Monday, November 01, 2010

Bear's last day in Paris

BEAR sends you a last bisous/kiss from Paris. It's been such a lovely trip. The weather co-operated perfectly - plein de soleil. BEAR did not ride a Velib - too busy running. BEAR did go to a FAB croissant tasting at Amy's, who didn't know she live in a 'chambre de bonne' once a maid's room. Amy fell in love with all the gorgeous views of Paris.
As one is inclined to do if one lives on the 6th floor up in Paris.
Ah ze croissant tasting.Miam-miam!
BEAR was in 7th heaven on the 6th floor.
Carol was in 7th heaven with all the pate de tartiner spreads (caramel au beurre sale, cocoa-honey, noisette, bla bla bla ) she brought along to put on those croissants. Carol forgot to take serious notes in her ummm state of spread-ecstacy.
Off to meet ex-pat gallerist Grace in Montmartre of galerie Chez Grace.
Grace took BEAR to Cafe des 2 Moulins - Amelie's cafe from the adorable movie on rue Lepic - YUM!
BEAR had quite a full day of eating on Saturday, that ended with a divine home-cooked dinner and delicious cabernet franc from Chateau du Petit Thouars.
Our Sunday flight was at 7 PM (19:10) so we killed time in W.H.Smith admiring bear stickers.
And jam stickers.
A last later run to the Raspail Bio marche.
For pommes to eat on the plane.
And a gift for our kind hostess, who dreams of eclair seame noir from Sadaharu Aoki
The curtain was coming down on Paris pastries for BEAR- it usually does by 2 pm on Sundays in Paris.
At Charles de Gaulle, BEAR cleverly grabbed a salade verte before boarding. AirFrance meals are not what they once were. A bit of browsing in the dutyfree is a must.
Especially Eiffel Towers...
BEAR as usual, checks out all the bears - Fauchon Bears are awfully appealing.
After a smooth AF flight and lots of zzzzzs,
BEAR bids New York BONJOUR


  1. Welcome back home Carol! I bet bear already miss Paris?!
    Lovely pictures and delicious food as always! Someday I will be walking those places and thinking of you!
    Take care!

  2. Does bear have jet lag? LOL! Great photos and tales of Paris.

  3. Justine9:59 AM

    Dreamy picture of BEAR looking out the AF window.
    But they are all dreamy pictures..
    Paris dreams...

  4. BEAR has tons of Jet Lag,since the clocks were set back on Sunday in Paris and it is now 5 PM and Carol would LOVE to go back to bed immediatement but that is NOT on the agenda!!!
    Absolutement PAS!

  5. \I am so pleased, and pleased too that you liked what I wrote about YOU!
    Glad you're back safe and sound.

  6. Was one of the spreads I saw Speculoos? I heard about it and bought some at the Monoprix for our breakfasts there last month. We finished it before we left for Greece - now I need to find some in the U.S.A.!

  7. So good to know you and Bear had a safe flight back from Paris! Love the roundup of your last day there, and the endearing image of Bear looking at the New York skyline.

  8. Anonymous10:31 AM

    My goodness Bear has had a mighty fine trip. He is one very well travelled bear.
    I have sat and eaten in the exact same cafe at cafe des 2 moulins just last week and loved it.
    ...ahhh Paris.

  9. I wonder if Bear and Milo should do an exchange??

    Merci encore for the delectable spreads. I am still recovering from the croissants and chocolates, but life is a dream in Paris, n'est-ce pas?? xo

  10. Welcome back Bear ... It has been too long since we have seen that sight from the airplane window !

  11. Welcome home Carol and Bear!
    Will your Jet lag be well enough behind you so you can greet fans at your reception, in Philly, at the end of this week? And will Bear be there? I hope you have a very nice evening at the event, and many sales of your beautiful art.

  12. Safe trip home.... loved the travelogue.
    Makes my toasted bagel with scramble seem fairly sad.
    But I've loved it nonetheless.

  13. oh me oh my!!! everything is so wonderful ...and this is just what I needed to get inspired today!!!

  14. ... so cute .. love Bear at the airplane window ....

  15. wow!!!lovely trip!
    thank you!

  16. Wow! Bear has had a real buzz... I was pleased to see him eyeing off that healthy salad and reading the label on the vin blanc ( or was it le vin rouge) Love the pics I'm sure you're both ready for a bit of snooze time.

  17. Bear leads such a charmed life!

  18. Lucky Bear! Welcome home, Carol and Bear--get some rest when it makes sense to do so, and hope you're not too jet-lagged for long. Thanks for the fun posts about your trip.

  19. I really love that 6th floor "maid's" apartment....I'd love to live there!
    Bear is in fine form this trip...good to have you both back!

  20. I am happy to say that Bear lives better than I do!

  21. BEAR IS a lucky duck isn't he!
    He has turned in and is hibernating early this year.
    The snoring is quite nightmarish! Eeek

  22. Looking forward to more of your trip photos, so lucky you went and that the weather was beautiful for you.

  23. This post is so cute (and delicious...what a croissant!!!).xx

  24. Yes welcome back and glad you had a safe trip home. I enjoyed it all with you and Bear. Sounds like he had a fun trip even if he didnt get to do all those things. Hope you catch up with that jet lag soon.

  25. Bonjour Carole,
    Glad you and Bear made it home safely. He is a good traveler isn't he? Didn't make it to the Salon de Chocolat this year, afraid my waistline could not handle it again.
    Perhaps on one of your trips we can meet up over a jar of chocolat spread - I would love to meet Bear!
    Take care and rest up,

  26. You should make some little outfits for Bear! It's only fitting, since he is a Rykiel after all! :)

  27. Hello

    Just discover your blog on my birthday. Makes me homesick but smile to see the familiar sights. Merci bien !

  28. Anonymous5:20 AM

    that last photo of bear looking out the window was so cute.

    love your blog!


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