Friday, November 26, 2010

Paris Signs

 Paris signs makes me want to dream.Merci Hediard.
When you're departing Paris on the Eurostar to London, you're encouraged to buy French parfums so you can feel more Parisienne - last chance!
Or to find your inner chat? Go try to find the thing in the Gare du Nord or understand the signs for that matter? Has this happened to you? The Paris Metro is another story. I love reading their signs like this one for a family ticket to the Louvre... The Metro is a goldmine of signs...
 Regarde! A French Girl who is peut-etre perdu/lost?
No need to worry about do not enter oneway signs if you're walking...
Do stop and peruse the menus/ardoises dans la rue...
Why do I always come to Patisserie Secco on the day (lundi) they're closed?
Why did they have to go and repaint the adorable dog on the wall at Secco? Dommage...
Here's a sign I can't resist...
Why must I read every porte-etiquette/pastry sign in every vitrine?
A 'sign' in the vitrine that needs no words. Macarons at super classe patisserie Hugo et Victor.
You can wear Paris signs on your arm if you buy a bag at Barbara Rihl (Pierre Herme's wife) 1, rue du Juillet 75001
Or just paint directly on your sleeve like this girl in the Metro.
Moi, je t'aime PARIS SIGNS!


  1. LOVE the French signs! I remember sitting on the Metro once this September and reading a sign and actually understanding what it meant. Victory!

  2. ooh, I like the Guerlain homme ad, its a little cirque du soleil, a little tribal. Very Magnetic!

  3. Why would Paris signs be anything other than fabulous? Je t'aime, aussi.

  4. Signs of Paris are not like any other signs of anywhere else..
    I'm leaving NOW

  5. Makes me feel like I'm there all over again..Love Paris graphics-the best!

  6. Beutiful photos and art work, Carol.
    The opening posters are grabbers :)
    And the Metro! I could help that lost girl, I'm sure of it!!
    Love the writing-on-your-sleeve, too....

  7. At least now I know how to find the animal in me! I've been wondering where it went.

  8. Coraline9:47 AM

    Lovely momentos of time in Paris..
    I don't know how you capture it all

  9. It is a sign of the times that I'm a day late to your blog! Fabulous signs, even the inscrutables!

  10. You are such a great source of wonderful French food news, Ive just raced off and put in my order for the Laduree Sweets book, Paul is going to have a good Christmas and as a result so will I! : )

  11. Oh, I love the signs, they are so fabulous and chic. I really love the first one, the dress looks gorgeous! You are right, it makes you want to dream! So pretty!

  12. Only you would see macaroons as a Paris sign!!!

  13. J'adore Hediard -- my favorite store for perfectly Parisian Christmas gifts.

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  14. Every time, I visit you blog, your amazing photos remind me how beautiful and exiting Paris was!

  15. I love your blog and wish I could live in Paris too! I have a brother and a cousin in France (cousin lives in Paris), so one day I'll have to come and visit them. Until then I'll keep reading your blog ;-)


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