Monday, November 22, 2010

HM Lanvin

HM Lanvin I was 'READY' for the HM Lanvin sale on Saturday.
HM Lanvin I was NOT!
I arrived rather leisurely at 8:15 AM.
This sale was nothing like the Sonia sale.
HM Lanvin I had not read the fine print nor seen the flyers nor carefully checked the HM website. Here's the deal: the 1st 320 people to show up get timed different colored bracelets (see above) with a specific time slot when they can shop. Twenty people at a time get to shop for 15 minutes is the deal.
HM Lanvin
People started lining up at midnight the night before. We were lucky to even get a colored bracelet at all Eeek who knew?

HM Lanvin And to think I was worried about not getting my morning walkies in. I raced around to 4 different H&Ms to check out the situation. Thank you PBers for making me get my daily exercize in! If I didn't have to report in I probably would have stayed in bed and missed all the excitement.

Quelle zoo!HM Lanvin
Actually it was well organized and thought out. Only TWO garments of each style were allowed to be purchased.
HM Lanvin How come the staff always get to wear the best T-shirts? I offered to buy the shirt off his back but he said,  "Come back after 3 PM."

HM Lanvin Here's a lucky ducky with all his goodies (Oh jealousie!) who must have arrived at the crack of dawn.HM Lanvin I went into Prete a manger for a coffee to kill time until my time slot of 12:20 I chatted with Brit sisters Jean and Dorothy, visiting New York for 4 days, so I drew them a little map of NYC-not-to-be-missed highpoints on a napkin
HM Lanvin Finally my chance to grab some Lanvin came!
HM Lanvin The adorable glasses I'd dreamed of owning were gone the first 2 minutes after opening I heard tell. Wouldn't it be spectacular if all of New York was walking around wearing Alber Elbaz nerdie glasses? What were you thinking Lanvin putting out so few pairs...sob...sob
HM Lanvin I passed on this bracelet but did find a Lanvin lipstick, not even mentioned.
Ah the beloved glasses/lunettes again....sniff
HM Lanvin I walked away with quite adorable T-shirts ($39.95) with a bow/noeud attached.
HM Lanvin A shopper asks last minute advice from the sales girl..."Should I or shouldn't I?"
HM Lanvin The shopping bags alone were worth the trouble. And they did have tres charmant cotton bags with Elbaz drawings scrawled on them for a mere $3.95 donated to Unesco - I got a few as gifts etc.
HM Lanvin So not a bad haul all in all, though I am still pinning for those AE glasses. Will trade a painting or just about anything for THOSE lunettes!


  1. The color codes and shopping time sounds so interesting!! It makes u more tense to grab more i think. lol

  2. I thougt this mess with H&M designers' collections happens only here where I live:)

  3. You are OBSESSED, woman! Wow, I am impressed. And I agree: the bags are one of the coolest things you could have walked away with... (those, and this post!)

  4. Not obsessed Sweetie Freakie
    I'm a REPORTER!
    I gotta REPORT what went on.
    Who What Where When & How?
    The 4 Ws
    c'est comme ca.

  5. OK I admitt it
    I became obsessed
    At least I wasn't alone.
    There were more than(320 x 4 = 1280 of us who got bracelets and plenty more (not counting) who wanted them.
    So there!
    I did think doing the Pierre Herme Marathon last March was more fun...

  6. Whoops
    5 stores carried the stuff in New York, so that's a total of 1600 Lanvin-obsessed shoppers
    I still think there could have been 3200 pairs of Nerdie glasses for us all (@ 2 pairs each)

  7. I had no idea NY could be that crazy!!! I could not work with that kind of tension, just 15 minutes to be in heaven??? What are they thinking???
    Glad you had fun!

