Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La Patisserie des Reves Petit Dejeuner

Patisserie des Reves Petit dejeuner again Patisserie des Reves This time at La Patisserie des Reves' new salon de the
111, rue de Longchamps 75016Patisserie des Reves There should be tinkling music playing...Patisserie des Reves It's that magical...Patisserie des Reves Like a peek inside a pastry chef's dream laboratoire...Patisserie des Reves Except everything is real.
Including the BEST Paris-Brest in Paris according to Le Figaro.
Patisserie des Reves Miam-miam!
Patisserie des Reves Now for that petit dejeuner.
The brioche by the way is Reves pink logo.
Patisserie des Reves The pink salon is in the back facing a petit jardin...
Everything is pink pink pink including the menu and everything is designed within an inch/centimeter of its life.
Patisserie des Reves I kill time browsing pastry chef Pierre Conticini's cookbook, Sensations...
Patisserie des Reves Major miam!
Patisserie des Reves Why does a macaron never look like this when I cut/bite into it?
Patisserie des Reves et voila! La brioche
Patisserie des Reves BEAR is on hand to assist with petit dej.
Patisserie des Reves One does not leave La Patisserie des Reves empty handed...
Patisserie des Reves Look how pretty the tarte au citron is secured so it doesn't move an inch until it hits your bouche/mouth!
BONJOUR Patisserie des Reves Petit Dejeuner!


  1. Quelle chance de pouvoir visiter des endroits fabuleux et de savourer autant de délices!

  2. Devine. That breakfast looks like a light and flakey dream. Just beautiful.

  3. Justine9:40 AM

    Is there a waiting list after Jeanette and BEAR to help out with eating your petit dejs and any accessory pastries?

  4. ... it is 17° here in Bainbridge Island, WA and we just had a 12 hour power outage - am drinking coffee and craving the first pastry shown - any crumbs left?

  5. I have to smile at the things you endure for your loyal readers--such torture...they look delicious.

  6. Ooh..and I had a pomegranate kale and banana smoothie for breakfie, this looks SOOOO much more fun and delicious. Yummers.
    Happy Thanksgiving, PB. xo

  7. M. in Paris12:45 PM

    c'est jeaNNette ....

  8. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Hi Carol
    Do you know if Sensations : 288 recettes de pâtisseries de Philippe Conticini will be published in English?
    Em :0)

  9. I want those hang-from-the-ceiling cloches in my kitchen! They're fantastic.

  10. Carol, one of your best posts EVER! Beautiful choice of subject, and even better photos. This is on my list for the next trip to Paris -- and what a wonderful neighborhood the place is located in!

  11. I would LOVE to be hit in the bouche/mouth by that lemon tarte..
    I can't think of anything nicer

  12. The photos are great.
    When I look at the shots, I think, "If Ikea had a bakery, it would look like this." :)
    Nice place!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  13. jeanette, mistress of longears10:17 PM

    It's true I could not make it this time but I have been busy trying to solve the mystery of the clean-cut edges of les macs. I, too have had no luck so far. However, I have developed a theory: Perhaps a serrated knife, ever so gently pulled against the macaron, sawing gently back and forth will yield the perfect edges you see. It's worth a try! Since it's my theory, it's only fair that I should bear the burden of the failures. I promise to eat them all. Every last crumb. No mess for you!

  14. PS Pay no attention to that "Justine"! I guarantee there will be no need for a "clean-up team" to follow in my footsteps.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Great place indeed ~ oh my! that tarte au citron pinned down so nicely ~ that's what I call attention to detail! Looks like Bear enjoyed his buttery croissant ~ although I noticed a few crumbs left on the pavement of the plate!! Surely he didn't stuff it in his mouth ??

    I was told something like a Japnanese Kyosera knife would do the trick and cut cleanly through anything (Eeeek makes me think of BONES). But buying it in Paris made no sense because of transport proplems and here there are very few decent macarons IMHO
    what do do?

  17. OMGosh!!

    I don't know about this place but I MUST try it out!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  18. Che meraviglie!!!

    I was almost moved to tears about the clever and loving way they secured your tarte au citron to the box. And your little bear sitting there, in front of such a delicious spread, and everything else, make me want to travel to Paris.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carol!
    What are you up to, today?
    Lemon tart in the shape of a turkey?

  19. P.S.:
    Carol, the macaron must have been cut by an electric knife, they are capable of slicing through every delicate morsel with a clean cut.

  20. Of course you left with a lemon tart - so predictible, mademoiselle...

    Hope you're having something equally delicious as this Paris Breakfast for Thanksgiving today!

  21. to me, what's intriguing about the macaroon cut in half is what appears to be a little surprise inside...looks like pepper jelly! and if we did not have lots of Thanksgiving leftovers to eat, that last picture would sooo motivate me to make lemon tarts today!

  22. why the hell am i stuck in office and not here having my petit dejeuner???

  23. Barbara6:55 PM

    This certainly is not an ordinary brioche! Anyway I tried to find a website for the bakery but did not come up with one. Is there any way (other than flying to Paris - which would be wonderful) to get my hands on one of these creations?
    I live in NY near the city...


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