best regards

  19. There is so much to see in Paris that is off the beaten track. I'd love to walk round the City of Light with you, finding all sorts of things.

    There is a gorgeous kitsch shop in Abbesses. You'd love it!

  20. I NEVER walk.
    Only run..
    Even I can not keep up with me :(
    Really I'm a pain in the ass to do anything with.
    I know too well from experience

  21. Congratulations on your Paris Facades exhibition, Carol! I wish I could be there to see it. I'm going to see the Monet exhibition at Grand Palais when I'm exactly 7 days!! Then NYC after and will see the exhibit from your previous post at the Met. Happy weekend to you!

  22. Patty & Eric from Minneapolis3:36 PM

    Dearest Carol and Bear ---
    We have throughly enjoyed the posts of your recent Paris adventures! We're delighted to learn that Bear (our favorite!)
    was strolling the rues of Paris at the same time we were, there earlier this week, and in fact, enjoying some similar adventures (WH Smith, Angelina and the Marmottan). Your photographs are vivid and beautiful, and providing us the chance to feel as though we are still there, which is where our hearts remain. Our best to you and Bear always!
    Patty and Eric

  23. I went there on my last trip as well. Lovely musée!

  24. Anonymous11:00 PM

    my favorite museum in Paris; with a beautiful small park right next door!

  25. Very beautiful photos, Carol. What a great little spot to look at his work.


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