Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dimanche in the park

Luxembourg gardens If I'm staying with M. in the 6th arrondissement, she usually walks me to the RER St.-Michel station other side of Luxembourg gardens.Luxembourg gardens If it's a Sunday/dimanche... There's no nicer way to depart Paris...Luxembourg gardens Everyone is out in the park on Sunday...
Luxembourg gardens Taking in the last of the Fall leaves...
Luxembourg gardens But mostly relaxing...
Luxembourg gardens Very few are working.

Decontracte is the word for the day.

Luxembourg gardens Very few are reading the Sunday papers. This is not Central Park.

All Paris babies are out showing off.

Luxembourg gardens The small fry get to take.

 Luxembourg's poney rides.

Luxembourg gardens Jam-packed on a Sunday.

Luxembourg gardens To get to the RER station you walk by the pond.

Perfect for small boats and small fry.

Luxembourg gardensYou don't see many eating in the park. These girls are excused.

I can tell from their red striped paper bag.
They came from the penny candy stall at Odeon Metro.
Les bonbons are always allowed in Paris.
penny candy


  1. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday! Luxembourg Gardens are splendid anytime of year, non? When my Mom and I were in Paris last April, she bought a crepe and fed most of it to the sweet little sparrows that flitted around her. Cute.

  2. Et maintenant nous avons les rafales à 80 km/h et forte précipitations. Pas bon!

  3. What gorgeous ponies. It looks so busy on a Sunday compared to the usually calm orderliness of the surroundings!

  4. Do I spy a Frenchwoman JOGGING? I've never heard of such a thing. Did my book "French Women Don't Get Fat" lie to me when it suggested that Frenchwomen don't exercise?!

    What a lovely day though to lounge in the park.


  5. I would happily munch on some of those sweeties too.....xv

  6. it would break my heart to have to pass through here on leaving town. could not do it.

  7. Hey that book is NOT the last word on everything French believe me!!

  8. Your blog is always full of sweetness and a delight to follow! This time though, it's not the sweets or treats that melted my heart but the gorgeous little Jack Russell Terrier (I've got one myself!).

  9. On today's post about the gardens, you do know the rules about the chairs, don't you?

  10. I haven't a clue Rick?
    what's the story on the park chairs?

  11. When you go there on a crowded Saturday or Sunday, and you are looking for a chair and can't find one, and..........there are so many people sitting there with TWO chairs, one for their butt and one for their feet (like in your photos).
    You are not allowed, it is illegal, NO WAY, would you EVER go to one of these people and ask for the chair they are using for their feet.
    You just don't do that!
    Those TWO chairs are busy.
    Case closed!
    It's a Paris thing.
    You just have to wait until a chair is free, and if you are lucky enough to get two chairs........hell, I ain't moving................!!!

  12. It looks like a perfect way to spend a fall day!

  13. mmmh!! I just love a walk in the park ~ and especially a Parisian park. Just gorgeous !

  14. Great post...as always...xx

  15. Always happy and "proud" to discover blogs and read posts from foreign people who like France and... the French!!!

    Merci beaucoup pour votre blog, Carolg!

    A bientôt,
    Nube www.lait-fraise.blogspot.com

  16. Ahhh Carol, your Parisian Sunday has a beautiful pace. Over here in New York, we had the annual marathon race, and the pace was so different!

    Best wishes.

  17. Love the 2 chair rule! Why have I suddenly ceased to receive emails of your posts? Fortunately, I'm not that easy to shake off...and I go searching for the post that I know awaits me.

  18. M. in Paris2:15 AM

    Oui le Luxembourg, tes photos du dernier jour agrèable, maintenant c'est la tempête et la pluie, toutes les feuilles fly fly away! mais patience dans quatre mois c'est le printemps !

  19. Love seeing the colors of autumn in Paris. Thanks for the walk through the Luxembourg Garden.

  20. Your photographs bring back so many memories.

  21. My favorite place in the city.

    Do you know, there are a lot of schools all around the Jardin and so when lunch time comes one would see a lot of teenagers eat in front of the main "bassin" or by the tennis courts...I used to go to school rue Saint Sulpice and rue Vavin was the street to get our "formule"....

    Thank you


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