  8. Believe me Simony I was outta there in like 5.
    With oodles of time to study the merch and I knew I could not wear those extreme soiree has to be realistic.
    I would have shelled out for the shiny trench shown in the video but there were only Zebra trenches and zebra I am not!
    I knew what I wanted and bingo, got it and to the cash register

  9. Sounds like you guys were all helping stimulate the economy. We owe you! You already have those fun red glasses, woman! too funny--love those bags.

  10. I actually was one of those crazy people who camped out the night before (albeit in LA, not NY) and was the 5th person in line. Its true, the sunglasses sold out immediately! My sister and I were practically the first ones through the door, and we were only able to snag 2, when we were hoping to get 2 each. On ebay it's crazy- the $20 sunglasses are going for over $100!

  11. I'm sure the early birds feel mighty proud but IMHO the two Brits who got your personal napkin directions are the really big winners of the day!

  12. Dear anonymous blonde trickster,
    I can not leave a comment on YOUR post...why not?
    TEN pairs of glasses was all they had!?
    This is TOO UNFAIR :(
    Most cruel H&M
    I went back today when they emptied the windows but NO LUNETTES!
    I did get a stunner of a LANVIN men's tuxedo jacket that was overlooked and fits if I keep it open
    Off to the POOL to work those hips away!! :)

  13. Wow, you are hardcore!

    I've never shopped at H&M. I guess I'm missing out on something?

  14. I have to agree with Amy - you are hardcore :)
    Great post, too bad about the glasses - I've only seen one pair here in the hinterland - & the wearer looked like a cartoon character.

  15. Estelle in Ontario6:19 PM

    You mentioned in this morning that you met two ladies from
    England and gave them a list/map of "must do or see" things in New
    York. My brother and several of his friends will be in New York from
    December 3rd to the 6th and I was wondering if you could share that
    Thanks for your help,

  16. Oh just the usual stuff like Moma and the MET
    it's easier if you know what someone likes after chatting a bit
    Top of the Six's is fun at 666 fifth avenue for drinks..

  17. M. in Paris6:23 PM

    I LOVE my german glasses "grotesk" !
    M.Elbaz can keep his..

  18. hmmm, I sometimes enable the comments and sometimes dont... I really need to pick one or the other! Yes, I was expecting them to have tons of sunglasses! If I had known there would only be 10, I would have gone to those first!

  19. Well I think yr making a big mistake Anyomous Blonde-I'd LOVE to leave comments on yr blog :(
    At least I can return periodically and admire yr glasses...

  20. The H&M store with the Lanvin wares here in Vienna opens in 25 minutes. I refuse to even think about playing their game. Surely Lanvin & H&M get a lot of publicity out of this.

  21. Bonjour Carol !!!
    BRAVO !
    En Europe c'était ce matin...
    This morning, Paolo went to Lanvin 4 H&M in Geneva :
    J'ai mis un lien vers ton super reportage dans notre article ;)
    Got a few treasures, but sorry, no sunglasses... wanted them for you :(

  22. Merisi,
    It is a sort of communal contest/concours
    And it's TREMENDOUS FUN!!
    Everybody wins something if they make the effort.
    AND it can't hurt the economy either.
    tant pis

  23. *giggles*

    Well, I did my homework in a coffeehouse, trying to do my bit for the economy (which, btw, seems to be humming: I walked by a few coffeehouse and they all were very busy). ;-)

  24. Sorry, no sunglasses... but you can win 3 items from the collection on our website this week...
    En français, c'est compliqué alors je vais tenter de traduire :
    la pochette / leopard bag : random in the comments (1 comment per day max) in one week from now.
    le bracelet : attributed at our discretion to one comment we will like.
    On unicef bag : for the facebook fans who xill leave a comment on the contest IN the facebook page.
    Hope it's clear... Ask me for details if you want.
    Those items have been purchased by us and are gifts. no sponsor. Just a will to share our treasures...
    Il you win, dear Carol, I will be happy to send it to the US ;)
    Bisous et bonne chance !

  25. I really love the pics and enjoyed your post...Wish I was there to see it live.


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